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Parenting Your Teenager


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Parenting Your Teenager

  1. 1. ==== ====NO-NONSENSE PARENTING FOR TODAYS TEENAGER - How To Feel Like A Good ParentEven When Your Teenager "Hates" You... ====The most common concerns parents have with their teens is how to communicate without dealingwith power struggles and conflict. There are some positive approaches you can use which will getyou the positive results you desire.The first thing to do is understand the many challenges teens face at this age. Theres peerpressure, fitting in, appearance and degree of popularity, not to mention doing well in school,extra-curricular activities and pleasing mom and dad. Theres a lot expected of teens and unlessthey have the most appropriate coping skills to handle things, they will fall victim to the pressureand you will suffer their wrath.The following are 5 effective techniques you can use to keep things positive:1.To develop a rapport with your teen, find something you can appreciate about them, like a talentyou admire, a physical trait (beautiful blue eyes) or a unique quality they possess (sensitivity toothers) and focus on it. Start your conversation by acknowledging their qualities and howfortunate they are to possess them. It will get the teens in a receptive mood and get you alignedon their side.2.Listen with empathy. Many arguments can be avoided if you put yourself in their shoes for themoment and perceive the problems through their eyes. Be sincere by letting your teens know thatyou can appreciate how they feel and can actually feel their pain. If your children know they cantrust you with their feelings, theyll be more inclined to open up.3.Always be the parent. Teens need guidance and support, but they dont want to be controlled.Making demands on them only causes them to shut down. Offering suggestions with reason is abetter way to keep the dialogue going and keeps their resistance down.4.Involve your teens in the solution by encouraging original ideas. Get them thinking and solvingproblems themselves. This will boost their self-esteem, increase their self-worth, and give thempride in their decision making abilities.5.Take a genuine interest in their activities. Know who their friends are, and also what intereststhem outside of school. You want to show that you truly care about their lives, but that you arenot overly intrusive.Always watch for more serious warning signs that your teen may need more help than you canhandle. Watch for changes in behavior (isolation, secrecy, changes in school grades, excessivesadness or depression, anger or violence) and seek immediate help with a mental healthprofessional.
  2. 2. Parents who give their teens the time to grow independently, yet offer encouragement andguidance, will find that their relationship will flourish through these exhaustive and challenging teenyears and manifest itself into healthy, happy bonding.==== ====NO-NONSENSE PARENTING FOR TODAYS TEENAGER - How To Feel Like A Good ParentEven When Your Teenager "Hates" You... ====