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Few of My latest Project

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  1. 1. Be With You A celeb promotional app, "I'd Rather Be With You" lets you share and rate pictures of couples. You can also listen to songs and share them with your friends! Smoke Free Planning to quit smoking? This is the app that can help you Plan manage and keep in check your Smoke Free days. Dont let the counter fall! Guess The Label Are you a true fashion junkie? Is designer labels the only thing you wear? Test your knowledge on fashion with this exciting quiz!
  2. 2. Dream On! This application is for the ones who want to dream big! Ever wondered what would it feel like to keep a record of your dreams? Tag your dreams and get your friends help to achieve it. Kids bible This application has been deigned to test your knowledge of Genesis. Based on six quizzes made from the "Animated Kids Bible" series.
  3. 3. iFlirt Facebook Application a flirting application of its kind that lets Facebook users flirt with their friends or with those in their network. The hottest feature of the app is its exciting flirtatious depictions. My Easy TV Facebook Application if everyone’s on Facebook then why not TV? MyeasyTv makes it literally easier for Facebook users to watch all their favorite TV shows without having them leave the Facebook platform. How latino are you Facebook application this is an amazing application for Facebook’s Hispanic users. Now you can send Hispanic images to everyone and let them know how truly Hispanic you are.
  4. 4. Chocolate covered company Facebook application love of chocolates double when you share it with your dearest friends. Send and receive all kinds of chocolate treats to your Facebook friends through this mouth watering application. What my friends think of me until now everyone on Facebook was asking questions only but now you can even earn from answering those questions. The points you earn help you find out about your own personality traits from your friends. Check out what your friends really think of you!
  5. 5. Black history year this application attempts to empower blacks globally. To celebrate their faithful contributions in the history, the application quotes and acknowledges all the blacks around the world. Zabiha news Facebook is the biggest sharing spot and zabiha news makes it all the more powerful and informative when people share with each other, all the latest happenings around the world. It’s one of the best news apps on Facebook Optical express if you’re looking out for laser treatment for your eyes then this is the application that will help you reach the right medical consultant and get the best cure for your beautiful eyes.