Girl Scouts of the USA Girl Zone IMC Plans Book


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Integrated Marketing Communications Plans Book for St. Bonaventure University by Katie Essner December 2010

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Girl Scouts of the USA Girl Zone IMC Plans Book

  1. 1. The Girl Scouts of the USA Girl Zone WebsiteIntegrated Marketing Communications Plan
  2. 2. The Girl Scouts of the USA Girl Zone Website Prepared by Katie Essner December 20102 | The Girl Scouts
  3. 3. Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Situation Analysis 6 Research: SWOT Analysis 14 Overall IMC Strategy 22 Girl Zone Defined 25 Marketing Strategy 33 Creative Strategy 37 Public Relations Strategy 40 Internet Marketing Strategy 43 Campaign Timeline 46 Budget and ROI 48 Evaluation 50 Conclusion 52 Appendices 543 | The Girl Scouts
  4. 4. Executive Summary4 | The Girl Scouts
  5. 5. Executive Summary Founded on the promise to build girls of courage, confidence and character, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low In 2009, the Core Business Strategy was completed and as a result the organization has seen the benefits of a began the Girl Scouts in 1912. She assembled 18 girls stronger network, consistent programming, additional from Savannah, Ga., for the first Girl Scout meeting volunteers, an increase in funding resources and the upon discovering the need for an organization open ability to serve more girls. To compliment the to girls from all backgrounds. Lowe believed all girls organization’s internal strengthening, this integrated should be given the opportunity to develop mentally, marketing communications plan seeks to create a physically and spiritually. The first Girl Scouts hiked, brand loyalty among girls to the Girl Scouts. played basketball, went on camping trips, learned how to tell time by the stars and studied first aid. With an 8 percent decline in membership over the last 10 years, forming a bond with the organization aims Today, the Girl Scouts are doing far more than outdoor at decreasing the regression. The following integrated activities. Boasting 3 million members and counting, marketing communications plan would create an the Girl Scouts have made bold moves to transform the online world that combines all aspects of a Girl Scout’s organization to ensure it provides a premiere life. Their troops, their friends and their online lives leadership experience for girls. In 2004, the Core Busi- together in one place, housed under the safety ness Strategy was created to focus on the Girl Scouts umbrella of the Girl Scouts. brand, program experience, governance structure, volunteer diversity and funding. At the root of these The online world aspires for girls to develop a loyalty elements was the realignment and combination of and bond to the Girl Scouts, for the organization to stay smaller councils to form larger, more effective councils. relevant to girls and to weave the real and virtual lives of girls today into a network they can love and their parents can trust.5 | The Girl Scouts
  6. 6. Situation Analysis6 | The Girl Scouts
  7. 7. Situation Analysis Product and Service Analysis Products, Experience and Know-How The Girl Scouts are known for selling cookies as well as candy, nuts and magazines yearly. When selling these products, girls must set goals in order to raise funds to support their activities for the year, to fund community service and leadership projects, to attend summer camp, to travel to destinations and to provide events for girls in their community. The activity of selling cookies is directly related to the Girl Scouts purpose of helping all girls realize their full potential and become strong, confident, and resourceful citizens. The process of selling products allows girls to learn the skills of setting goals, making decisions and managing money along with people skills and business ethics.7 | The Girl Scouts
  8. 8. Situation Analysis Economic and business conditions Market Analysis The current economic conditions are poor and many Demographics families have been hit by the recession, which may The main demographic for this integrated affect families being able to afford the Girl Scouts or marketing communications plan are Girl Scout having time to pick their child up from the Girl Scouts. Brownies and Juniors nationwide, age eight to 11. This encompasses girls educated in public, private, The business conditions are also depressed, but the Girl charter and parochial schools, as well as those who Scout organization has remained stable financially. are homeschooled and have joined a troop in their area. Troops rely greatly on the sale of cookies, candy, nuts and magazines; it is a challenging time for Girl Scout The demographics of the families of the girls involved councils and troops that depend largely on sales and in the Girl Scouts are important to recognize. The Girl donations for troop funds. Scouts can be time-consuming and costly for lower and lower middle income families. Council and troop leaders nationwide will also be a critical demographic.8 | The Girl Scouts
  9. 9. Situation Analysis Demand and demand trends based on research • The demand for being a Girl Scout has declined with a slight drop in membership from 3,401,260 to 3,330,140 in 2008 to 2009, respectively • An 8 percent decline in Girl Scouts membership during the past 10 years • In 2009, there was an overall increase in adult volunteers, jumping from 896,298 in 2008 to 904,610 in 2010 • The biggest increase in 2009 membership, 7.9 percent, was seen in the Hispanic community for both girls and volunteers • The biggest decrease in 2009 membership, 8.9 percent, was seen in the American Indian/Alaska Native community9 | The Girl Scouts
