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iPhone tips (en)

  1. 1. WelcomeThanks for purchasing Tips & Tricks –iPhone Secrets. Here’s how to controlthe guide:
  2. 2. About this EditionSome tips don’t apply if you havea device that hasn’t been upgradedto iOS 4 and some only apply to the3GS and later iPhones. The followingsymbols appear throughout: iOS4 Only works with iOS 4+ iOS4.2 Only works with iOS4.2 Only works with 3GS and 3GS+ later iPhones with iOS4+To tell which version your deviceis running, go into Settings, thenGeneral, then About. Look forVersion to tell which OS you are on.
  3. 3. ShortcutsGet there quicker
  4. 4. Tip 1The Fast Way to the Top!Reading a web page, email, or SMS textmessage? In all of these applications,tap anywhere on the status bar at thetop to quickly scroll to the top of that page.This is especially handy in the Messagingapplication if you want to call the personwho has just sent you a text or picture.
  5. 5. Tip 2Multitask 3GS+Tired of always having to close an appbefore you can access another? Well,no more!Just double press the Home buttonto bring up the multitasking bar. Thisshows you the other apps you haveused. You can scroll left and right to seeeven more.Just tap on the app icon to quicklyswitch between them.
  6. 6. Tip 3iPod Control Everywhere 3GS+You can control music on your iPhonewhile surfing the web or using otherapplications.If music is playing through the iPodapp or any other app, double pressthe Home button to bring up themultitasking bar. Slide your finger tothe right across the bar, music controlswill appear.Now you can quickly skip a song orpause without exiting the app.
  7. 7. Tip 4I’m Not Speaking to YouIn a meeting when your phone rings?Even on silent it might still be vibrating.Tap one of the Volume buttons toimmediately silence your phone. Itwill appear to continue ringing forthe caller. If you’d like to send a calldirectly to voicemail, press the Sleep/Wake button on the top right of thephone twice.You can also use the iPhone headsetby quickly pressing the microphonebutton twice. Now you can ignorepeople you don’t want to talk towithout letting your phone ring onand on... Ssshh!
  8. 8. Tip 5Tap to Scroll SidewaysSee that line of dots and the spyglassicon across the bottom of yourphone, indicating multiple pagesof applications and Spotlight? Mostpeople swipe to move left and right,but you can also tap. This workswherever you see the line of dotsincluding in, the Weather app and inSafari. Tap anywhere along this line
  9. 9. Tip 6Keep Neat and TidyYou can move the icons around on yourphone and delete old Apps that you nolonger use.Hold your finger onone of the apps fora couple of secondsand they will allstart to shake.You can now dragthem around torearrange. The littlex on the cornero f d ow n l o a d e dapps allows you todelete them.
  10. 10. Tip 7Folders iOS4 3GS+Filling up all 10 screens can happenquickly but now you can create foldersto group apps together.While organising icons, drag one appon top of another. This creates a folderwhich you can name so you know whatapps are in it.
  11. 11. Tip 8Back to Square OneOnce you’ve installed applications onyour phone, you can end up with manypages of icons.Pressing the Home button from anyscreen takes you quickly to the firstpage of icons. Why not rearrange youricons so that all of your frequently usedapps are on the first page?You can now launch any of yourfavorite apps in one press of the Homebutton and a tap! Handy as those fouricons in the dock are never enough...Pressing Home again will swapbetween Spotlight search and yourmain home screen.
  12. 12. iOS4+3GS Tip 9Rotation Lock 3GS+You can now lock the screen in theportrait orientation so it doesn’taccidentally rotate when on a table oryou’re lying down.Double tap the Home button to openthe multitasking bar and slide to theright. Here you’ll find the rotation lockbutton, tap this and the screen will lock.
  13. 13. Tip 10Spotlight SearchSpotlight allows you to search yourphone for contacts, apps, music,podcasts, video, audio-books, notes,emails, calendar entries, and SMSmessages. It’s located to the left ofthe home screen. Swipe right or tapto access Spotlight.
  14. 14. Tip 11Quick Dial and LaunchFinding contacts who are not in yourfavorites list, or launching apps ifyou’ve got a lot of them, is quicker withSpotlight.From the home screen press Homeagain and type a few letters of acontact’s name.
  15. 15. Tip 12Rapid Web & Wiki Search 3GS+ iOS4Need some information quickly?You can now search the web usingSpotlight.In addition to offering search, Spotlightnow features an option to SearchWikipedia or Search Web. Now youhave a world of information at yourfingerprints.
  16. 16. Tip 13Hidden SearchIn Notes, iPod, Mail, Contacts, andMessages there is a hidden way tosearch.Scroll down to reveal a search bar atthe top of the page.Now you can quickly search within thatapp and find what you are looking for.
  17. 17. Tip 14Hold to Quit the App 3GS+Pressing Home no longer quits an app,it takes you back to the home screenbut the app keeps running in thebackground.To close it fully, open the multitaskingbar by double pressing the Homebutton. Then tap and hold on any iconuntil a minus symbol appears. Tap thisto close the app.
  18. 18. Tip 15Close the Folder iOS4 3GS+You don’t have to press the Homebutton to close a folder.Just tap any spare screen space eitherabove or below the folder icon. Youcan also just tap the folder icon againto close it.
