Productivity Using Technology


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Tips and tricks for being more productive.

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Productivity Using Technology

  1. 1. Hi.
  2. 2. I’m Christopher DeCaro. Director of Business Development at Kneadle.
  3. 3. Productivity using technology.
  4. 4. 84% say computers are necessary for their job. This most likely includes you.
  5. 5. Occupied with an object of attention. People are busy.
  6. 6. Achieving a significant amount or result. Getting things done.
  7. 7. Chances are you only have 78.64 years. Sad, but statistically true.
  8. 8. Hardware, software, and habits.
  9. 9. Hardware. The fastest way to be faster.
  10. 10. Desktops, laptops, tablets, consoles, and phones. Oh my.
  11. 11. What should you be using? Just enough to capture, review, and do.
  12. 12. Size does matter. More screen real-estate allows for more productive behavior.
  13. 13. Always a solid choice. Solid-state drives.
  14. 14. I’ve got no strings to hold me down. WiFi, MiFi, and tethering your way to magical freedom.
  15. 15. You’re gonna need a bigger boat. Keep investing in the tools that earn your income.
  16. 16. Software. The tools within the tools.
  17. 17. There is no magic bullet. Get better at what you’re already using.
  18. 18. Avoid mousetraps. Use keyboard shortcuts as often as possible.
  19. 19. Stay current. This release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, performance improvements, and contains no new features.
  20. 20. Email sucks. Get good at communication.
  21. 21. How I learned to stop filing and love search. Save time by learning how search works.
  22. 22. Always have what you need when you need it. Sync with Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.
  23. 23. You don’t need to remember anything. Your digital notebook, Evernote or OneNote.
  24. 24. One list to rule them all. Capture tasks with Wunderlist, Any.Do, or Workflowy.
  25. 25. We’re better together. Collaborate with Basecamp, Asana, or Flow.
  26. 26. Always have a backup plan. Automate backups with Carbonite or Backblaze.
  27. 27. Be there when you’re here. Remote access with TeamViewer, LogMeIn, or GoToMyPC.
  28. 28. Habits. Out with the bad, in with the good.
  29. 29. Take a break. Recharge and work in smaller chunks.
  30. 30. Read some fiction. Lowers stress and improves brain function.
  31. 31. Make lists and take notes. Don’t clutter your mind.
  32. 32. Take the time to learn. Unrelated learning can help with your daily activities.
  33. 33. Delaying distractions. Don’t let anything interrupt you.
  34. 34. Letting the robots do it. Automate common, time-consuming tasks by learning to program.
  35. 35. Required reading. 7 Habits by Stephen Covey. Getting Things Done by David Allen. 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.
  36. 36. Thanks. Questions?