Alexis Ohanian talk in Edinburgh: Starting An Internet Venture


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Slides from a talk I was invited to give in Edinburgh - details about not only why you should start an Internet venture, but some suggestions for how to not fuck it up, and just a few things the non-technical founder should be doing.

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  • Wasn’t going to be a lawyer
  • Happy alien after acquisition
  • We’ve grown a lot since
  • I’m thrilled to be back in scotland
  • As the name would lead you to believe, it’s about giving thanks
  • The first ppl to believe in us after our parents
  • My team
  • The community
  • The most important part about this talk…and the one thing I can guarantee you’ll need to do in order to succeed (get rdy to write this down)
  • Working from one dataset
  • I hope so, because then I’m going to take all the credit for your success. But you going at it alone is going to be difficult. At some point, you’re more than likely going to need a co-founder, but what’s most important is not that you have one, but that you have the RIGHT One.
  • Choose wisely, but there’s good news, because most – if not all - of you in this room are programmers
  • You have the power, and can learn a lot of the business side- no MBA required
  • Don’t choose your editor by its logo alone
  • If there’s one big disconnect between programming and non-programming cofounders
  • It’s that a day could be spent staring at a computer screen that results in a few flashes of genius that solves a very complicated program. Like most arts, it could be a nap that inspires you.
  • Contrast that with the non-programmer, who sees typing on a keyboard as being directly related to productivity
  • It’s easy to imagine the nonprogramming cofounder as useless
  • It’s easy to imagine the nonprogramming cofounder as useless
  • Cannot under value cheerleading, esp given how many startups fail because they simply quit
  • Alexis Ohanian talk in Edinburgh: Starting An Internet Venture

    1. Starting an InternetVenture Today<br />alexis ohanian<br /><br />
    2. Starting anInternetVenture4 years ago<br />alexis ohanian<br /><br />
    3. Steve<br />
    4. Steve<br />
    5. (NOT US)<br />
    6. October’s traffic<br />7Muniques<br />150M impressions<br />
    7. Thanks.<br />
    8. (for smallpox vaccines?)<br />
    9. Starting an InternetVenture Today<br />alexis ohanian<br /><br />
    10. Start!<br />
    11. WARNING<br />
    12. STEAL THIS IDEA<br />
    13.<br />
    14. USD 2.6 billion<br />
    15. USD 2.6 billion<br />USD 21 billion(2007)<br />
    16. Will it be you?<br />
    17. Co-founders matter, a lot<br />
    18. Everest is the Ben Nevis of the Himalayas<br />
    19. Good news, everyone!<br />
    20. Programmers are from Mars,business pplare from…<br />
    21. Special Messagefor all the“useless founders”<br />
    22. Be Mr. Wolf<br />
    23. Cheerleading<br />
    24. Writing<br />
    25. “Have character”<br />- PrakashSwaminathan<br />
    26.<br />
    27. Look for opportunities<br />to do something<br />awesome<br />
    28. Working harder makes up for being dumber<br />
    29. Working harder makes up for being dumber<br />(but it&apos;s not a substitute)<br />
    30. Respondquicklyto calls & email.<br />Do so as a human.<br />
    31. The element<br />of surprise<br />
    32.<br />
    33. Hand-mailing &gt;300 sets of stickers is not fun work, but it’s rewarding.<br />
    34. Early adopters.<br />
    35. Early adopters.<br />
    36. no one<br />wants to use<br />your website<br />
    37. My mom<br />
    38. only your mom<br />wants to use<br />your website<br />
    39. you need<br />evangelists<br />
    40. FAIL<br />
    41. Make something people want<br />
    42. Make something people love<br />
    43. Give them a reason to talk about it.<br />
    44. Know about competitors.<br />But don’t care.<br />
    45. Launch.<br />Improve.Repeat.<br />
    46. you don’t<br />need PRfirms<br />
    47. stickers, wtf??<br />
    48. Starting an InternetVenture Today<br />alexis ohanian<br /><br />
    49. Start!<br />
    50. Questions?<br />