  10. 10. Situation Analysis Competitive Analysis The Main Competitors The Girls Scouts of the USA is the only non-profit global organization for girls of its kind, but does see competition from other after school activities. Few organizations for girls have the same draw and presence for grade schools and high schools across the world, but those that do include 4H, Girls and Boys Clubs of America and various local after-school organizations. The Girl Scouts also have competition from sports and clubs that the girls may become involved in through their schools.10 | The Girl Scouts
  11. 11. Situation Analysis Current Financial Situation The Core Business Strategy implemented by the Girl Scouts in 2004 focused on realigning the Girl Scouts and combining smaller councils and service units into larger networks, thus creating stronger and more effective councils. This change aided councils’ financial resources by consolidating funds and reducing overhead, and allowed the Girl Scouts to stay afloat in the economic crisis. In 2009, the Girl Scouts allotted $10,555,000 of their overall budget for communications. Advertising costs for the organization totaled approximately $516,000 and $1,321,000 in 2008 and 2009, respectively. The Girl Scouts receive donated advertising from third-party donors not included in these costs.11 | The Girl Scouts
  12. 12. Situation Analysis Macroenvironment Legal Factors Laws and regulations to be considered for the Girl COPPA requires websites to explain their privacy Scouts and this integrated marketing communications policies on the site and receive parental consent plan include non-profit and tax exempt laws and laws before collecting or using a child’s personal protecting children’s privacy on the Internet. As a information, such as a name, address, phone number, non-profit organization, the Girl Scouts cannot sell or Social Security number. This law also prohibits a shares to others or personally benefit in any taxable website from requiring a child to provide more personal way, thus all revenue is used to support the information than necessary to play a game or organization and its members in a way that promotes participate in a contest. self-preservation, expansion and future plans. Laws regarding children’s privacy on the Internet include several Acts, the most pertinent to this integrated marketing communications plan being the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). COPPA was created to help protect kids online by preventing a child’s personal information to be known without a parent knowing and agreeing to it first.12 | The Girl Scouts
  13. 13. Situation Analysis Social and cultural factors Nationwide there are now more non-traditional families, including single parent families, divorced families, gay parents, remarried parents and children being raised by relatives, among many other arrange- ments. There is also an increase in minority families nationwide. Culturally, there are also more women in the workplace, and women are more commonly seen as equals to men. This movement was embraced by the Girl Scouts with the addition of badges, activities and a website dedicat- ed to technology and the pursuit of male-dominated careers.13 | The Girl Scouts
  14. 14. Research: SWOT Analysis14 | The Girl Scouts
  15. 15. Primary Research Research and Research Methodology Three surveys that involved a combination of quantitative and open-ended qualitative questions were distributed to women who may or may not have been Girl Scouts, Girl Scout troop leaders and current Girl Scouts. (See appendices for surveys.) Primary Research Key findings from Survey for Women A survey for women who may or may not have been a When responding to what girls do today in an Girl Scout was administered through Survey open-ended question, 52 percent of women said selling Monkey. The survey received 45 responses and cookies, 24 percent said going camping and 39 percent provided a better understanding of how women today said the girls do the same thing today as they’ve always view the Girl Scouts. It also gave women the chance done. Of the women surveyed, 75 percent, had to say what activities they think the girls participate in participated in the Girl Scouts and 65 percent agreed today compared to when they were younger and see there were fewer girls who joined the Scouts today. how many women have encouraged girls around them When asked if they would be a Girl Scout today, 45 to become involved with the Girl Scouts. percent said yes, 20 percent no and 35 percent were unsure.15 | The Girl Scouts
  16. 16. Primary Research A survey through Survey Monkey was created for Girl Scout troop leaders and received 89 responses. This Key findings from Survey for Troop Leaders When asked what girls enjoyed most about the Girl survey provided a very insightful look into what the Scouts, 79 percent of troop leaders said being social troops are doing today and how they are organized. It with each other. When asked about the addition of an gave the opportunity for troop leaders to say why they online world that would allow girls to connect with believed girls left the Scouts, at what age and what the Girl Scouts across the nation, 73 percent of troop organization could do differently to keep girls involved. leaders said girls would enjoy the site. According to They were also asked their opinion on the addition of troop leaders, girls are most likely to drop the Girl an online world for the girls and if they thought girls Scouts in the fifth through sixth grade (45 percent) or would enjoy it. the seventh and eighth grade (41 percent) because they do not think it’s cool to be a Girl Scout (50 percent) or are busy with sports (44 percent).16 | The Girl Scouts
