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Apps on the fly!


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Apps on the fly!

  1. 1. Apps on the Fly! Easy to use, easy to implement, quick, but effective….
  2. 2. Download the app, open it….
  3. 3. And make a short video in 3 easy steps
  4. 4. Choose pictures or videos from your camera role
  5. 5. And prepare to film
  6. 6. You can film yourself, others or…
  7. 7. Simply tap record, and the photos, and tell your story – photos transition with a tap Videos are only 1 minute long
  8. 8. add finishing touches….
  9. 9. Add background music, adjust lighting
  10. 10. And share! Did you notice the time stamp? 6 minutes, start to finish!
  11. 11. White board apps!
  12. 12. Inkflow – simple and basic
  13. 13. The free version allows you to draw
  14. 14. Combine
  15. 15. Resize, select & move, or add text
  16. 16. It also saves the work 
  17. 17. Vittle is like Inkflow… but even Better! • • • • Four colors, instead of 1 A large drawing surface All the other features of Inkflow… Plus the option of recording a voice over as you draw or move your drawings. • The videos can be saved to the camera roll and shared… sooo easy! • AND… IT IS FREE 