Social Media for Neighborhood Leaders


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A presentation for the City of Columbia Neighborhood Leadership Summit

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  • Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Features Wall Info Photos Boxes Notes Friends Security Settings Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • (Try Google Alert, so that every time your name comes up, you’re notified.) Once you have created your online profile, at whatever site you’ve chosen, “you’ve just scratched the surface,” she said. “You want to find groups — alumni, former employees of your last jobs, trade groups.” Join the groups, then wait and observe the discussions. When you feel you have something thoughtful to say, chime in with your opinion, Ms. Fielding said. Start branding yourself as someone insightful in that particular area, she said, so “when people are thinking about filling a job, they think of you.” Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Just like SCACPA and civic involvement, speaking engagements and published articles are important tools to develop relationships and build networks, Every day, more and more people join and become devoted users of social networks. Every day, those active users spends hours online—viewing profiles, looking for information, communicating with other community members, and creating their own unique form of media. Every day that you’re not engaging with your target audience Put Social Media to Work, presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAE | | (803) 791-4181
  • Social Media for Neighborhood Leaders

    1. 1. presented by Katherine M. Swartz, CAEGreater Columbia Chamber of CommerceNavigating from Good to Great FoundationCOR | Columbia Opportunity Resource
    2. 2. Presentation Overview  WHAT is Social Media?  WHO is using WHAT tools  HOW do I get started?  WHY should I “go social?”  WHAT are other organizations like mine doing?  WHERE can I find additional resources?
    3. 3. The Rules. . . Browsing the Internet on these sites, commenting and tweeting is strictly preferred! (search for Columbia Chamber or COR) (search for Columbia Chamber or COR)  Become a Follower  Give us a shout out: @colascchamber @impactcolumbia
    4. 4. Video
    5. 5. Online connectivitySocial media is an e is peoplumbrella term that Socia l mediadefines various activities havingthat integrate technology, t ions and conversa ingsocial interaction and the develop nline. oconstruction of words, relati onshipspictures, video and audio.
    6. 6. Types of social media Blogs  Social Networks Online chat and  Message Boards Listservs  Photo Boards RSS (Really Simple  Podcasts & Videocasts Syndication) Feeds  Video & Photo Sharing Widgets Sites Wikis  Virtual Worlds
    7. 7. It’s all about relationships!Social networking is aboutrelationships, not technology.Social networking adds a powerfuladditional way to increase visibility,build personal and professionalbrands, while generating leads andfuture business.
    8. 8. Facebook• Nearly 800 million active users is giving worldwide; expected to top 1B in august• Fastest member group is women ages F acebook power to e eople th ake the 55-65 p e and m n and• 30 billions million pieces of content shar ore ope posted each month (1 billion a day!)• $104 bullion value (so they say) world m cted.• Create a profile page and develop online conne links with friends and acquaintances• Businesses and organizations create groups to stay connected with members, clients, constituents and donors.• Recently acquired Instagram, photo sharing application for iPhone
    9. 9. ECCO Private Group
    10. 10. Forest Acres Neighbors (FAN)
    11. 11. Join Group OR Like & Fan?Group Page (Join) Fan Pages (Like) The ability to make them  Engage fans and“invite only” or limited to customersspecific networks.  Allow entities such as Groups are “for members of public figures andgroups to connect, share and organizations to broadcasteven collaborate on a given information to their fanstopic or idea.”  Better for companies and Focused on organizing organizationsaround topics or ideas. More info:
    12. 12. Features/LimitationsFacebook Fan Page Group PageUnlimited membership. Membership capped at 5,000Administrators appear as the when posting. Administrators appear asIndexed by external search engines themselves when posting.(Google, etc.). Are not indexed by external searchLess page control over users: anyone engines.can join – you can only restrict Have more control over who joinspeople by age and location. by setting for member approval.Can host applications. Cannot host applications.Can have ads that publicize the Can have general ads on the page.relationship between the user andthe page. Cannot use analytics and tracking.Enables analytics and tracking. Does not resemble a regular profile page.Resembles a regular profile page.
    13. 13. Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words Flickr: Most popular site. Yahoo-owned. Piacasa: Google’s answer to Flickr. Free editor. Instagram: Take photos on your phone and upload instantly. Pinterest: Virtual pinboard.
