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Qr code presentation

  1. 1. Kristie Newman, Clarksville High School vCard
  2. 2.  QR or Quick Response Codes are a type of twodimensional barcode that can be read using smartphones and dedicated QR reading devices. http://www.whatisaqrcode.co.uk/  Creation of QR codes. Denso-Wave - a subsidiary of the Toyota Group - are attributed with the creation of the QR Code. It was used to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing industry.
  3. 3. www.visulead.com www.planbook.com Arkansas FBLA www.qrstuff.com
  4. 4.  Get feedback. Link a QR Code to a poll or feedback page so students, teachers, and parents can ask questions, share comments, and make complaints.  Give directions. Place a QR Code at the entrance to your school that links to a Google map of the surrounding area.
  5. 5.  Audio tours. Put QR Codes along a guided tour of the school so visitors can listen to audio and watch videos.  For meetings. Put a QR Code on your office door or teacher website and link it to an online calendar so parents can check your availability and book a date and time.
  6. 6.  Hand out grades. Use a password-protected QR code for report cards and progress reports sent home to parents.  Helpful hints. Create a QR code that contains help tips for parents helping students on homework.
  7. 7.  Encouraging involvement. Post QR codes on posters to inform about fundraising, events, and/or how to become involved in the PTA.  Show and tell. Add QR codes on instruction sheets showing a video of someone demonstrating how to complete the activity.
  8. 8.  Demonstrate name tag  Give them more on know how. At parent/teacher conferences, create a name tag that includes a QR code link to your email, phone number or website. newsletters or brochures. Include a QR code that includes more information about participants, calendar of upcoming events, game schedules and/or ways to donate.
  9. 9.  Use your voice. Use the website http://qrvoice.net to type a message up to 100 characters in various languages that will be converted to a QR code then when clicked will be read by a synthesized voice.  Student led P/T conferences. Have students create QR codes utilizing qrvoice.net that allows the students to talk about their work or report card with the parents.
  10. 10.  Keep multiple families happy. As families wait to conference with you, have them visit stations that contain QR codes with tutorials of math and literacy games you would like them to practice at home with their child.
  11. 11.  Be prepared. On your welcome to school letter include a QR code of your supply list.  Counseling corner. Post a QR code by the office linking to an “Ask a Counselor Form”. Share your vCard. Put a QR Code on the chalkboard or in your syllabus the first day of class so that smartphonetoting students can capture and store your contact information.
  12. 12.  Get their attention. Post a large QR Code in the classroom offering extra credit to students who scan it and answer a question.  Enhance the value of textbooks and handouts. Put QR Codes on or in the textbook or on handouts to point students to additional resources.
  13. 13.  What do they know? Create a QR code that will do a quick pretest.  Review. Do a quick review about an upcoming unit or test using a QR code.  Reduce student excuses. Use a QR Code to add important dates to a digital calendar.
  14. 14.  Ask questions and get answers. Link a QR Code to Quora (at www.quora.com), the online question-andanswer site, where students can see answers to frequently asked questions and can also submit questions. Students must register for an account.  Apply it. Link a QR code to a game, riddle or real life application to encourage students to apply something they have learned.
  15. 15.  Access Wi-Fi. Use a QR Code to link them directly to the login page to access the  Wi-Fi.  Voting. Vote for spirit week, Who’s Who, or prom themes.
  16. 16.  Promote reading. Create QR codes that contain book trailers, author interviews, and/or dramatic readings.  Extend it. Post a QR code on print assignments that link to interactive tutorials or trivia related to the topic
  17. 17.  Mastering music. Students in band could practice their music at home by accessing a QR code on their music that links to audio of their individual piece.  Global impact. Place QR codes on countries, landmarks, states or oceans on a map or globe that links to videos or webpages about those places.
  18. 18.  Graph it. Create a paper handout with a QR code for an online graphing tool like Create-a-Graph.  Word wall. Create a vocabulary word wall with QR codes that contain whatever information you want them to learn.
  19. 19.  History repeated. History teachers can place QR codes on worksheets that link to battle reenactments on YouTube.  Managing misses. Create QR codes to links of teacher videos presenting or explaining an important concept in case a student is absent.
  20. 20.  Getting to the right site. Create QR codes to ensure that students are getting to exact sites you want them to visit without the risk of misspellings or mistypes.  Language lesson learned. Language teachers can place a QR code on worksheets and posters that allows the students to listen and practice vocab words.
  21. 21.  Teamwork Test. Students work together to create QR codes with paper scraps, mosaic tiles or Legos of their favorite website.  Ignite curiosity. Use the QR Code treasure hunt generator at ClassTools.net to create QR Codes with questions and answers and post them all around your classroom or school.
  22. 22.  “Who Am I? ”Students take pictures including QR codes in the photo. The QR code includes their biographies.  Books Come Alive. Have students create a QR code of a book talk to be placed in the library near the book or actually placed inside the book.
  23. 23.  Student interviews. Post QR codes next to student projects or artwork with video interviews reflecting on what they made, why they made it, what influenced the project, etc.  This Day in History. Have students create QR codes to place on the class calendar for each day. This project could be an on-going project for the whole year creating an interactive yearbook.
  24. 24.  Create 21st Century Resumes. Have students use QR codes on their resumes that link to other content such as their website or portfolio.  Create Interactive Labs or Dissections. Codes attached to a skeleton model or dissected pig can take students to important directions or content. Or vice versa. Maybe this will help them to create the lab themselves or make a model for the class lab.
  25. 25.  Holiday helpfulness: Bring a President’s Day, Black History Month, or Women’s History Month poster, research paper or worksheet to life with QR codes linking to compelling video or audio.  Choose your own adventure. Have students create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” website that has individual QR codes that need to be scanned to advance the story.
  26. 26.  If you are a school that does not allow cell phones or electronic devices, you can set up a QR code reader on a desktop.  http://www.dansl.net/blog/2010/desktop-qr-codereader/
  27. 27.  www.visulead.com  www.qrstuff.com  www.kaywa.com  http://snap.vu/  http://goqr.me/  http://www.qrexplore.com  Use a URL shortener such as www.bitly.com to create cleaner QR codes.
  28. 28. • How Education Professionals Can Make Use of QR Codes http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-educationprofessionals-can-make-use-of-qr-cod.html • Creativity and Communication with QR Codes. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1eCDcI4YACRimngmC_hiV iV_qNX4FEkko0O5m_JUoDeU/embed?hl=en&size=l#slide=id.g78b cc38_0_109 • Kathy Schrock http://www.schrockguide.net/qr-codes-in-the-classroom.html • Desktop QR Code Reader http://www.dansl.net/blog/2010/desktop-qr-code-reader/ • Using QR Codes in the Classroom https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pYyNpm4_rp9lZL8bamDd Lc0cDtD2ROIe3UH3pJvpvg/present?pli=1&ueb=true#slide=id.g5ebf 40c_0_95
  29. 29.  Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes http://www.edutopia.org/blog/QR-codes-teachingandrew-miller  40 interesting ways to use QR Codes in the classroom http://www.slideshare.net/jonesytheteacher/40interesting-ways-to-use-qr-codes-in-the-classroom