  17. 17. Primary Research A survey was created on Survey Monkey for girls currently involved in the Girl Scouts and had 55 Field trips responses. The results of this survey provided a look at activities the girls wished they were doing more of, Socializing their reactions to an online world, how long they had Horseback riding been involved in the Scouts and how many more years Volunteering they would like to stay involved. Sleep overs Key findings from Survey for Girl Scouts Being with friends Of girls surveyed, 20 percent would not or were unsure if they would continue to be involved in the Girl Scouts. Playing games Making memories Fifty-two percent of girls liked the idea of receiving a prize online from a badge they earned. The majority of Camping girls, 79 percent, were using the Internet more often than television, radio, magazines and newspapers. Due Working on badges Museums to legal issues, few girls of the target third to fifth grade Crafts were able to complete the survey and 52.8 percent of Learning new things girls surveyed were in or above the eighth grade. Thus, the response to an online world essentially targeted at third to fifth graders was only 43.4 percent positive.17 | The Girl Scouts
  18. 18. Secondary Research Due to the nature of the target age group for this The Girl Scouts did a study focusing on the effect of the integrated marketing communications plan, the Internet on girls. When asking what advice girls majority of research findings were based on secondary received from the adults in their lives about the research. Internet, girls said they received very little pertinent and valuable information. Despite giving little advice, According to a study by M2 Research, 93 percent of girls girls believed their parents were most concerned about age eight to 11 play online games. The study found that their safety online and 75 percent of girls surveyed kids tend to play a variety of online games on many were given rules from their parents regarding the different sites. M2 analyst Louise Curcio believes the Internet. When asked what the girls most want from kids market has been overlooked by companies. their parents concerning the Internet, the girls responded that they wanted to be taught responsibility, educated about possible dangers and have their parents trust them. Girls wished for their parents to be cautious, but not too cautious.18 | The Girl Scouts
  19. 19. Secondary Research A survey conducted by Lightspeed Research in June A study conducted by Roiworld found that gaming, in of 2010 found Facebook was the dominant network general, is becoming an increasingly important element among teens and parents, with 95 percent of parents of online activity for teens, and most of the online game and 86 percent of teens with social networking pages play amongst the demographic of 13 to 17 year-olds on Facebook. Fifteen percent of parents and 10 percent occurred on social networking sites such as Facebook, of teens had who used social networking sites had Gaia Online and Maplestory. More than one third of Twitter accounts. those who responded positively to using Facebook said they play games on Facebook over 50 percent of their According to a study from Nielsen Online, the largest time on the site. number of tykes and preteens go to YouTube for video (or 4.1 million viewers aged 2 to 11). Key Findings from Secondary Research The current generation of Girl Scouts is familiar with technology and avid online gaming and social media users. Their parents are also using social media, but may not be giving enough advice to girls concerning the Internet. Being online is a social experience for girls and they see social media as a means to communicate with friends. Facebook is their social media platform of choice, but use the website for gaming as well as connecting.19 | The Girl Scouts
  20. 20. Overall Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Strengths Opportunities Strengths are features or capabilities associated with the Girl Scouts Opportunities are trends, events or ideas in society, government or that provide a superior and competitive priority advantage or meet media that may be capitalized upon to retain Girl Scout membership a top ranked customer need. Strengths are generally internal and and increase positive perception. long-term. • The Internet, particularly online gaming and social media sites, • Strong history can be used to reach the girls and the general public • Brand is well-known and recognized globally • Girl Zone creates an opportunity to engage girls with a virtual • Provides leadership opportunities, instills values and helps world where they can interact with the organization and girls build character for girls of all ages from across the nation • Cookie, candy, nuts and magazines sales • Moms can now be reached online through blogs and social media • Non-profit global organization • Badges and troop work can be integrated with the Girl Scouts • Donate a lot back to the community, environment and the online presence world • Strong networking and word of mouth marketing • Consolidated councils to create stronger and more effective units Weaknesses Threats Weaknesses are a lack of a capability or feature that prevents the Threats are possible events in society, government or the media Girl Scouts from having a feature or capabilities