  19. 19. Tip 16Swipe to DeleteWhile viewing most lists there is ahidden way to delete items. Simplyswipe across the email, notes, or SMSconversations and a handy Deletebutton appears. Sadly, this doesn’t workfor deleting individual text or MMSmessages...
  20. 20. Tip 17Find Your NumberOpen the Phone app and go to theContacts tab. Tap the status bar at thetop and it brings your phone numberdown from the top of the list.Now you can quickly read it out if youever need to.
  21. 21. TroubleshootingWhat to do when things go wrong
  22. 22. Tip 18Restarting ProperlyA hard-reboot can be handy if anapplication just refuses to start or, ifyour phone has frozen.Hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button together for 10 seconds,ignoring theslide to poweroff messagethat appears,and the phoneshuts down.Now turn onagain normally.
  23. 23. Tip 19Airplane Mode ShuffleSometimes it might look like there’s nosignal available on your phone whenyou’re pretty certain there should be.Simply turning your phone off and onagain can bring it back to life and get asignal, but there’s an even quicker way.Via Settings turn Airplane Mode on andthen off again. This restarts the mobilenetwork circuitry and often finds thatmissing signal!
  24. 24. Tip 20Ensure You’re Up-to-DateApple occasionally update the firmwareon the phone and each update usuallybrings with it greater stability, betterreception, longer battery life and otherminor improvements.S o, m a k e s u r e y o u a r e a l w a y sup-to-date. Just plug your iPhone intoyour PC or Mac and wait for iTunes tostart. It should prompt you when anupdate is available.
  25. 25. Tip 21Force Bad Apps to QuitSometimes applications freeze so it’suseful to be able to terminate them.Hold the Sleep/Wake button for 10seconds, until the slide to power offmessage appears and then release thebutton. Now hold the Home button foraround six seconds. This tells the phoneto forcibly quit the current applicationand returns you to the home screen.If you’ve got an iPod Touch or iPhonethat hasn’t been upgraded to OS3.0 orlater, simply hold the Home button forsix seconds to quit an app.
  26. 26. Tip 22Start All Over AgainDone something to seriously mess upyour phone?You can reset your device to its lastbackup.Connect your iPhone to your computerwith the USB cable and wait for iTunesto start. Click the iPhone icon and thenthe Restore button to begin.
  27. 27. Safari TipsFind information easily
  28. 28. Tip 23Plain Lazy Web SurfingIf you’re heading for a .com domainwhen typing an address in Safari, youdon’t have to type the www or the.com. For example, you can type applein the address box in order to viewwww.apple.com.
  29. 29. Tip 24Look Before You Leap!To see where a hyperlink will directyou, simply hold your finger on it fora second. A menu appears that liststhe actual address at the top and someadditional options. You can copy theaddress to the clipboard and open thelink in a new page.
  30. 30. Tip 25The Secret Behind .comWhen typing an address in Safari,that .com key hides some additionalfeatures. If you hold your fingeron there for a second, a range ofalternatives appear. Simply slide yourfinger to the one you want and release.
  31. 31. Tip 26Save Safari ImagesImages shown in the web browser canbe saved to your phone’s camera rollor copied to the clipboard.Hold your finger on the image for twoto three seconds. The remainder ofthe page will fade, the image will behighlighted, and options will slide up.Tap Copy to place the image in theclipboard or Save Image to save to yourcamera roll.You can then find the image in thePhotos app and set the picture aswallpaper, send it via email, or apply itto a contact.
  32. 32. Tip 27Just the Right Size!When browsing web pages in Safari,you can double tap on a column, word,or picture to fit its width to your screen.Double tap again to zoom out.
  33. 33. Tip 28Share Links with FriendsStumbled across a web page you reallywant to share? Simply tap the + (plus)button at the bottom of the screen andselect Mail Link to this Page.
  34. 34. Tip 29Create New App IconsYou can add a new app icon for anywebsite to your home screen. Whilebrowsing in Safari, tap the + buttonand then tap Add to Home Screen.Some websites supply an icon, if notthen a screenshot of the current viewis used. Tapping this new icon launchesSafari and immediately takes you tothe website.
  35. 35. Tip 30Start With A Blank PageWhen yo u la unch Safari i t w il lautomatically load the last pageviewed, and on a slow connection thiscan take precious time. However, youcan create an icon on your phone tolaunch Safari with a blank page. Here’show:1. Start Safari.2. Tap the address bar and type about:blank and tap Go.
  36. 36. ...Start with a Blank Cont.3. Tap the + (plus) at the bottom and choose Add to Home Screen.4. Type in a suitable name for this shortcut. This simple, bright white page also makes a handy, free torch application.
  37. 37. Tip 31Two-Fingered ScrollingSome web pages contain scrollingareas such as tex t boxes withinthe page.Safari hides the scroll bars for theseand of course scrolling with one fingermoves the entire page. The secret is touse two fingers. By using two fingersat once, you tell Safari to scroll theelement within the page rather thanthe entire page.
  38. 38. Tip 32AutoFill to Save TimeYour phone can remember theusernames and passwords for sites youvisit, and it can autofill your details forsites never visited before:1. Create a contact for yourself.2. Via Settings, Safari, AutoFill, enable both options and set My Info to be yourself as a contact.3. When you begin to enter details into a new site, AutoFill is available above the keyboard.
