Measuring your work presentation


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By Mayur Patel, March 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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Measuring your work presentation

  1. 1. MEASURING YOUR WORK Miami Philanthropy Conference March 20, 2012 Twttr: @mayurhpatel
  2. 2. Theory of Logic Change Model
  3. 3. Theory of Logic Change ModelWon’t be talking about those concepts today… For more info see:
  4. 4. ONE PuzzleFOUR LessonsTWO ExercisesTHREE Trends
  5. 5. 1 PUZZLE
  7. 7. What’s wrong with this picture? Source:
  8. 8. No Feedback Source:
  9. 9. “Would you drive a car whose speedometer wasbolted on after the fact? On the outside of the car?With the only measurement being the average speedsince your last stop? Based on an end-of-trip poll ofthe passengers in the car as to how fast the trip felt?Oh, and finally, the results of which required anexpert to read and interpret?Right. I didnt think so.”Michael Gilbert, The Gilbert Center
  10. 10. INTEGRATION Leadership Planning Work Itself
  11. 11. 4 LESSONS
  12. 12. 1. Only Collect What you will Act On
  13. 13. Source:
  14. 14. Source:
  15. 15. “Data isn’t like your kids,you don’t have topretend to love themequally.”Amanda Cox,New York Times, Graphics Department
  16. 16. Source: Juice Analytics white paper
  17. 17. 2. Understand the Incentives YourMeasures Create
  18. 18. “Bucks + Acres”
  19. 19. 3. Vanity Metrics on the Web: Be Careful
  20. 20. What the Cumulative Hides Source: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  21. 21. New vs ReturningDeepening Engagement Identified Data
  22. 22. 4. Use Your Data to Tell a Story
  23. 23. …?
  24. 24. Trajectory of Research inSocial Sector is to the PDF Digital Distribution to Digital Information Engagement is Greater
  25. 25. Our Journey…
  26. 26. DIY Tools Have Arrived
  27. 27. 2 EXERCISES
  28. 28. Instructions for Group Exercises1. Form groups of 5; sit knee to knee.2. Invite one person to be the host. The host will stay in the same seat for the duration of the exercise.3. Discuss the question and generate insights for 10 mins while host takes notes on the 4x6 card.4. When bell rings, everyone but the host moves to a new group.5. Hosts will present highlights from their conversations during the large group report out.
  29. 29. Group Exercise No.1• Think about an occasion when measuring your work resulted in real-time data or findings that informed your strategy.• What factors contributed to the successful application of data and findings to decision- making?
  30. 30. Group Exercise No.2• Think about an occasion when you were able to communicate data/findings from your work to a key audience that helped advance your mission.• What was the audience and why do you think you were successful in sharing your data/findings?
  31. 31. 3 TRENDS
  32. 32. #1 OPENNESSTransparency is the New Currency
  33. 33. Source: Indianapolis Museum of Art
  34. 34. #2 BIG DATAData as Product
  35. 35. #3 MOBILE HarnessingConnectivity
  36. 36. RECOMMENDATIONSIf you liked this you’d also like…