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Pe introductory paragraph


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Published in: Education
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Pe introductory paragraph

  1. 1. Writer: _________________ Reader: _________________ Pd. _________ Remember, writers use five basic patterns to grab a reader's interest: 1. historical review 2. anecdotal 3. surprising statement 4. famous person 5. declarative Introductory Paragraph – Peer Review o 1. Does the writer begin with a pattern/technique to grab the reader’s attention? _________ o 2. Which technique from above does the writer use? Is the technique effective? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________. o 3. Write the thesis statement of the introductory paragraph. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _______________________________. o o 4. Can you as a reader understand why the topic of the writing is important to the writer? ________________ o o 5. Does the order in the introduction make the reader want to move forward, anticipating and answering questions as they arise? o _______________ 6. Is the structure of the introduction logical? If not, how can the writer correct this?
  2. 2. 7. Does each statement in the introduction lead to the next in a sensible sequence? If not, how can the writer correct this? 8. Is the introduction too long? _______ Too short? _________ 9. Is the introduction effectively paced? Meaning, does it move fast enough to keep the reader reading, yet slow enough to allow the reader to absorb what is being read? _________ 10. At the end of the introduction, do you genuinely want to read more of the essay? ___________ 11. If your answer to question #10 is no, what can you suggest to the writer to add to his/her introduction?