Electronic publishing at calicut medical college, kerala


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Electronic Publishing in Calicut Medical College, Kerala, India

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Electronic publishing at calicut medical college, kerala

  1. 1. Electronic Publishing at Calicut Medical College, Kerala: A Case Study of Three Open Access Journals Mohamed Musthafa. K National Conference on “Managing & Libraries in New Information Environment” Dr. Naushad Ali. PM Organized by Asia -Pacific Institute of Management Aligarh Muslim University New Delhi 7-8 January, 2011. Aligarh, India 2011
  2. 2. Introduction E-publishing promises many solutions for the problems faced by P-publishing EP supports the researchers to communicate each other directly without much delay in publication and peer review process By 1990s many Indian journals have started e-publishing. – By 1999 Current Science, Neurology India, Indian Pediatrics, …
  3. 3. Calicut Medical College, Kerala Calicut Medical College is a premier institute leads medical research in Kerala Scholarly EP started in Calicut Medical College in 2001
  4. 4. Electronic publishing “publishing on computer network or disk: the production of documents in computer-readable form for distribution over a computer network or in other formats such as CD-ROMs” (Encarta)
  5. 5. Electronic publishing “The process of creating and disseminating information via electronic means including e- mail and via the web is electronic publishing. Electronically published materials may originate as traditional paper publishing or may be created specifically for electronic publishing” (Bear, 2003)
  6. 6. Open Access Publishing -Free access to scholarly publications available online to the end users which can be reproduced and distributed freely
  7. 7. Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) definition: - Free availability on the public internet, - Permitting any users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles, - Crawl them for indexing, - Pass them as data to software, - Or use them for any other lawful purpose, - Without financial, legal, or technical barriers - The only constraint on reproduction and distribution: - to give authors control over the integrity of their work and the right to be properly acknowledged and cited’ (BOAI, 2002).
  8. 8. Objectives of the Study To gather the data related to open access e- Publishing in Calicut Medical College, Kerala - their subject coverage, - periodicity, - format, - full text availability, - copy right policy and - special features.
  9. 9. Journals Under Study 1) The Calicut Medical Journal (CMJ), 2) The Journal of Orthopedics (JO) and 3) The Internet Journal of Cardiology (IJC).
  10. 10. Methodology Data Collection: – A well structured questionnaire for editors, – literature, – directories of open access journals, and – website of the institutions. Analysis of Data (content and authors of the journals) – A sample of last three years (2008-2010) each and every items published in each issues every authors and their affiliation.
  11. 11. Analysis and Findings Subject coverage The Calicut Medical Journal (CMJ) – Biomedical subjects; The Journal of Orthopedics (JO) – ‘Tropical Orthopedics’ The Internet Journal of Cardiology (IJC) – Cardiology and related topics.
  12. 12. Analysis and Findings Periodicity The Calicut Medical Journal (CMJ) – Quarterly (first issue 2003, 8 vols & 27 issues) The Journal of Orthopedics (JO) – Quarterly (first issue 2004, 7 vols & 28 issues) The Internet Journal of Cardiology (IJC) – Bi-annually (first issue 2001, 9 vols & 17 issues)
  13. 13. Analysis and Findings Peer review / Full text availability – All the three journals are peer reviewed (by a group of reviewers) – Available full text in all journals Format used – CMJ - PDF – JO - HTML – IJC - HTML (The contents are copy friendly in all journals)