    14. 14. Pinterest . . . Taking 2012 By Storm
    15. 15. Ideas for Using Pinterest•Homes for Sale/Rent•Yard/Home of theMonth•Awesome neighbors•Events/Projects – flyersfor things come up,pictures during event•Photos of board,volunteers
    16. 16. Microblogging: Tumblr, TwitterTwitter  Tumblr•Small bursts of information,  Share anything: text,tweets, limited to 140 photos, quotes, links,characters music, videos•“As more community-centric  “Blissfully” easyorganizations join the  50:50 content isplatform, citizens will text:photosincreasingly engage with the  Yesterday: 62,390,157efforts taking place to move posts/53,394,583 blogstheir community forward.”
    17. 17. Blogging: Wordpress, BloggerWordPress BloggerEst. 2003  Est. 1999Free (may need to register  Free (may need to registerdomain) domain)Open Source Platform  Google platformLargest self-hosted blogging  Super easy to set uptool in the world.  Ease of use with universalCCN has a Wordpress site. Sodoes FAN. Goggle IDSuper easy to set up and use.  Group blogging availableNeighborhood themes available.Integrate social media usingwidgets.
    18. 18. LinkedIn o cts you t• 90 million+ members in 150 e countries Linke dIn conn ontacts c• Valued at more than $3 your trusted u billion and helps yo ge, knowled• World’s largest online e xchange and professional networking ideas, a ities with pportun work of forum o t• Added functions like resume br oader ne als. n and job postings, client p rofessio referrals and recommendations, and apps like book clubs and online mentoring
    19. 19. Connect neighbors to neighbors•Discover common interests•Share information•Social activities•Service/volunteer projects•Crime•Community meetings andmeetups•Green/EnvironmentalPrograms•City/County Updates•CCN Updates
    20. 20. Sites We LikeNeighborland: focused on  localcitizen participation. I want ____ network, similar to Craig’sin my neighborhood. List (micro favors)HomeElephant  Recreation,NextDoor: free service that hobby, volunteer, likedefines a neighborhood group interestsand facilitate a website only for  Boston’s Neighbors forthose who there. NeighborsEveryBlock: Enter zip code for  Montgomery Maryland’slocal updates Neighbors CampaignTopix: message board for local  VolunteerMatchcommunity  Calista
    21. 21. More Sites We LikeCrimeReports.comEPA’s My EnvironmentGoogle Sites and
    22. 22. What You Can Do NowReserve user names on sites  Then comment, like, RT,you think you may use repin, etc.eventually  Drop your own content.Keep the user names  Thank those that shareconsistent (or as consistent as your content.possible)  Designate some types ofDesignate a team to develop a communication be sharedplan only via SM.Commit to regular content –  Strongly encouragedaily, weekly, monthly. It everyone to follow you,doesn’t have to be your own! esp. board,Friend and follow others.  Watch your success bloom!
    23. 23. General Tips for Using Social Media Personal Branding. Be a social  Hire People. Need a good logo personality that is connected designer or programmer? Send and approachable. out a message asking for Get (and Give!) Feedback. Need recommendations. This is a very an alternative perspective on quick and easy way to hire how a website looks or the right freelancers or even companies course of action to take? Blast based on familiar out a message asking for advice recommendations. and you’ll receive replies from  Direct traffic. Get traffic to your other users. This collective Web sites or the sites of friends. intelligence can be used as If you ask your friends to fodder for articles or projects. message/tweet about it, the message will spread faster and further as other active users pick it up. There is a viral nature to all types of news.
    24. 24. More General Tips. . . Read News. Find links to useful  Make New Friends. Connect sites or articles and sources of with people outside of your scoops and alternative news. You usual circle. Make an effort to can also subscribe to feeds for add active users you find specific Web sites/conferences, interesting. A social media which allows you to receive and acquaintance can be developed view content quickly. This is very into a long lasting friendship. useful for active social news  Network for benefits. Interact participants. with other like-minded people, Take Notes. Record important especially those in the same ideas or concepts you want to industry. It can be used to explore further. Include links establish consistent and deeper relevant to ideas you want to relationships for future benefits explore. Note taking can also be such as testimonials or peer done offline via mobile recommendations. applications.