  39. 39. Tip 33Search on Page 3GS+ iOS4.2Using Safari, you can now search forcertain words on the page.To do so, start typing in the search boxand at the bottom will be the optionOn This Page. Scroll until Find “word”is visible and tap this option. This willthen find the first instance of the word.You can then press Next to advance tothe next instance of the word. This wayyou can quickly go to the part of thepage you’re looking for.
  40. 40. TypingBecome a keyboard master
  41. 41. Tip 34Hold Shift While TypingSometimes you just need the next fewletters to be capitalized, for examplewhen typing “My PC is BROKEN!” orupper-case abbreviations such as“LMAO.” The phone allows you to usethe Shift key just as on a computer;simply hold it down with one fingerwhile you type with another.
  42. 42. Tip 35Slide for CapitalsEntering all capitals by tapping shiftand then tapping the letter can takea long time. To quickly enter a capitaljust tap and hold the shift button. Nowdrag your finger over to the letter youwant and let go.This capitalizes only that letter and youcan carry on typing as normal. Greatfor typing place names like New Yorkor London.
  43. 43. Tip 36Slide to PunctuateTo quickly enter punctuation ornumbers while using the keyboard, tapand hold the .?123 button and, keepingyour finger down, slide to any numberor punctuation button.When you release your finger that onecharacter will be inserted and the usualQWERTY keyboard will reappear.You can use the same technique toquickly insert single-digit numbersinto text.
  44. 44. Tip 37Shake to Undo and RedoWhen typing in any application, orwhen using cut, copy, and paste,you can shake the phone to undoyour typing. Shake again to redo.Your phone will pop up a query todouble-check.
  45. 45. Tip 38Double-Tap for Shift LockThe title here says it all, but this featureis disabled by default. To enable, tapthe Settings icon, then tap General andKeyboard. Set Enable Caps Lock to on.Now you can double tap the Shift keyto turn on caps lock. It will turn bluewhen locked.
  46. 46. Tip 39Hold Keys for Extras!If you hold down a letter on thekeyboard, a pop-up appearscontaining various accented versionsof the character. You can do the samewith certain punctuation characters toreveal alternatives.
  47. 47. Tip 40Alternative CurrenciesOne of the keyboard’s many secrets isthat it hides multiple currency symbolsfor insertion into emails, notes, or SMSmessages. The default currency symboldepends on your phone’s settings butif you hold your finger on this you’llget the alternatives. You can combinethis with our previous tip to insert anycurrency symbol with one lift ofthe finger.
  48. 48. Tip 41Get a Bigger KeyboardTurning your phone sideways willget you a bigger keyboard in all thestandard applications, including Notes,Messages, Mail, and Safari. In Safari,once you are editing the address theorientation is locked, so turn yourphone sideways before tapping theaddress bar.
  49. 49. Tip 42Cut, Copy, and PasteYou can Cut, Copy, and Paste betweenapplications, including your photos,webpages, notes, or SMS messages.Highlight items and then wait for theCopy button to appear.It is even easier to copy and pastebetween applications using multitasking.
  50. 50. Tip 43Get a Magnifying GlassMost apps provide a magnifying glassfor editing and selecting text, which ishandy for positioning the cursor in theright place, or selecting a particularword for copying.Hold your finger over the text for asecond and a small magnifying glassappears for precise control.
  51. 51. Tip 44Add to the DictionaryIf you are writing something and theiPhone flags a word as misspelled,cancel the correction by tapping thesmall x by the suggested correctionand the word will be put into theiPhone’s dictionary.If you use obscure words, acronyms, orcolorful language a lot this feature canbe a time-saver.Sometimes you might need to makethe correction once for each differentapplication.
  52. 52. Tip 45Spellcheck iOS4 3GS+When typing in many of the appsincluding Messages or Notes, if a wordis misspelled, it will be underlined by ared dotted line.Tap on this to quickly see replacementoptions, handy if you can’t quiteremember how to spell that word.Double tapping on a word to select it,the option to Replace... appears. Tapthis to see possible replacement wordsand quickly correct the error.
  53. 53. Tip 46Quickly Insert a PeriodIf you tap the Space key twice, theiPhone will instead insert a period(fullstop for those in the UK) and asingle space. You can also achieve thesame effect by tapping the Space keywith two fingers at the same time.What if you actually want two spaces?Simply tap once then wait for a coupleof seconds before tapping again.
  54. 54. Tip 47Keyboard Layout iOS4 3GS+The iPhone now offers the facility ofchanging your keyboard settings. OpenSettings, General, then Keyboard.Select International Keyboards andthen choose which keyboard you want.You can then select to have QWERTY,AZERTY or QWERTZ.If you connect an external keyboardwith a different layout, you can alsochange this from the HardwareKeyboard Layout section on the samepage. You can choose from optionssuch as Dvorak or U.S. Extended.
  55. 55. Tip 48International KeyboardPutting on international keyboardsgives you lots of new options such asspellcheck in that language.When you add different languageoptions to your keyboard a small globeshows up next to the space bar.In iOS 4, to quickly swap betweenlanguages, tap and hold the globe iconto see all your options and slide to theone you want.
  56. 56. Tip 49SMS Character Count iOS4 3GS+Always wondering how long yourmessages are? You can turn on an SMScharacter count to see.Open Settings then Messages and turnon Character Count. This is handy asmessages of more than 160 characterslong are billed as multiple texts. Thecount appears after you have typedone line.