associated with the outside the control of the Girl Scouts that may have a negative impact Girl Scouts that provide a superior and competitive priority upon Girl Scout membership and positive perception. advantage or meet a top ranked customer need. Weaknesses are • Recession prevents donations and proper funding at local and generally internal and long-term. national levels • Scattered online presence • Families hit by the recession may not be able to afford the Girl • Strict rules and limitations for troop leaders Scouts • Little to no communication with the general public • Competition from other after-school organizations • After grade school, there is a strong emphasis on individual • Competition from school-related activities, such as clubs or sports work rather than within a Girl Scout troop • Girls no longer interested in the same activities and do not find • Not communicating with girls and parents about the benefits the Girl Scouts relevant to their lifestyle that come from being a Girl Scout in middle school and high school20 | The Girl Scouts
  21. 21. Key Priority Issues Strengths that need to be leveraged, weaknesses that need to be bolstered, opportunities to take advantage of and threats to be reduced or mitigated. 1. Provides leadership opportunities, instills values and helps build character for girl of all ages (Strength) 2. Scattered online presence (Weakness) 3. The Internet, particularly online gaming and social media sites, can be used to reach the girls and the general public (Opportunity) 4. Girls no longer interested in the same activities and do not find the Girl Scouts relevant to their lifestyle (Threat)21 | The Girl Scouts
  22. 22. Overall IMC Strategy22 | The Girl Scouts
  23. 23. Overall IMC Strategy Overall IMC Strategy In order to increase retention of Girl Scouts, the orga- nization must become more relevant to the girls’ lives, as well as communicate and connect with them on a personal level to build a loyalty to the organization. Girl Scouts’ Girl Zone will create a safe, strong, interactive and relevant website for the girls to play games, network and utilize as an educational resource.23 | The Girl Scouts
  24. 24. Overall IMC Objectives IMC Objectives To increase retention of the Girl Scouts membership by 5 percent To increase Girl Scout activity by 20 percent from the launch of Girl Zone to the completion of the first year To obtain 40 percent of Girl Scout users on Girl Zone nationwide one month after the launch To make 5,000 media impressions nationally and worldwide during the campaign execution24 | The Girl Scouts
  25. 25. Girl Zone Defined25 | The Girl Scouts
  26. 26. What is Girl Zone? Currently the Girl Scouts of the USA has a gaming website called Go Girls Only. The website is open to anyone and offers three games, a quiz section, a “coming soon” advice column, Girl Scout news, Girl Scout history and a page dedicated to girls’ skills. The website creates a solid foundation for Girl Zone to build from, but does not have enough content in rotation. Despite a fresh and appealing design, the website does not update quizzes or games often and thus lacks the ability to draw returning visits. Go Girls Only aims to attract new girls by saying, “If you like this, you’ll like the Girl Scouts.” Girl Zone, on the other hand, wishes to pique and sustain the interest of current Girl Scouts. Girl Zone seeks to create an online world that is a community for girls where they can visit often and discover something new each time. For girls in the eighth grade and high school, Girl Zone will offer information on study abroad programs, camps around the nation specifically for cadettes and seniors as well as the Girl Scout desinations program. Scholarships, volunteer opportunities and service award tips and ideas will also be promoted on Girl Zone. These oportunities will be placed on the the education section of the website for girls to see where the Girl Scouts can take them and the benefits of staying involved with the Girl Scouts.26 | The Girl Scouts
  27. 27. What is Girl Zone? Girl Zone will be an interactive website for the Girl Scouts of the USA that allows girls to play games online, Monitored chat will allow girls to meet and connect with Girl Scouts across the nation. The chat will be interact with girls from all across the world and bring an monitored to prevent girls from using inappropriate online dimension to work they do with their troops. Girl language or cyber bullying. Troop leaders will receive Zone will include a basic homepage with a login, an in-depth lesson on Internet privacy and safety from gaming center, monitored chat rooms, learning center council leaders that they will in turn teach the girls in and quizzes. Girl Zone will be mobile friendly. order to achieve the highest standards of online safety. Parents and girls will be asked to sign the Girl Scout Girl Zone allows girls to earn badges with their troops Internet Safety Pledge. (See appendix for the Girl Scout that contain an online component where they can Internet Safety Pledge) enter a code included with the badge and redeem for points online. In the learning center, there will be opportunities for girls to earn badges individually. A “Did You Know?” The gaming center will feature games rotated on a section will contain interesting information on the Girl monthly basis. Popular games will remain available Scouts and various random facts. and a redemption center for points will be housed in the gaming section. The girls will create a personalized Quizzes will be created by the web team and updated avatar of a Girl Scout to play with and points can be on a monthly basis. redeemed for new outfits or accessories for their Girl Scout.27 | The Girl Scouts
