Alexis Ohanian (reddit) Pecha Kucha talk at Science Commons


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Was asked to give a Pecha Kucha talk at an awesome non-profit, Science Commons, event. Video to come.

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Alexis Ohanian (reddit) Pecha Kucha talk at Science Commons

  1. LOVES SCIENCE<br />alexis ohanian@kn0thing<br />
  2. community of 6M+ a month<br />
  3. user kylev on reddit:<br />I, for one, am tired of not being able to access science&apos;s greatest knowledge. Time and time again I am faced with a $10-$50 fee page when trying to rebut an anti-science argument. Without being burdened by such things as &quot;evidence&quot;, &quot;rigor&quot;, or &quot;peer review&quot;, the credulous assholes of the world are all too adept at producing copious web-based &quot;resources&quot; and dominating the search results for any term.<br />I constantly feel like the one-legged man at an ass kicking contest.<br />
  4. Science.<br />It kindaworks, bitches<br />
  5.<br />
  6. MIRED SCIENCE<br />