  57. 57. MailStay in touch
  58. 58. Tip 50The Secret Behind the DotWhen typing an email address in theMail app, the . key hides additionaloptions. If you hold your finger on therefor a second, a range of useful shortcutsappear. Simply slide your finger to theone you want and release.
  59. 59. Tip 51Unified Inbox 3GS+ iOS4Mail now allows you to view multipleemail accounts simultaneously.This means you don’t have to keepswapping from inbox to inbox just tosee any email you have received.
  60. 60. Tip 52Email Resizing iOS4 3GS+If you send an image in an email, it canuse up a lot of 3G data.Mail now asks you what size you wantthe image to be. The smaller optionwill use up less data if you are on a 3Gconnection and you want to save everylast bit of usage.
  61. 61. Tip 53Email Threads 3GS+ iOS4Having a conversation with severalpeople through Mail, it can getconfusing. You can turn threads on sothat it is more like a real conversation.Open Settings then Mail,Contacts,Calendars. Here is the option OrganizeBy Thread. Just turn this on andjoint emails will stay connected withmultiple replies.
  62. 62. Tip 54Open AttachmentsWhen viewing an email with anattachment you can open it with acompatible app.Tap and hold the attachment in theemail and you get the options to openwith an app.For example if you have received a pdfyou can open it with iBooks and readusing that app. It won’t be copied toyour Library though and will remain inthe email.
  63. 63. Tip 55Highlight and ReplyIf you receive a long email and wish toreply or forward a specific section, thereis no need to include the entire message.If you highlight part of the messagebefore replying or forwarding, only thatselection will appear in the new email.
  64. 64. Battery LifeGo for longer between charges
  65. 65. Tip 56Dim the ScreenTh e s c re e n i s o n e o f t h e m o s tsignificant drains on the battery. Youcan reduce the amount of batterypower the screen uses in two ways:1. Reduce the brightness. Go into Settings, then Brightness and move the slider.2. Reduce the Auto-Lock time. When your phone auto-locks, it also blanks the screen which saves power. Go into Settings, then General, then Auto-Lock to adjust this.
  66. 66. Tip 57Turn Off BluetoothBluetooth adds significant drain tothe battery, and if you are not usinga hands-free kit then you may as wellturn it off.With Bluetooth enabled an icon appearsin the status bar. It’s quite hard to seefrom the home screen but a lot easieragainst the light status bar used bymost applications.To turn off Bluetooth, tap Settings, thenGeneral, then Bluetooth, and tap theon/off switch.
  67. 67. Tip 58Turn Off Push EmailKeeping push email turned off can savequite a lot of juice, particularly in areaswith a poor signal.Go to Settings,Mail, Contacts,Calendars, andturn Push to offa n d Fetch toManually.
  68. 68. Tip 59Turn Off Automatic Wi-FiStop your phone searching fornetworks every time you use anInternet application.Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi, and simplyturn it off.
  69. 69. Tip 60Disable 3GDepending upon the availability oftransmitters nearby, maintaining a 3Gconnection can use a lot of batterypower. If you switch 3G off, your phonewill be much slower at downloadingdata, but the battery should last longerand you can still make and receive calls.To turn 3G off, tap Settings, thenGeneral, then Network, and tap theon/off switch next to Enable 3G.
  70. 70. Tip 61Keep It CoolThe iPhone lasts longer when keptbetween 0 º and 35 ºC (32 º to 95 ºF).Outside of this range, battery life cansuffer.Try not to leave your phone in aglovebox or on a parcel-shelf insummer.Using a case thatd o e s n’ t g i v e y o u rphone air can also leadto decreased batterylife. If it gets really hot,you’ll see a warningmessage.
  71. 71. Tip 62Turn Off EQEqualization enhances key frequenciesto suit certain types of music. It alsorequires a lot of processing power, andyou can extend your battery life whilelistening to music by turning it off: On the iPhone, go into Settings, iPod, and set EQ to off. On the iPod Touch, go into Settings, Music, and set EQ to off.If you’ve set EQ differently for specificsongs in iTunes, off won’t work so setEQ to Flat instead.
  72. 72. Tip 63Close Unused ApplicationsTo ensure that your phone is using aslittle battery as possible, you shouldpress the Home button before lockingso that no app remains running in theforeground.Applications that make heavy use ofGPS, such as Maps, or the 3G and Wi-Ficonnection, such as Safari can still runin the background so make sure toclose them fully in the multitasking baralso (see Tip 14.)
  73. 73. Tip 64Save Power for CallsAway from charge? If you need awork ing phone for mak ing andreceiving calls, reduce your use of: Applications – particularly those that use 3G data, GPS, or both, such as Maps. Games – these can use a lot of power. The iPod application – video in particular uses a lot of power.
  74. 74. Tip 65Save Power for iPodIf you want to conserve juice for use asan iPod and you don’t need the phoneto be working, put it in Airplane Mode.This will turn off all the power-hungryfeatures such as the 3G data, phone,and Wi-Fi connections.This will extend the time iPod will last.
  75. 75. Tip 66Battery Life Percentage 3GS+iPhone 3GS and 4 allow you to add apercentage battery-life indicator to thestatus bar.This is enabled via Settings, General,Usage.
