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Nonprofits across the country have pledged to participate in GivingTuesday on Dec. 3 – but signing up to participate in the online giving campaign is just the first step. Being truly successful on GivingTuesday takes proper planning, outreach, logistics and follow up. Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Knight Foundation created an easy-to-use resource called the Giving Day Playbook full of ideas we hope you’ll borrow. It was written for the many community foundations around the country that have launched Giving Days, or geographically-based online fundraising campaigns. Find out more at

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  • If your general goal is to:An explicit, measurable goal might be:Grow community givingIncrease total amount donated on Giving Day by 25%Democratize community givingEngage 500+ donors to make a contribution on theGiving DayEngage a donor segment that is new to the community foundationEngage 50+ members of new donor segment to make a contribution on the Giving DayExpand public profile of community foundationGenerate 25+ media mentions about the community foundationSupport nonprofit capacity-building75% of participating nonprofits reporting that they built capacity through Giving Day trainings and experience
  • Giving Day Playbook Presentation

    1. 1. Giving Day Playbook
    2. 2. Plan so you know your target Tool General Goals Measurable Target might be… Grow giving base Increase total amount donated on Giving Day by 25%; Raise > $10,000 Democratize giving base Engage 500+ donors to make a contribution Engage a new donor segment Engage 50+ members of new donor segment Expand public profile Generate 25+ mentions, develop new kinds of media relationships Example: Young Professionals
    3. 3. Choose the right prize & match incentive Tool  Type of Prize  Pros  Cons  Goal Alignment SECTION: PLANNING > Matching Prizes and Funds Example: Fundraising
    4. 4. Engage online and excite offline ONLINE • Remind people to give by email • Provide real-time donation totals on website • Thank donors on Twitter • Share event photos on Facebook OFFLINE • • • • Kick off at a coffee shop Food truck lunch Afternoon event at nonprofit Happy hour Example: Generate media attention
    5. 5. Build for the long term BE GRATEFUL Thank donors and community partners BE TRANSPARENT Report success to entire community BE SMART Survey donors and nonprofits; analyze web data Example: Donor insight