  14. 14. Analysis and Findings Subscription – open access and free to use, Publication Charges The Internet Journal of Cardiology – $ 25 for submission (when submitting the article) – $225 for publication of each article (payable before publishing). – $25 is charged for author name changes or additions – and $ 40 for correction within the text (after an article was published)
  15. 15. Analysis and Findings Sponsor / Publisher – The CMJ and JO - on behalf of Calicut Medical College Alumni Associations – IJC by Internet Scientific Publication (ISPUB.COM). All journals publish medical related advertisements
  16. 16. Analysis and Findings Indexing/Abstracting and Archiving of Content Calicut Medical Journal of The Internet Jrl. Journal Orthopedics Of Cardiology Indexing/ Index Copernicus, OpenMed,Virtual Embase, MedOne, Journal of Scopus, Cinahl, Abstracting Virtual Med, International Ebsco, and Gale. Coallience journal health,MedOne DOAJ, Google Ulrich’s Medical DOAJ, Google Scholar, Directory, Scholar, Google.com, Open J-Gate, Full Text listing AOL.com, Open J-Gate CINAHL database, Open J-Gate Google.com, Yahoo.com Cogprints Cogprints Internet Scientific LLC publications, Archiving LOC Catalogue of Publication
  17. 17. Analysis and Findings Contributors to the Journals – Indian v/s Foreigners (Authors are considered on the basis of affiliation, no the origin) •Maximum number of authors contributed in 2008 (n=428) and least in 2010 (n=329) •CMJ – Indian authors contributed more than foreign •JO & IJC – Foreign authors contributed more than Indian •Study revealed that OA publishing gives more visibility to research results through out the world. •And enrich the content with contribution from an international authorship.
  18. 18. Analysis and Findings Contributors to the Journals – Indian v/s Foreigners Calicut Medical Journal Journal of Orthopedics The Internet Jrl. of Cardiology Years Indian Foreign Total Indian Foreign Total Indian Foreign Total 73 12 85 83 166 249 8 86 94 2008 (85.88) (14.11) (100) (33.33) (66.66) (100) (8.51) (91.48) (100) 61 6 67 37 186 223 14 98 112 2009 (91.04) (8.95) (100) (16.59) (83.40) (100) (12.5) (87.5) (100) 47 6 53 25 109 134 8 134 142 2010 (88.67) (11.32) (100) (18.56) (81.34) (100) (5.63) (94.36) (100)
  19. 19. Analysis and Findings •Content distribution 2008-2010 Content Calicut Medical Journal of The Internet Jrl. Journal Orthopedics of Cardiology N=82 N=145 N=89 Editorial 10 (12.19%) 11(7.58%) - Original Research 27(32.92%) 94(64.82%) 33(37.07%) Review Article 9(10.97%) 1(0.69%) 5(5.61%) Short Report 19(23.17%) 49(33.79%) 46(51.68%) Letter / Opinion 5(6.09%) - 5(5.61%) Radiology Images 11(13.41%) - - Focal Points 1(1.21%) - -
  20. 20. Analysis and Findings Authors of the Journals (Country wise) – Indian authors are the highest number (n=355) – followed by USA (n=176) and UK (n=123) – Countries like Cuba (55), China (49) and Iran (45) – Japan, Nigeria, Spain, Mexico, Canada and Turkey contributed more than 20 authors
  21. 21. Analysis and Findings Copyright policy IJC – Demands the author (s) to transfer (s) the copyright to her/their article to Internet Scientific Publications, L.L.C., – The copyright covers : – rights to reproduce and distribute the article in any form of reproduction. Internet Scientific Publications, L.L.C. should be notified by the author if the submitted material has been published somewhere else.
  22. 22. Analysis and Findings Copyright policy CMJ and JO – Give copyright of articles to the respective authors unless otherwise specified. – The copyright covers : – Verbatim copying, redistribution and storage of articles permitted provided no restrictions are imposed on the access and a hyperlink to the original article in respective Journals maintained.
  23. 23. Conclusion E-Publishing is being accepted by both researchers and readers EP in Calicut Med. College has gained a momentum in the dissemination of scholarly info. In the field of bio-medical sciences globally. OA Publishing enabled both readers and authors to communicate freely at anytime, anywhere. E-journals published from CMC have all the features of any other peer reviewed journals. The number of Indian contributors to CMC e-journals are the highest which evidences the acceptance of OA Publishing system in India