  28. 28. Girl Zone28 | The Girl Scouts
  29. 29. Girl Zone29 | The Girl Scouts
  30. 30. Girl Zone30 | The Girl Scouts
  31. 31. Girl Zone31 | The Girl Scouts
  32. 32. Building Girl Zone The Girl Scouts will hire a web team for the Prior to website completion, the Girl Scouts will randomly assemble a focus group to test Girl Zone development and maintenance of Girl Zone. Consisting of a manager, developers, programmers, copywriters for three months. The group will consist of 10 troops, and designers, the web team will be responsible for approximately 300 Girl Scouts, to fix any issues with Girl writing web copy, designing the website, maintaining, Zone. Troop leaders from the test groups will be asked monitoring and updating Girl Zone. to attend an online webinar hosted by the Girl Zone team to explain the website. The troop leaders will be The web team will be responsible for fixing any glitches, asked to relay all information to their troops in order to monitoring the chat and anticipating problems before kick off the three-month trial. A survey will be hosted they occur. A crisis communications plan will be utilized on Girl Zone following the trial period to gauge by the web team should any issues arise. (See reactions to the website and determine if any changes appendices for crisis communications plan.) need to be made before launch.32 | The Girl Scouts
  33. 33. Marketing Strategy33 | The Girl Scouts
  34. 34. Marketing Strategy Target Marketing Parents of girls who are in the Girl Scouts and have Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors, from third to fifth daughters in the third through fifth grade as well as the grade who are most likely to drop out in the fifth general public nationwide are also target markets. through sixth grade are the target market. These girls Parents have a strong influence and decision in their face choosing other after-school activities and sports children’s extracurricular activities, and building a over the Girl Scouts, and by capturing their interest in loyalty to the organization when the girls are younger the third grade, it will help build a loyalty to the Girl will most likely improve the probability girls will stay Scouts. If girls have a solid foundation and devoted involved. As girls are generally aware of culture and relationship with the Girl Scouts, it is less likely they will societal influences, a positive and trendy view of the drop the organization when faced with multiple Girl Scouts may decrease the public’s “not cool” extracurricular activities. impression.34 | The Girl Scouts
  35. 35. Marketing Strategy Key Messages to Target Audiences The following primary key messages are for the target audiences. Primary Key Messages The Girl Scouts continue to build courage, confidence and character in girls, even in an ever-changing society The Girl Scouts allows girls to discover, connect and take action both with their troops and online It is fun and trendy to be a Girl Scout Secondary Key Messages The Girl Scouts provide a safe, entertaining and educational online resource for girls The Girl Scouts are relevant to girls today35 | The Girl Scouts
  36. 36. Positioning and Marketing Communications Strategies Positioning Marketing Mix The Girl Scouts are a worldwide preeminent In order to promote the launch and use of Girl Zone, organization dedicated solely to building girls of a combination of social media, word of mouth, public courage, confidence and character who make the world service announcements and print advertisements will a better place. be used. The core of the marketing will rely on public relations, social media and word of mouth efforts. Marketing Communications Strategies The marketing communications strategy of Girl Zone will be to reach out and ask Girl Scout troops across the nation to participate in the launch of the Girl Scouts Girl Zone. Girls will be reached through their local councils and troop leaders and troop leaders will be asked to provide the girls with all the necessary information about the site. Both troop leaders and the girls will be asked to celebrate the launch of Girl Zone. The general public will be aware of the launch of Girl Zone in order to spread the message that the Girl Scouts are staying relevant to girls today. Public relations efforts will be utilized to reach the media and councils will be provided with the proper materials and asked to relay the Girl Zone launch to their local media.36 | The Girl Scouts
  37. 37. Creative Strategy37 | The Girl Scouts
  38. 38. Creative Strategy Creative Brief Background: Why are we advertising? What is the single most important persuasive idea The Girl Scouts of the USA are trying to attract the we can convey? attention of girls who risk dropping the Girl Scouts for Girl Zone combines all elements of girls real and online other activities. By advertising to these girls, the Girl lives, seamlessly blending them into one website. Scouts hope to capture their interest in online gaming and social media and match it with the Girl Why should they believe it? Scouts Girl Zone, thus creating an interest and loyalty This demographic of girls are active on Facebook where to the organization. they can connect with their friends, take quizzes, play games and chat. YouTube provides a medium for girls To whom are we speaking? to create videos and connect with others. Girl Zone Girls in the third through fifth grade who are likely to combines all these elements into one website, along drop the