  76. 76. SecurityKeep your data safe
  77. 77. Tip 67Parental ControlsGo in to Settings, General, Restrictions.From here you can turn cer tainfunctions on or off, such as iTunes storeor Installing Apps.This can be handy if you are lendingyour phone to someone and don’t wantthem downloading loads of apps.You can then go back in to Settings andeasily turn them on again. It can alsofree up space on your home screen forapps you use more often.
  78. 78. Tip 68More Restrictions iOS4.2 3GS+You can also restrict the deleting ofapps from Restrictions. Turn on theDeleting Apps option.You can also stop changes to yourlocation details or Mail accounts byturning on the options Location andAccounts.Finally you can stop any Game CenterMultiplayer Games and AddingFriends. Again just turn these optionson.
  79. 79. Tip 69Keep Your Data SecureIf your iPhone gets stolen, a strangerwill have access to your contacts,appointments, emails, and photos.Applications you’ve installed mightgrant access to other personal datasuch as your Facebook account.Setting a passcode helps to protectyour privacy. Here’s how:1. Tap Settings, then General, then Passcode Lock.2. Enter a passcode that no one else can guess.
  80. 80. Tip 70Alphanumeric Passcodes iOS4 3GS+If you want to make your phone evenmore secure you can now set analphanumeric passcode. Open Settings,General, then Passcode Lock. Here isthe option Simple Passcode which isalways 4 digits long.Turn Simple Passcode to off and youcan use a passcode of any length,comprising letters and numbers. Thiswill be more secure–as long as youdon’t make it something easy to guess.
  81. 81. Tip 71Erase All DataThere is additional security for keepingyour data away from prying eyesshould your phone get stolen.Turn on Erase AllData.Now, if someonesteals your phoneand tries to guessyour passcode, theiPhone erases yourpersonal data after10 unsuccessfulattempts.
  82. 82. Tip 72Keep Your SIM SecureEven with a passcode lock, thieves couldstill take your SIM card, insert it intoanother phone, and run up a huge bill.Prevent this by enabling a SIMcard lock. In Settings, select Phone,then SIM PIN.When the phone is next switched on,or if the SIM is removed and insertedinto another device, a passcode will berequired to activate it.Some carriers have default pins whichyou have to enter before being ableto change it. Contact your carrier tofind this out. If you don’t enter anincorrect code three times it will lockyour phone.
  83. 83. Tip 73Secret CallerYou can choose whether or not yournumber shows when you call otherpeople.Go into Settings, Phone, then ShowMy Caller ID.Then select on or off depending onwhether or not you want your numberto be seen.
  84. 84. Tip 74Encrypt Your BackupWith iTunes 8.1 or higher, you can nowencrypt the backup file that containsall of your phone’s data on your PC.In iTunes you’ll see a new EncryptiPhone backup check box in theSummary pane.
  85. 85. Tip 75Enable Find My iPhone...If you subscribe to MobileMe, you canenable a feature called Find My iPhone.To enable this, you need to sign up fora MobileMe account at www.me.comand then enable the feature.iPhone 4, iPad, and4th generation iPodTouch users cancurrently subscribeto this for free bydownloading theFind My iPhone Appfrom the App Store.
  86. 86. Tip 76...Find Your iPhoneOnce you’ve signed up, you can log into me.com to locate your phone on amap. The Find My iPhone options aretucked away under the account tab inMobileMe.
  87. 87. Tip 77Attract AttentionOnce logged in at me.com, you cansend a message to your phone and getit to play a persistent sound for twominutes.The sound playseven if yourphone is set tosilent.However, it doesplay at the ringervolume, whichmakes it hard tohear if it’s set low.
  88. 88. Tip 78Remotely Lock Your PhoneIf you decide your iPhone is missingtemporarily and you want to keep yourdata safe, you can lock your phoneremotely via MobileMe. From www.me.com select Remote Passcode Lockand enter a new code to secureyour phone.
  89. 89. Tip 79Remotely Wipe Your DataMobileMe brings another level of datasecurity to your phone. If you decide it’sbeen stolen, you can issue a commandto your phone to delete all your dataand reset it to factory defaults.Once you’ve done this, your phonewill no longer be able to respond tolocation requests, which is a pity asyou’ll need to decide between keepingyour data secure or giving the policegood information on its location.Should you be reunited with yourphone, you can use iTunes to restorethe data from your last backup.
  90. 90. MediaPhotos, camera, and music
  91. 91. Tip 80AirPlay 3GS+ iOS4.2This allows you to wirelessly streamyour music or videos to any AirPlaycompatible speakers or Apple TV.From the iPod or Videos app press theAirPlay button and then choose thedevice you want to play it through.You can also choose AirPlay from themultitasking bar if you swipe righttwice. This way you can quickly startstreaming media to devices aroundyour home.
  92. 92. Tip 81AirPrint iOS4.2 3GS+You can wirelessly print from youriPhone. It is currently only compatiblewith AirPrint enabled printers.You can print from Photos, Safari, orMail. Press the arrow icon and thenselect Print. It will then show whichprinter you want to print throughand you can then tap Print again tobegin printing.
  93. 93. Tip 82Set Backgrounds 3GS+You can now have a photo as yourhome-screen background as well asyour lock screen.Open Settings then Wallpaper. Hereyou can see your current wallpaper.Tap on this and you can choose fromthe stock wallpaper or from your savedphotos or photo gallery.
  94. 94. Tip 83Camera FocusIn the Camera app, you can tap thescreen on the part of the imageyou want to focus on. This can be aclose-up item or one farther away.The iPhone will automatically focusto that point for a clearer picture orvideo.With iOS4 you also have a digitalzoom – drag the slider to zoom in.