    25. 25. More General Tips. . . Business Management.  Use it as a To Do list. Use Consider use as a company Twitter to record down what you intranet that connects need to do while you are away employees to one another. from the computer. Mark the Workers can liaise with each tweet as a favorite to file it for other when working on group referencing. Another alternative projects. Particularly useful is to use an Online task when certain workers go out management service that is often in the field. Updates could synced with Twitter. One be set to private for security example is Remember The Milk. reasons. Set Up Meetings. Organize impromptu meetups. It’s an informal and casual way of arranging a meeting.
    26. 26. Last General Tips Provide Live coverage. Provide  Time Management and real-time commentary which Analysis. Keep a detailed record may help to spark further of what you are doing every discussion or interest on the daily. event as other users spread the  Notify Your Customers. Set up a message. Very useful for citizen Twitter feed for the specific journalism. purpose of notifying customers Acquire Votes. Send a link to when new products come in. your stories you’ve Customers can subscribe via submitted/written. Sometimes mobile or RSS for instant your followers will vote up the notification. Twitter can also be stories because they agree with used to provide mini-updates for it. This allows you to acquire one-on-one clients. more support for your efforts on other social media Web sites.
    27. 27. Bonus Tip: Fight the Addiction Constant connectivity can be addictive! Networking and network building is entertaining, if not fun. Access to real-time information is valuable, if not amazing. Time spent on social networking must be integrated and balanced. Have a plan and be consistent. Mobile and automated applications should help you maximize your time investment. Profiles and accounts should provide you efficient access to contacts, resources, referrals and job opportunities.
    28. 28. It’s all about you, me and us! “If you don’t brand yourself, Google will brand you.” Sherry Beck Paprocki, co-author , “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Branding Yourself” Social networking is about our relationships and what we want to say.
    29. 29. Four Steps to Building a PersonalBrand create, communicate and maintain. Discover, Discover your passion and put it together with your expertise; Create a “personal branding tool kit” (résumé, online profile, blog and portfolio of your work) that consistently reflects your brand; Communicate by pitching your brand online and offline; Maintain, update and monitor any conversations about your brand. Dan Schawbel, author of “Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success”
    30. 30. Social networking is fundamental. Social networking isn’t the latest advertising, marketing, or public relations gimmick that you can ignore. Social networking is life, and it demands that you care. Every day, social networks are becoming more relevant and useful to the people with whom you’d like to communicate.
    31. 31. Top Five Benefits for You and YourOrganizations Listen first, speak latere Find unexpected collaborators, and maybe even colleaguesc Build a global business from scratch: Think of social networking as your virtual rolodex, with the ability to obliterate geographic boundaries and connect from every point on the globe. Find talent in the trenchesh Viral marketing on the cheap (and on the fly!)
    32. 32. You already understand theimportance of relationships andreferrals. . . apply when using social media.“The same rulesSocial media empowers us to build ournetworking around the clock, get feedbackinstantly, and be aware of the customer’s stateof mind. Don’t think of social media as atechnology, but instead as a new way to dowhat we’ve all done: network.” Chris Jenkins, CAE, CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, Chief Technology Strategist, Ohio Society of CPAs
    33. 33. Old-School MarketingMarketingOld-school marketing Neo vs. Neo Marketing “rocks”Marketers/advertisers do it Everyone does itFocused on how the company Focused on how the user rocksMarketers have the power Users have the powerAdvertising EvangelizingBranding and tightly controlled “brand Focus on passionate users and brandmessage” “hijacked” by usersOne-way broadcast or monologue Two-way conversation or dialogueA >>> B A <<< >>> BCompany-created content User-created contentHe who outspends, wins He who outteaches, winsMass markets Selective, focused usersOne size fits all Personalized, custom-tailoredDeception Transparency and authenticity30-second spots are king Word of mouth is kingFocus groups User feedback and contributions
    34. 34. Simply put. . . It’s cheap It’s sticky It’s viral It’s highly visible It’s global It changes rapidly
    35. 35. Resources Social Media Club Columbia ( – FREE! social media news blog covering cool new websites and social networks ediaforbusiness.pdf Local Experts: Keely Saye & Mandi Engram Go social with your feedback and questions.
    36. 36. Let’s reconnect…socially! Katherine Swartz, CAE 803.733.1123
    37. 37. “A healthy neighborhood is aconnected neighborhood.”  Neighborhoods were the original social network.  One on three people don’t know their neighbors .  The same number are comfortable with social media.  Technology can help bring back a sense of community.