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Knight News Challenge Year 3 Assessment


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Evaluating the projects in the 2009 winners cohort.

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Knight News Challenge Year 3 Assessment

  1. 1. MEDIA INNOVATIONINSIGHTS2009 Knight News Challenge Winners ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11August 2012 / Prepared by Michael Maness & Mayur Patel
  2. 2. A CONTEST TOACCELERATE INNOVATIONThe Knight News Challenge is a five-year mediainnovation contest designed to reward new ideas forgathering, sharing and using local news and information.News Challenge winners must: 1 Use innovative open-source 2 Distribute news in the public 3 Test in a local community digital technology interestInterim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  3. 3. WHO DIDWE FUND? 2,323 APPLICANTS 9 WINNERS $ 1.9M AWARDED 6 3 NON-PROFITS INDIVIDUALSOverview of 2009 Knight News ChallengeWinners by Type & Grant Amount City Circles / Daily Phoenix Virtual Street $101K Corners $40K Councilpedia $250K Data Visualization Ushahidi CMS Upload $244K $70K Utility $ 11K Mobile Media MediaBugs START UP DocumentCloud $335K NEW PROJECTS Toolkit PROJECTS $719K AT EXISTING $200K ENTITIES SCALED UP PROJECTS AT EXISTING ENTITIESInterim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  4. 4. A PROJECT DocumentCloud $719K THAT SCALED A platform to help reporters annotate and share source documents. AWARDED CASE STUDY Page Views JUNE 111,589 Document uploads Document Uploads 777,698 Page views AS OF MAY 2012 300K DOCUMENT UPLOADS JANUARY JUNE Opened document Release of Sarah Palin’s 2012 MARCH repository to public searches emails and documents from Rod Blagojevich’s 4.6MTOTAL PAGES corruption scandal Initial release of cause spike in traffic 51K Document Viewer, a module for extracting text, rendering images REPORTER ANNOTATIONS and creating PDFs 1.8K ACTIVE USERS2009 2010 2011 2012 600 ORGANIZATIONS Interim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  5. 5. A PROJECT MediaBugsTHAT STALLED A service that allows readers to report errors in media coverage $335K AWARDEDCASE STUDY Despite adding multiple components ERRORS (’BUGS’) JUNE 17 bugs filed FILED BY READERS over time, MediaBugs was unable to gain traction. OCTOBER On average APRIL Tracking software opened to 7 bugs filed Launch of MediaBugs error organizations across the US per month reporting site. MediaBugs Widget released at the APR 2000 MAR 2012 same time. NOVEMBER Launch of Report an Error Alliance, 8,415 an advocacy effort for transparency PAGE VIEWS in error reporting. Page Visits Page Views FEBRUARY Wordpress plugin released 1,500 PAGE VIEWS APR 2010 2011 JAN 2012Interim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  6. 6. LESSONSLEARNEDTAKEAWAYS No. 1A NEED YOUCAN FEELResolve a pressing problemfor a well-defined audience.Having a single focus providesclear goals and refines theproduct to meet the needsof the target audience.Interim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  7. 7. LESSONSLEARNEDTAKEAWAYS Networks Support outreach and brokerNo. 2 Experience partnerships Get access to legalTHE WISDOM assistance to incorporate and auditors to help with payroll and bookkeepingTHAT NURTURESINNOVATION The benefits of having an experienced institution to house your project and Leadership Combine a startups focus grow your ideas. on strong tech and coding skills, with broader project management capacitiesInterim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  8. 8. LESSONSLEARNEDTAKEAWAYSNo. 3CODE LEVELPRACTICESIntegrate open source codedevelopment into all aspectsof a project’s design.To build a robust communityof developers and contributors:1 2 3 Translate, modify and Release code early and often, with Build individual components, knowing use existing code documentation that makes it easy that some elements may have uses for others to follow and contribute beyond the focus of your projectInterim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  9. 9. LESSONSLEARNED Internal evangelistsTAKEAWAYS enable adoption within their own media organizationsNo. 4CULTIVATEEVANGELISTSIdentify web-savvy advocates ininfluential newsrooms to championthe product and overcome barriers Evangelists also serve as trouble-shootersto adoption. providing quick and easy support for other potential adoptersInterim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  10. 10. HOW WE CANIMPROVEAT KNIGHTTAKEAWAYSBETTERDIALOGUEProvide opportunities for morefrequent communication betweenfoundation staff and grantees. Stayup-to-date on winners’ progressand troubleshoot as needed.Interim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  11. 11. HOW WE CANIMPROVEAT KNIGHTTAKEAWAYSATTENTIONTO MARKETINGHelp grantees plan for their marketingand outreach needs as part of theirproject budgeting. Use Knight’s ownnetworks and communications tofurther assist grantees.Interim Review 2009 Knight News Challenge Winners
  12. 12. HOW WE CANIMPROVEAT KNIGHTTAKEAWAYSNETWORKINGWITHINTENTIONProvide additional ways for news challengewinners to connect with each other throughsmall gatherings throughout the year in additionto the annual MIT Civic Media Conference.2009 Interim Review Knight News Challenge
  13. 13. WHAT’SNEXTThe review of 2009 winners is part of a larger reviewof the News Challenge. We are continuing to trackthe results of the 2010 and 2011 winners. ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12Here’s what we’re doing in 2012:1 MORE Three contests 2 FASTER Each contest runs 3 FOCUSED Themed contests in 2012 for 12 weeks focused on specific issues