  95. 95. Tip 84Easier ListeningThree buttons appear when listeningto audio books, podcasts, or whenwatching videocasts. Email. Send a link to the current podcast via email. Skip back. Jump back 30 seconds. Playback speed (not in videos). Double or halve the playback speed.
  96. 96. Tip 85Shake to ShuffleWhile playing music, shaking yourphone shuffles to another track atrandom.Cleverly, the phone disables thiswhen listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Shuffling works while the iPodapplication is running or the minicontrols are displayed (see Tip 2) evenon the lock screen.You can disable shuffle altogetherthrough Settings, iPod.
  97. 97. Tip 86Add Playlist in iPod 3GS+ iOS4Using the iPod app you can quicklycreate custom playlists.Tap Playlists then Add Playlist.... Nameit and then add your choice of songsto it.This is great for creating a quick playlistfor a party or for playing your favoritesongs to friends.
  98. 98. Tip 87Send Multiple PhotosSingle photos can be sent at a reducedresolution via MMS, email, or uploadedto MobileMe.You can also selectup to five to sharevia email or copyon to the clipboard,but beyond thatthe Share andCopy buttonsbecome disabled.
  99. 99. Tip 88GeoTagging 3GS+ iOS4When you take a photo, the iPhonetags it with the location in which it wastaken.In the Photos app you can now viewyour photos by location. Just tap thePlaces button and a map appears withall your photos on. Now you can findyour holiday snaps without having tosearch through all your photos.
  100. 100. Tip 89Faces and Albums iOS4 3GS+If you have the iPhoto software withyour Mac computer, there are two newview options with iOS 4.Once your photos are synced, theoptions Faces and Events will be inthe Photos app. (Faces only works withiPhoto 2009 or later editions.)Albums will also be synced so you canview your photos by how you havethem organised in iPhoto.
  101. 101. Tip 90Multitask Volume 3GS+ iOS4.2Yo u c a n q u i c k l y c h a n g e t h evolume of your phone through themultitasking bar.Double press the Home button toopen the multitasking bar. Swiperight once to see the iPod controlsand then swipe right again to revealthe volume controls.
  102. 102. MicrophoneLook, no hands!
  103. 103. Tip 91About the MicThe iPhone earbuds have a built-inmicrophone you can use for hands-freecalling. The microphone is also a button– squeeze it and you’ll hear a click!This button provides quick access to avariety of features, depending on whatis currently happening on the phone.
  104. 104. Tip 92Controlling CallsYou can use the earbud button tocontrol the phone.When your phone is ringing: Click once to answer the call. Press and hold for two seconds, then release to reject the incoming call. You’ll hear two soft beeps to confirm you’ve declined the call.While on a call: Click once to end the current call.
  105. 105. Tip 93...Controlling Calls Cont.If you are already on a call and anothercall comes in: Click once to switch to the new call. Click again to switch between two active calls. Press and hold for two seconds then let go to switch to the new call and end the current call. Volume +/- buttons control the volume of calls and audio playback with 3GS+.
  106. 106. Tip 94Controlling Music PlaybackYou can also use the microphonebutton to control playback when musicor videos are playing in the iPod app. Click once to pause the current song or video. Click again to resume. Quickly click twice to skip to the next song. Quickly click three times to skip to the previous song, or to restart the current track if you are more than three seconds in. Click and hold to activate voice control with 3GS+.
  107. 107. Tip 95Voice Control 3GS+This feature provides the ability tocontrol your iPhone through spokencommands to make calls andplay music. To access press andhold the Home button or middlebutton on the earbuds for about 3seconds and speak your command.Yo u c a n e ve n a s k “ W hat t i m e i sit?” to find out the current time.
  108. 108. Tip 96Improve Voice Control 3GS+Most phones contain some contactsstored by their first name only.You’ll find “Call Joanna Smith” worksa lot better than “Call Jo,” so expandabbreviations and add last namesto your contacts. This significantlyimproves the ability of Voice Controlto understand.You can also add a Nickname via theadd field option in Contacts, or createa new contact for the same person touse as an alias.Using the earbud mic also seems toimprove recognition.
  109. 109. Tip 97Voice MemosYou can use the Voice Memos Appto c a p t u re m e m o s to yo u r s e l f,meetings, or lectures and send themvia email or MMS.
  110. 110. Tip 98Record and PlayWhile using the Voice Memos recorderyou can continue to use otherapplications such as Mail and Safari.Simply beginrecording as usualand press Hometo exit the VoiceMemos application.The status barwill glow redand recordingcontinues. Tap thestatus bar to returnto Voice Memos.
  111. 111. AdvancedGetting the most out of your phone
  112. 112. Tip 99Take a ScreenshotYou can take a screenshot fromany iPhone application bypressing the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons together.The screen will flash and the camerasound will play. You can view themvia the CameraRoll albumin the Photosapplication.This techniqueis also useful forgrabbing stillimages.
  113. 113. Tip 100Point the WayWhile in Maps you can quickly find yourcurrent location.Tap the icon in the bottom left andthe map zooms to where you are.Pressing this again turns on thecompass so you can tell which directionyou’re facing. Great if you’re lost in anunfamiliar place!
