Become Software Tester or Developer


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This is the slide deck that Director of Delivery of KMS presented at Can Tho University on Saturday, September 28th, 2013.

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Become Software Tester or Developer

  1. 1. BECOME SOFTWARE TESTER OR DEVELOPER? September 2013 KMS Technology - Vu Pham – Delivery Director
  2. 2. TESTING – HOW MUCH YOU KNOW? • Ratio between Developer – Tester in a IT company? • Globalization is software testing? • Any training program for Tester? 2
  3. 3. © 2013 KMS Technology 4 MYTHS ABOUT SOFTWARE TESTING
  4. 4. MYTH #1 4 Reality: - It takes hours to start testing job but years to be good at it. - Tester and developer requires two different set of skills and mindset. Good developer can’t become good tester. - Big gap exists between junior and senior/expert tester. “Software testing is easy job, any people can become tester and no training is needed”
  5. 5. MYTH #2 5 Reality: - What you learn from university is just a starting point for pursuit a career in IT. - Automation, performance, security testing not only require programming but also deep understanding about system, technology. - Java and .NET skills for Tester. “Software testing doesn’t require programming”
  6. 6. MYTH #3 6 Reality: - Testing is not just test execution, you can see many tester not doing testing - Testing based on requirements only find 70% bugs. Innovation helps tester find the rest - We normally don’t know how user use the software  strong analysis, deep domain knowledge, lateral thinking is required for tester “Software testing doesn’t require much analysis and innovative thought”
  7. 7. MYTH #4 7 Reality: - A company likely will go to the end if releases a low quality product. - Role of tester now is not just testing. Combined skills of (Developer + BA + Tester + Expertise User) - Many IT companies in VN are testing service providers – top management grew from testing “Testing is not challenging so I don’t have much chance to growth in testing career” Read full article here: ngh%E1%BB%81-nghi%E1%BB%87p-tr%E1%BB%9F-th%C3%A0nh-tester-hay- developer/10151860663517068
  8. 8. © 2013 KMS Technology BECOMING A GOOD TESTER
  9. 9. SKILLS FOR TESTER Essential skills for a tester 9 Soft-killsTechnical skills Personal Traits Attitude I’m just graduated, how can I start my software testing career and become success in career?
  10. 10. DISCOVER – TOOL FOR TESTER • Define your career plan, analyze strengths and weaknesses 10 Determined
  11. 11. DISCOVER – TOOL FOR TESTER • “Our testing is only as good as our thinking” 11 Determined Innovative
  12. 12. DISCOVER – TOOL FOR TESTER • Your communication is the key. Leverage the power social media for instant knowledge sharing 12 Determined Innovative Social-ability
  13. 13. DISCOVER – TOOL FOR TESTER • Not be intellectually, be intellectually curious – Does this functionality make any sense? Is there a better way to implement this feature? … 13 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious
  14. 14. DISCOVER – TOOL FOR TESTER • Need value from every hour spent on testing  Time management 14 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious Objective
  15. 15. DISCOVER – TOOL FOR TESTER • Think from the customer’s perspective on the overall testing vision and quality 15 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious Objective Visionary
  16. 16. DISCOVER – TOOL FOR TESTER • Not tool and technology - Your brain, your passion and your enthusiasm matters the most 16 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious Objective Visionary Enthusiasm
  17. 17. DISCOVER – TOOL FOR TESTER • Create a road map and execute • Turn motivation into habit 17 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious Objective Visionary Enthusiasm Roadmap
  18. 18. TAKE AWAY NOTE • Vietnam is destination for software testing, currently high resource demand • 4 common misunderstanding about software testing • DISCOVER – tool for tester 18  Who want to be tester?
  19. 19. © 2013 KMS Technology Q & A
  20. 20. © 2013 KMS Technology THANK YOU!!!!