Girl Scouts in the fifth through sixth grade. with educational resources that bring a new, online dimension to their troop work. What do they currently think? Currently these girls are involved in the Girl Scouts but Are there any creative guidelines or mandatories? may not be loyal to it. They may be active in sports, Advertising should show a sneak peek at what the clubs or other after school activities they may deem website has to offer. It should intrigue the girls to want more relevant to their lifestyle. These girls are to play on the website and learn more about it. particularly interested in online games and are active on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube. All print ads will have the Girl Zone web address. What would we like them to think? Tone of voice? Girl Zone is a fun and trendy website relevant to their Tone of voice will be youthful. lifestyle.38 | The Girl Scouts
  39. 39. Creative Strategy Traditional Initiatives Girl Zone will create a Public Service Announcement Media Budget and Justification The PSA will be free to run on television, but will be video series for the launch of Girl Zone. The PSAs will produced and directed by the Girl Scouts and a feature snapshots of the website and feature a Girl videographer. In order to create the videos, the budget Scout talking about the Girl Zone. The video series will will allot $25,000 for the entire creative and execution be posted on the Girl Scout website, YouTube and process. promoted through social media, as well as run on television stations that agree to air the PSA. (See Girl’s Life magazine was chosen to advertise for Girl appendix for PSA.) Zone since 97.6 percent of the average readers are between ages 9 to14. One full-page advertisement in Print Advertisements Girl’s Life magazine costs $22,780, the total sum to run Two print ads will run in Girl’s Life magazine. Each ad both ads equaling $45,560. In order to create the ads, will show a preview of the Girl Zone website in order to the Girl Scouts will allot $4,440. In combination of the give girls an idea of what the website will look like. Ads video and print advertisements, $75,000 of the budget will provide the web address and Girl Scout logo. (See will be dedicated to advertising. appendices for print advertisements.)39 | The Girl Scouts
  40. 40. Public Relations Strategy40 | The Girl Scouts
  41. 41. Public Relations Strategy The Girl Scouts of the USA will create and implement Public Relations Communications Objectives a public relations campaign as an effective way to The objectives of the Girl Zone public relations generate interest of Girl Zone. The strategy of this public campaign will be to obtain 40 percent of Girl Scout relations campaign will be to create a greater awareness users on Girl Zone nationwide one month after the among target markets of the website through launch and to make 3,000 media impressions nation promotional efforts. and worldwide through the duration of the integrated marketing campaign. News release The Girl Scouts will send out a news release to the national media announcing the launch of Girl Zone two weeks prior to the launch date via PR Newswire nationwide Associated Press wire. Council offices will be sent the news release and asked to distribute it to their local media. (See appendices for news release.)41 | The Girl Scouts
  42. 42. Public Relations Strategy Promotional Campaign Council training sessions with troop leaders will teach All Girl Scout council offices in the nation will receive a leaders how to use the website and what questions box of packets to be distributed to troop leaders. Each they might expect from girls. Online safety and privacy packet will contain the first badge requirements that rules of the website will be thoroughly reviewed. can be earned by the girls online, login information, informational brochures for parents, a reference manual Troops will be asked to schedule a night or afternoon for troop leaders and the announcement flier of the where girls can meet in a computer lab and log on to national “Get Online with the Girl Scouts” night. the website together. They will be encouraged to have food and fun activities for the girls to make the online Councils will attend an online webinar with the Girl experience fun and memorable. Also, if the girls have Zone web team where Girl Zone will be explained any questions during their first online session, troop in-depth. Council leaders will be asked to schedule a leaders can answer based on their training with the training session with troop leaders two weeks prior to councils. launch where Girl Zone and informational materials will be explained. At the end of the evening, the girls and troop leaders will be asked to complete a survey housed on the website to give feedback. This will help capture first responses and alert the Girl Scouts of bugs or glitches that may occur. (See appendices for surveys.)42 | The Girl Scouts
  43. 43. Internet Marketing Strategy43 | The Girl Scouts
