Jennifer prom night


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Jennifer prom night

  1. 1. Jennifer-Rose Minihan<br />College Writing Skills<br />Rough Draft<br />19 July 2011<br />Prom Night<br />When I take out my albums with all of the wondrous pictures in it, I cannot help but smile at all of the good times I have had. Pictures are one of the most beautiful objects to have in the world compared to all other materialistic things. Photographs can have special meaning to a certain person that someone else may not see in it. That is the beauty of making your own memories because they are yours and no one else’s. One photograph in particular that means a great deal to me is a photograph of my friends and I at prom.<br />The unforgettable night of senior prom with always be in my memory. Whenever I look at the photograph of my friends and I in our beautiful gowns, I cannot help but smile. I was wearing a blue cheetah printed dress with orange flowers going down the sides of it. There was an orange band around the waste and different colored gemstones embellished on it. What was so different about my dress was it had sequins all over it. In the photograph, my hair looks short because it was so curly. I had a big orange flower attached to my hair to match my dress. My prom dress was so different; it looked like something a person would wear in Hawaii.<br />My friend Widly was standing next to me in the picture with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a necklace with diamonds on it and earrings to match. Her red dress was so simple but gorgeous at the same time. She wore her hair up in an elegant side ponytail with curls draping down. Last but not least, our friend Julianna was standing next to Widly. Julianna was wearing a simple deep purple dress which really complimented her hair color. Julianna also wore her hair up in a simple ponytail which looked nice with her strapless dress. The background of the photograph looks elegant because we had our prom at the Park Plaza Hotel. The rug we were standing on was red with yellow flowers surrounding it and there were beautiful light fixtures on the walls.<br />To others, this photograph may look like three girls dressed up going to their prom but to me it was more than that. Throughout high school, I was not the most popular kid in the world so I did not have a lot of friends. I was one of the shy kids that everyone got the wrong impression of. Therefore I did not attend any of the social events planned for the students. I missed the Sophomore Semi Formal, and Junior Prom. My friends did not go to these events so I did not want to go alone. I live to regret not attending these fun events because I realized I missed out on a lot especially when I went to Senior Prom.<br />At first, I was hesitant to go to Senior Prom because I was worried I would not have any fun. In my head I thought I do not want to miss it because I know I will regret it later on in life. When I look at this photograph, I cannot help but remember what a good time I had with my friends; taking the limo there, eating the delicious food, dancing the night away and leaving with my amazing friends. It makes me realize that I do not need a lot of friends to have a good time; I just need the ones who are always there for me.<br />This amazing photograph of my friends and I in our beautiful gowns will always be in my memory and something I promise myself to never forget. I will never wearing my bold dress to Senior Prom and feeling like a beauty queen. The memory of laughing with my friends and dancing will never be forgotten. This photograph reminds me how glad I am that I decided to go to Prom and not skip out on it like I did with the other dances. Even though I have the memories of Prom in my mind, it is great to look back at this photo and remember. <br />