Forest school 2 powerpoint


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Forest school 2 powerpoint

  1. 1. P5T at Forest School Week 2 Tuesday 6th March
  2. 2. We had to be birds for the dayand we were in groups of three. Iwas with Ellie and Emma. We gotan egg between us. Ellie was themum and we were the children.We made a huge nest that wecould all fit in and a small one forthe egg. We called our egg‘Eggy’. We all took turns oflooking after ‘Eggy.Ellie
  3. 3. We had a scavenger hunt and wehad to find an open pine cone.Cameron
  4. 4. We took care of ouregg. We called itJimmy. We had achallenge to build anest and we useddried pine needles andsticks and some softstuff. When we werewalking up the hill,Nico fell on me and Ithought Jimmy gotsquashed but therewasn’t a scratch!Nathan
  5. 5. We had to look after the egg. Iwas the mummy, Benjamin was thedaddy and Michael was the brother.We made a big nest that we couldall fit in. We had a little egg nestinside the big nest and it had alittle pillow and cover of moss.Jodie
  6. 6. We had to be birds for the dayand we were in groups of three. Iwas with Ellie and Emma. We gotan egg between us. Ellie was themum and we were the children. We made a huge nest that we could all fit in and a small one for the egg. We called our egg ‘Eggy’. We all took turns of looking after ‘Eggy. Ellie
  7. 7. Mrs Misselbrook took us bird watching. Mrs Thomson helped me to look after the eggs.Kristian broke theegg. It cracked inpieces.Rhys
  8. 8. We got to make nests. Thomas, Sean, Kai and me were putting logs around our nest. We were building nests because we were looking after eggs and pretending they were babies. BrodyMy group buried two eggsin all the leaves, pineneedles and moss. Thomascalled our egg Bob.Richard came and he is aRanger and he said it wasthe funniest nest he hadever seen.Brody
  9. 9. We had to keep the egg untilthe end of the afternoon withoutbursting it. The nest had to bereally big so we could fit in it.We used lots of green plants sothat the egg would be nice andcosy. Sometimes I wished Icould be that egg because itlooked really cosy!Demi
  10. 10. Richard the Ranger helped usto cut branches for our nest.We built the nest with sticks,leaves, twigs and acorns.Kay
  11. 11. I found an open pine cone.Nicole
  12. 12. We were pretending to bewobbly trees and when wewere doing that we weresinging a song and I had somuch fun. We went on ascavenger hunt and we alsowent looking for birds butthe best thing I enjoyedwas making the nest.Connie K
  13. 13. We did a forest game and wehad to find stuff like moss on atwig. Sean and I were partnersand we found this half eatenpine cone. Mrs Misselbrook saidif we opened it up there is a nutinside but it was so hard that Igave up. Kai
  14. 14. I found a biglog that wasbroken and youcould see theinside of it.It had somegreen stuffgrowing on it.Daniel
  15. 15. The bird watching was great fun.LetitiaWe sat on this hill and looked atbirds to see what they weredoing.Today was better than last weekbecause we had more challengesto do.Ellie. We had to spy on birds and we saw a bird’s nest. Sean My group went to see birds and Thomas and I saw six. Brody
  16. 16. We did bird watching and Isaw birds gliding, swooping andperching but I didn’t see themswimming.Nathan We sat on the moss and look for birds. We tried to find all the birds moving. Tobiasz
  17. 17. When we had free time, Thomasand Emma made an egg creche tokeep our eggs safe while we wereall running around the forest.Danielle
  18. 18. When it was free time Emma andI looked after everybody’s eggs.Thomas