Codi with Words and Music


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Codi with Words and Music

  1. 1. Codi’s Story
  2. 2. August 22, 2005I was having contractions, they couldn’tfind Codi’s heart beat.
  3. 3. When we got to the hospital, still NO heart beat.Once they found her heart, they watched theclock, counted her heartbeats, and it was alldown hill after that.
  4. 4. I was scared and didn’t know what was going on.Next thing I know, I am in the operating room.The last thing I remember is them putting me tosleep.
  5. 5. Codi was born August 23, 2005. I didn’t get to seeher until 9 hours later. Then we were told therewere more complex problems with her heart andCodi was being transported.
  6. 6. Our Cardiologist, Dr. Hashmi, came to my room andexplained to us about Codi’s heart problems and that allof her organs were on the opposite side of where theyshould be. They could do surgery on her heart or a hearttransplant, but they wanted to attempt to fix what waswrong.
  7. 7. Codi had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. They wouldbe performing the Norwood Procedure, which requiresthree surgeries. Codi had her first surgery in September2005 just a few weeks after being born.
  8. 8. After her first surgery, we could only see Codi for five minutes per hourbecause her chest was still open due to her heart being swollen. Finallywe were able to take her home, but complications started again and theyfound that one of her lower intestines was kinked. In October 2005, Codiunderwent the Ladd’s Procedure to un-kink her intestines. She had herappendix removed at the same time. A few days later, we were released.
  9. 9. Then in March 2006, Codi had her second surgery, and itcame at the right time. As we were headed to thehospital, we noticed her nail beds were blue. She was notgetting the oxygen she needed.
  10. 10. After all that, we would visit the doctor’s office every 6months. In August 2007, two days after her secondbirthday, she had another heart surgery. It was asuccessful surgery and she came home a week later.
  11. 11. Shortly after the second surgery, Codi wouldn’t stop crying and itseemed like she was in pain. I took her to the ER and it turned outthat she had an infection in her blood. We ended up staying in thehospital for four weeks. We still go for check-ups every six monthsand they keep a halter monitor on her because she has a very lowheart rate.
  12. 12. Just when we thought it was all over, in March of thisyear, Codi had a heart catherization performed. Theydiscovered some complications and a stent had to beput in. Codi was back to her loving self the next day.
  13. 13. Despite her major heart defects, Codi is a normalkid. You would have no idea she has heartproblems and has had three open heart surgeries.She started school in August 2010.
  14. 14. Codi is now 5 years old, and without the research she would not be heretoday. We do not know what else Codi will need in her lifetime, nor do weknow if the research will be there. That is why it is so important to give andOpen Your Heart for research so future children will have a chance like Codi.We are thankful for the doctors, surgeons, our family, you, and ourcommunity support.
  15. 15. Open Your HeartPlease fund muchneeded research!