  114. 114. Tip 101Zoom Out of MapsCurrently Maps is the only applicationthat supports this gesture, but if youuse two fingers to tap the map, itzooms out.For more precise control, pinch outwith your thumb and forefinger.
  115. 115. Tip 102Forward and Delete SMSYou can Forward and Delete individualmessages, both standard text messagesand multimedia messages.Open a message then tap the Editbutton, then tap the circles to the leftof each message to select them. Thentap Forward or Delete.
  116. 116. Tip 103Speedier SynchronizationWhen you connect your phone to yourMac or PC, try to avoid plugging in viaa USB hub or any other devices suchas your keyboard. Going directly intoyour computer can result in a speediersync with iTunes.Some brands of PC make the mattermore complicated by having differentports on the PC run at different speeds,so it might be worth experimenting tosee if this applies to you.
  117. 117. Tip 104Synchronize NotesYou can now synchronize your Notesapplication data with your Mac or PC.Configure this from iTunes.Click the phone icon on the leftof iTunes, then click the Info tab.S croll down to O ther and clickSync notes with and choose yourfavored application.
  118. 118. Tip 105Surf While TalkingIf you are connec ted to a Wi-Finetwork you can surf the web whileon a call, which could be just thething for conference calls when you’reusing speakerphone.Just press Home when you are on thecall to go back to the home screen, andthen launch Safari. You’ll find the callcontinues so you can surf as you talk.Your phone is even smart enough todisable the click sound as you typewhen you are on the call.
  119. 119. Tip 106A Scientific CalculatorThe usual calculator provideslarge, easy-to-use buttons for basicarithmetic. If you tip the phonesideways, this turns into a scientificcalculator. You can now perform morecomplex calculations. You can also copyand paste, and if you swipe across thedisplay it deletes the last number.
  120. 120. Tip 107Download WallpapersYou can download wallpapers from anumber of sites, including:http://www.flickr.com/groups/iphonewallpapers/The easiest way to get them onto yourphone is to use mobile Safari to browsethe site. Navigate through flickr until asuitable wallpaper is almost full-screen.Tap and hold your finger on a pictureand select Save Image.Find the image in the Camera Rollalbum via the Photos application andset it as your wallpaper by tapping theicon in the bottom left and choosingUse as Wallpaper.
  121. 121. Tip 108Pause DownloadsLarge applications or updates cansometimes take a long time todownload over a data connection,so you might want to pause themw h i l e yo u c h e c k yo u r e m a i l o rbrowse with Safari.To pause the download simply tap theicon. The progress bar will stop andthe word Paused appears beneath. Tocontinue the download, simply tapthe icon again.
  122. 122. Tip 109Favorites Not Just for CallsFavorites and Recents are great formaking quick calls and returning callsto people who’ve phoned you.But have you noticed the little bluearrow on theright-hand edge?Tap here for optionsto call that personback on any of theirnumbers, sendan email, or text,or add them toyour Favorites list.You can also sendcontact details viaemail or MMS.
  123. 123. Tip 110Rapid Calendar ScrollingIn the Calendar application, tappingthe arrows to change months canbe tedious.But did you know that if you hold yourfinger on the arrows, your iPhone willrapidly move through the months?Handy for setting appointments wayahead in the future...
  124. 124. Tip 111Avoid SMS EmbarrassmentUsually when a text message arrivesthe iPhone displays it on the screen,even if your phone is locked. Todisable this, set Text Preview to offvia Settings, Messaging.
  125. 125. Tip 112Internet TetheringYou can use your phone’s dataconnection to get your laptop onlinefrom anywhere.Availability and cost vary by region. Youcan connect your laptop to your phonevia either Bluetooth or the USB cable.To set this up open Settings, General,and Network.Here is the option Set Up InternetTethering. Tap this and you will betaken to your carrier’s website whereyou can follow setup instructions.
  126. 126. Tip 113AccessibilityOpen Settings, General, thenAccessibility for some of these features: A text-to-speech voice over feature, which reads aloud the text of anything you tap. Zooming – you can zoom into areas of the phone screen. White-on-black mode. Colors are reversed on the phone. iOS 4 also adds larger text for Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes to make them easier to read.
  127. 127. Tip 114Cellular Data On/OffYou can turn off the phone connectionif you don’t want it being used.Open Settings, General, Network, andturn Cellular Data on or off. This canbe handy when you don’t want datato be received over the normalphone networks.
  128. 128. Tip 115Reduce Roaming Charges3G use overseas can be an expensiveluxury. Here are a few suggestions onbeing cost-effective with your phonewhen abroad.1. Reset the usage statistics when you arrive overseas and monitor your data usage.2. Turn off push email to avoid using 3G and instead use Wi-Fi when available to check email or browse the web.3. Turn off data roaming. Go into Settings, tap General, then Network and turn off Data Roaming.
  129. 129. Tip 116Location Service On/Off 3GS+ iOS4Some apps request the use of yourcurrent location, such as Maps orCamera. You can turn off these servicesthrough Settings, General, thenLocation Services.You can also see which apps have usedyour current location within the lasthour as a small arrow appears next tothat app.If an open app is using your location, thesmall arrow is shown in the status bar.
  130. 130. Tip 117Accounts for Notes iOS4 3GS+From the Notes screen you can nowaccess Accounts. Just press the buttonin the top left.Here you can see your registeredaccounts and choose to make a notein each one. This can be an easy way toseparate notes about work from notesabout home.
