Po sentence diagnostic


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Po sentence diagnostic

  1. 1. Name: _______________________ Pd. ________ The Parts of a Sentence Diagnostic Test Directions: On the bottom half of this paper, write the simple subject and the verb of each of the sentences below. 1. Some decisions require little thought. 2. Other decisions are more difficult. 3. You can send me the bill later. 4. We can now send television programs across the Atlantic by means of communication satellites. 5. The Shakespeare Festival at Stratford, Connecticut, has become famous. 6. The Pulitzer Prize Committee gave Gwendolyn Brooks the prize for poetry in 1950. 7. Bowling attracts millions of fans. 8. Many women become lawyers now. 9. Ecologists study an animal’s relation to its environment. 10. Eudora Wetly, a winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1973, is a distinguished novelist. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  2. 2. 1. Identify the following: While sitting in the outer office waiting to be called for the interview and looking through magazines. correct and complete sentence fragment run-on sentence comma splice sentence 2. Identify the following: You should take deep breaths then you can control your nervousness. correct and complete sentence fragment run-on sentence comma splice sentence 3. Identify the following: Don't focus on yourself and your nervousness, concern yourself with the employer's needs and questions. correct and complete sentence fragment run-on sentence comma splice sentence 4. Identify the underscored expression: As you wait for your interview, select appropriate reading material. complete sentence dependent clause independent clause phrase 5. Identify the underscored expression: When you meet the interviewer, you should smile and offer a handshake. fragment dependent clause independent clause phrase Directions: Identify the Complements in the following sentences. There can be more than one in each sentence. 1. The legislature passed the bill. _______________________ 2. The President gave the soldier a medal. _______________________ 3. Virginia Woolf was a well-read woman. _______________________ 4. The sea looks choppy. _______________________ 5. The group elected Consuelo president. _______________________ 6. Beethoven composed sonatas and symphonies. _______________________ 7. Everyone considered him foolish. _______________________ 8. Drought destroyed the crops. _______________________
  3. 3. 9. Susan defeated Steve at tennis. _______________________ 10. Adela St. Johns is a famous journalist. _______________________ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1. Something from life would always spark Mitty’s daydreams. What caused at least three of these? Give a brief description of the dream and what caused the reality. 2. Describe Mrs. Mitty. 3. Why did Walter Mitty imagine himself facing a firing squad? Evaluate what he was saying about his life with such a statement.