  44. 44. Internet Marketing Strategy The Girl Scouts will stay abreast of technological The Facebook account for the Girl Scouts of the USA will changes in order to ensure Girl Zone stays relevant to be used to promote the site and allow girls to girls. Games and quizzes will be updated and rotated communicate their feedback. Facebook will be focused on a monthly basis, with the core of the games staying on creating discussion and conversations with the girls. the same. New features will regularly be added to the Girls will be encouraged on the Girl Scout Facebook website to always keep it new and fresh and new media page to like the organization and troop leaders will be will be used to share updates with the girls. asked to make separate group pages for their troops for parents or girls, depending on their age range. With New Media Initiatives Facebook’s new groups, troops can easily share Social media will be utilized to promote Girl Zone information about Girl Zone and other Girl Scout before its launch and to keep girls, parents and troop activities going on. Parents can join the group to easily leaders aware of new additions and features. It will also stay informed, but the group will be closed to the gen- be used to inform the general public about the Girl eral public so only group members can see the group Scouts’ state of technology. activity.44 | The Girl Scouts
  45. 45. Internet Marketing Strategy Twitter posts from the Girl Scouts will include the hashtags #girlscouts and #girlzone to allow Twitter Social media websites will be used to strengthen the relationship being built with the girls by users to easily find posts and create conversations communicating openly and frequently on a variety of among parents, the general public and the small sites. Social media gives the girls a personalized percentage of girls using the site. (See appendices for experience with the organization beyond what they suggested tweets and Facebook posts.) take away from their troops. Girls should feel a comforting connection with the Girl Scouts through the The Girl Scouts of the USA will create YouTube videos combination of troops and an online network. with instructions and tips for the girls and troop leaders to refer to. The videos will range from basic instruction, Effortlessly blending the tangible and intangible facets website highlights and gaming tips. The video links of the Girl Scout organization creates a bond on will be posted on Facebook and Twitter for the national multiple levels and platforms. organization.45 | The Girl Scouts
  46. 46. Campaign Timeline46 | The Girl Scouts
  47. 47. Campaign Timeline The Girl Zone integrated marketing communications plan runs from January 2011 until April 2012. 2011 201247 | The Girl Scouts
  48. 48. Budget and ROI48 | The Girl Scouts
  49. 49. Campaign Budget and ROI The investment of all web development, advertising, public relations and new media efforts totals approximately $533,215. Website Development Web Team $455,000 Purchase Web Domain $15 Webinar for Test Group $0 Advertising PSA Video $25,000 Print Advertising $50,000 Public Relations News Release Distribution $1,2000 Packets to Councils $2,000 Webinar for All Councils $0 New Media Twitter and Facebook $0 Total $533,215 Return on Investment (Profit – Marketing Expenses) / Marketing Expenses Membership dues $32,518,000 + Merchandise sales: $49,214,000 / 3,330,140 members = $14.778 per member retained 166,507 members retained (5 percent) x $14.778 = $2,460,640.45 revenue ($2,460,640.45 - $533,215) / $533,215 = 361% 3.61: 1 ROI49 | The Girl Scouts
  50. 50. Evaluation50 | The Girl Scouts
  51. 51. Evaluation A year after the launch of Girl Zone, the Girl Scouts will compare membership numbers to see if the 5 percent retention was obtained. Google Analytics will be recorded each month for the website’s first year to monitor usage. The analytics will be compared at the end of the year to see if girls’ activity online increased by 20 percent. One month after the launch, the Girl Scouts will count the number of girls who signed up to participate in Girl Zone to determine if the 40 percent membership was achieved. Finally, the Girl Scouts will monitor Google Alerts and the media to determine how many media impressions were made.51 | The Girl Scouts
  52. 52. Conclusion52 | The Girl Scouts
  53. 53. Conclusion Girl Zone creates a bond and loyalty to the Girl Scouts by cultivating and encouraging relationships, physically and virtually. Girl Zone combines the tangible and intangible aspects of their experiences with the Girl Scouts to create an organization that is present on all platforms. In a network environment they trust, girls can thrive and enjoy everything Girl Zone and the Girl Scouts offers them. With retention rates dropping each year, the Girl Scouts must find a way to form a bond with girls beyond the traditional presence. It is no longer enough to simply meet several times a month; today’s Girl Scouts have lives online that are just as important as their physical day-to-day. If the Girl Scouts do not find a way to be present and relevant in all areas of girls’ lives, they will simply fade away. Girls will move on to other activities and organizations that understand and can keep up with their ever-changing lives. Girl Zone allows the Girl Scouts to keep up with the girls, while keeping girls coming back for more. In a society of text messaging, instant messaging and social networking, connection is key – and Girl Zone is where these connections convene.53 | The Girl Scouts
  54. 54. Appendices54 | The Girl Scouts
  55. 55. Appendices Works Cited 56 Research Surveys 57 Girl Zone Crisis Communications Plan 75 Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge 76 Girl Zone Post Launch Surveys 77 Public Service Announcement Example 80 Print Advertisements 81 Girl Zone Launch News Release 83 Girl Zone Launch Flier 85 Girl Zone Parents Brochure 86 Suggested Twitter and Facebook Posts 8855 | The Girl Scouts