  131. 131. Tip 118Numbers on Folders 3GS+ iOS4If you have an app in a folder that hasreceived a notification it will show anumber on the top right corner.Now you k now that somethinginteresting is waiting for your attention.
  132. 132. Tip 119Bluetooth ConnectYou can use Bluetooth to connect toheadphones or a headset. Perfect forhandsfree while driving.You can also use the Bluetooth toconnect to a Bluetooth-enabled stereo,such as in many cars, to play your musicwithout the need for wires.
  133. 133. Tip 120Bluetooth Keyboard 3GS+ iOS4With iOS 4, you can use a Bluetoothkeyboard, if you find it hard to typeusing the onscreen keyboard.To pair the devices open Settings,General, and Bluetooth. Turn it on andthen choose your Bluetooth keyboard.You can also use the media control keysto control the playback of music as wellas the brightness controls.Shortcuts for copy (cmd+C or ctrl+C)and paste (cmd+V or ctrl+V ) alsowork so you don’t have to keeptapping the screen.
  134. 134. Tip 121Birthdays! iOS4 3GS+Always forgetting thati m p or tant bir thday?Now you can let your Calendar appremind you. First off make sure youhave saved your friend’s birthday intheir contacts information. Now openCalendar and tap Calendars in the topleft. Here is the option for Birthdays,which you can tap to turn on or off.
  135. 135. Tip 122Where’s Hold?With the iPhone 4, while making a callthe Hold button has been replaced bya FaceTime button. You can still placea call on hold though.To do so, tap and hold the Mutebutton for a few seconds and it turnsin to Hold.To resume the call just tap the Holdbutton again and you can return tothe call.
  136. 136. Tip 123Change the Search ResultsSpotlight search can help you quicklyfind what you are looking for. Youcan edit the search results so theyonly include certain sections, such asContacts or Calendar. You can also editthe order they appear in the search.Go to Settings, General, Home, andthen tap Search Results. Here tap asection to select or de-select it. Finallytap and drag on the three lines to theright of every section, and you canmove it up or down to change theorder of the search results.
  137. 137. Tip 124Use the LightWith the iPhone 4, the built-in LED flashcan be used as a torch.Open the Camera app and switch tovideo mode by sliding the button inthe bottom right corner.Then turn flash to on from the topleft corner. Now you have a personalflashlight, handy for all those timeswhen looking for things in the dark.
  138. 138. Tip 125Contacts Text Tone iOS4.2 iOS4 3GS+You can set individual text tonesfor each contact so you can know ifsomeone important has sent you atext message.From Contacts, go to the contact entryyou want and tap Edit. Now scroll downto the ringtone and text tone section.Tap on Default next to text tone andtap on your new choice. Then tap Doneand that contact will now have anindividual text tone.
  139. 139. Have You Noticed? Neat little touches
  140. 140. Tip 126Automatic PauseThis has been an iPod feature for awhile, but it’s worth mentioning. If youare listening to music on headphones,and you pull them out of the phone,playback is automatically paused.
  141. 141. Tip 127Updating Calendar IconFar from being a static image to launchthe calendar, the icon actually updatesto show the current day and date.Glancing at the home screen is a greatway of finding out the date withouthaving to look at a calendar. Genius!
  142. 142. Tip 128Automatic RecognitionIn the Mail and Notes applications,your phone will underline anythingthat looks like an address ortelephone number.Tapping a phone number dials itand by tapping an address you canview that address directly in theMaps application...
  143. 143. Tip 129Stop Speaker InterferenceWhen you dock your phone intospeakers that don’t specifically supportthe iPhone, the phone detects thisand advises that you may experienceinterference. To stop any possibleinterference turn on Airplane Mode.
  144. 144. Tip 130Landscape ModeLandscape mode can be used in manyof the included apps. Just turn yourphone sideways to activate.
  145. 145. Tip 131Use the Front CameraWith iPhone 4 you now have a frontfacing camera. With this you canquickly check how you’re looking ifyou’re not near a mirror.Open the Camera app and tap theflip icon in the top right corner. Thischanges to the front facing camera andyou’re now looking at yourself.This could come in handy whilewaiting for an interview, or if you’reabout to go on a date to make sureyou look just perfect.
  146. 146. Be GenerousMake someone’s day
  147. 147. Tip 132Gift an App from iPhone 3GS+ iOS4You can gift an app directly from theApp Store on the iPhone.1. Open the App Store and tap Search.2. Search for tips & tricks. It should show up automatically as tips & tricks - iphone secrets. Tap this to be taken to the app page.3. On the app page, scroll down to below the screenshots of the app. Tap G if t This App and follow the instructions.
  148. 148. Tip 133Gift an App from iTunesDid you know that you can gift this appto other people? You’ll need to openup iTunes on your PC or Mac and then:1. Find our app in the iTunes store by searching for iPhone Secrets. Look for the man’s head with the lightbulb in it!2. On the product page, click the little down arrow next to the price.3. Choose Gift This App and follow the onscreen instructions.
  149. 149. Thank You!We hope you’ve picked up some tipsthat will help you use your phone moreeffectively.If you’ve enjoyed this guide, pleaseconsider adding a review to iTunes.If you have any feature suggestions,comments, or just want to get in touch,you can email us at: tips@intelligentipublishing.com www.intelligentipublishing.com