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Swtor Guide


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Get Ready To Level Up SUPER FAST in SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) With A Full Guide For All Classes & Advanced Classes...Dominate SWTOR With The Most COMPLETE Guide On The Web!

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Swtor Guide

  1. 1. ==== ====Dominate SWTOR With The Most COMPLETE Guide On The Web! ==== I dont really have that much time to play games anymore, thats why I usually use a guide to levelfaster, or in any case, to play my characters at maximum efficiency each minute of each gameplaysession. For Star Wars: The Old Republic, I will most definitely use a SWTOR guide.However, when choosing a guide for a MMORPG, you have to be careful, because there aremany so-called guide creators that are looking to scam you. Therefore, in this article Im going totell you exactly what to look for if youre going to choose to follow a SWTOR guide.SWTOR Guide TypesJust as for any other MMORPG, there are SWTOR leveling guides, SWTOR guides for in-gamecurrency, crafting guides and guides for PvP. Now, in most MMOs, leveling is a tedious job thattakes a lot of time. In WoW (World of Warcraft), for example, I wouldnt level up a new toon withouta guide.In SWTOR, leveling isnt that difficult, and you can just follow the epic storylines of the classes youchoose. In which case it may take a bit longer. There are also auxiliary objectives or hidden queststhat you may not find or just plain overlook. Quests that may bring you a lot of XP. Thats thereason I would choose a leveling guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic.On the other hand, SWTOR has many other aspects. For example, Crew Skills seem to be quite abit complicated, and to make sure you will level up and use the right companions with the rightskills, to get decent XP, credits and light or dark side points, a Crew Skills and Companions guidewould seem a good idea to follow.Also, Datacrons seem to be quite important collectibles and whenever you reach a planet, youshould already know where to search for the ones that can be found on that particular planet. Aguide for Datacrons is also something that I would use.So...A SWTOR guide to contain leveling elements, apart from the main leveling path of each class,crew skills and companions information, and also the locations for each Datacron in the game,should be a mastery or a strategy guide.Usually, for most MMOs, a mastery guide or a strategy guide is something that covers all theaspects of the game. Therefore, when Im going to start SWTOR, (I havent got my copy yet), Imdefinitely going to work with a mastery guide.Reasons to Use A SWTOR Guide
  2. 2. 1. To enhance your leveling process & learn about the hidden quests and objectives.2. To choose the right companions and crew skills that fit your class.3. To learn valuable Galactic Market trading techniques.4. To learn tips and tricks that will help you 1-shot the most difficult missions.5. To discover and acquire all Datacrons.6. To find out which would be the best leveling, PvP or Raiding talent builds for your class.7. To learn almost everything about the attacks of each class on the opposite faction, to be able tocounter them easily in warzones.I conducted a bit of research, found a few guides for Star Wars: The Old Republic that seem solidenough.This one is likely the most thorough SWTOR Guide youll find...==== ====Dominate SWTOR With The Most COMPLETE Guide On The Web! ====