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  75. 75. Crisis Communications Plan With the creation of Girl Zone, an interactive gaming website for the Girl Scouts of the USA, there are several IIn order to deliver the messages properly, key and tar- get audiences must be determined. For the Girl Scouts, potential crises to consider. Many gaming websites deal targets will be the girls, their families, troop leaders and with people who hack the system or find ways to cheat possibly schools. Depending on the severity of the cri- and earn more points than they should. The monitored sis, the general public can be notified as well. After the chat could go awry and create issues, the site could targets have been set, the medium upon which each become too overloaded and kick everyone off or the target will be reached should be identified. E-mail will website, in general, could be hacked. These are just a most likely be the quickest way to reach troop leaders, few issues to keep in mind, but the preparation for the girls and parents. Schools can also be e-mailed if need crisis will be the same. be. In addition, the Girl Zone web team will create a dark webpage that can be activated. First, we will need to create our crisis team. The CEOs and web team manager will be appointed as well as any Social media will provide another great form of com- other official who deals in areas related to the potential munication. If, for example, the website is down due to crisis. Each spokesperson will receive media training if overuse, a tweet can be sent saying, “Looks like we were they have not previously to ensure they handle the situ- having too much fun on the Girl Zone! Come back in ation properly. Any crisis that happens on Girl Zone will a few minutes.” A 404 page will be created in case of a need to have a serious tone, and this will be established website hack, so the site can be fixed without causing in media training as well as reinforced in the crisis key any harm to the girls. messages. After the messages have been relayed to the publics, Three key messages will be written for each potential the focus will be on keeping consistent tones and mes- crisis to match the tone for the spokesperson to convey. sages and monitoring the coverage. Inevitably there It will be crucial the spokesperson stays with the chosen will be speculation following the crisis, but always hav- message so correct and consistent information is given. ing prepared statements that revolve around the same concepts will keep the Girl Scouts on track. Gauging reactions on social media, the news and through e- mails will give the organization an idea of how the crisis was handled. If there are more complaints than compli- ments, the Girl Scouts will consider where things went wrong and work them into an updated crisis plan.75 | The Girl Scouts
  76. 76. Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge* for All Girl Scouts (Revised for 2010) I will not give out personal information such as my address, telephone number(s), parent’s or guardians’ work Girl Scout Internet Safety address/telephone number(s), and the name and location of my school without the permission of my parent or guardian. Pledge I will tell an adult right away if I come across or receive any information that makes me feel uncomfortable. I will always follow the rules of Internet sites, including those rules that are based on age of use, parental approval and knowledge, and public laws. I will never agree to get together with someone I “meet” online without first checking with my parents or guardians. If my parents or guardian agree to a meeting, I will arrange it in a public place and bring a parent or guardian along. I will never send a person my picture or anything else without first checking with my parent or guardian. I will talk with my parent or guardian so that we can set up rules for going online. We will decide on the time of day that I can be online, the length of time that I can be online, and appropriate areas for me to visit. I will not access other areas or break these rules without their permission. I will not use the Internet to collect money for Girl Scout products, and I will follow all safety guidelines related to Girl Scout product sales. I will practice online “netiquette” (good manners) at all times when online. I won’t spam others I will not bully nor will I tolerate bullying (and I will always tell a trusted adult if this is a problem) I won’t use bad language. I will be guided by the Girl Scout Promise and Law in all that I do online. Signed, Girl Name ____________________________________ Date __________ Parent or Guardian _____________________________ Date __________ *The GSUSA Online Safety Pledge is based upon the Online Safety Pledge developed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.76 | The Girl Scouts
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  88. 88. Suggested Twitter and Facebook Posts Twitter: “Girl Scouts – let the games begin! Check out Girl Zone here link” #girlzone #girlscouts “Girl Scouts are you ready to get in the Zone? The Girl Zone that is. Check out this video to the learn more: link” #girlzone #girlscouts “Want to play a game with a Girl Scout across the U.S.? Learn about Girl Zone here: link” “Quizzes are fun for everyone. See what new quiz was just posted to Girl Zone link” #girlzone #girlscouts “RT if you love Girl Zone!” #girlzone #girlscouts “What do you think of Girl Zone?” #girlzone #girlscouts Facebook: “Girl Scouts, what do you think of Girl Zone so far?” “What’s your favorite game on Girl Zone?” “Have you taken the new quiz on Girl Zone yet? Check it out here! link” “Check out the new badge posted on Girl Zone!” “Hey Girl Scouts, make sure to “like” us for the latest Girl Zone updates and more!”88 | The Girl Scouts
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