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Fossil Fighters


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Fossil Fighters

  1. 1. F O S S I L F I G H T E R S : C H A M P I O N SAUGUST 10 20111
  2. 2. S T R AT E GY2
  3. 3. How adults think about dinosaurs.3
  4. 4. How seven–year old boys think about dinosaurs.4
  5. 5. TA R G E T : T H E W O R L D O F S E C O N D – G R A D E B O Y SNEW SUPERPOWERS• Starting to master basic reading, writing and math skills.VORACIOUS EXPLORERS• Armed with new skills second–grade boys seek to rank, categorize, collect and indexeverything in their world.EARLY INDEPENDENCE• Thinks he’s stronger and smarter than he really is. Doesn’t want to be treated like “ababy” anymore by parents and will often have blowups when he feels he’s been giventhe “little kid” way of doing things.Seven–year old boys are seeking the frontiers of their world.5
  6. 6. B U T T H E W O R L D I S P R E T T Y S C A R Y. . .Seven–year old boys want to feel brave in a world they don’t yet understand.6
  7. 7. E N T E R T H E D I N O S A U R . . .“Dinosaurs are biggerthan my parents.”Margaret, Age 7Dinosaurs are fearless, powerful and can do whatever they want.7
  8. 8. K I N D R E D S P I R I T STo harness the spirit of the dinosaur, even infantasy play, is to become braver in real life. 8
  10. 10. F O S S I L F I G H T E R S : W H AT H A S R E S O N A N C E ?• Our audience has a deep need toexplore, categorize and index their world.•Educationally friendly.•Important part of gameplay.DISCOVER + REVIVE + COMMAND10
  11. 11. F O S S I L F I G H T E R S : W H AT H A S R E S O N A N C E ?• Activates the imagination, which isso essential to our target audience.•Important part of the gameplay.DISCOVER + REVIVE + COMMAND11
  12. 12. F O S S I L F I G H T E R S : W H AT H A S R E S O N A N C E ?• Our audience is seeking to pushboundaries and find new frontiers.•Leans into our audience’s need tofeel brave and powerful.•Important part of the gameplay.DISCOVER + REVIVE + COMMAND12
  13. 13. Copy from 27 boys TV spots put into a “Wordle” weighted letter algorithm.The larger the word the more frequently it is used.Source: Original Research from Crystal Smith Blogger and Editor of The Pixel Project13
  14. 14. C R E AT I V E S T R AT E G YRevive and command your own platoonof Vivosaur gladiators to take on the world.14
  15. 15. C R E AT I V E15
  16. 16. T E L E V I S I O N16
  17. 17. B R AV E H E A R T J R .It doesn’t matter how old you are or how small you are,Fossil Fighters: Champions gives you the chance to command a gigantic army of Vivosaurs.Let’s hit on the emotion and drama felt by boys when they’re preparing for battle.17
  18. 18. Idea: In this spot we see a boy preparing a large group of Vivosaurs for battle in Fossil Stadiumwith a Braveheart-style speech.We open on a close-up of the feet of a galloping Stego Vivosaur. We can see that it’s making itsway down a battle line in front of a large group of Vivosaurs in Fossil Stadium. We pull out to revealthat riding on top of the Stego is a boy wearing a homemade cape and crown. He begins to givethe Vivosaurs a rousing speech as he rides in front of them. He looks tiny compared to the giantcreatures and enormous arena, but he’s definitely in control.“I found your fossils. I revived you and gave you powers. And now it’s time!”At this point his Stego has broken into a full gallop, and the boy pulls a homemade wooden swordout of his belt. He holds it high above his head and shouts out his final commands.“So fight until you can’t fight anymore! Or until dinner is ready!Whatever comes first! Vivosaurs…attack!”The three lead Vivosaurs (T-Rex Lord, Argento and Mapo) charge past him into battle as he andthe rest of the Vivosaurs fall in behind them. From here we cut to game-play footage of Vivosaursbattling it out in Fossil Stadium, intercut with clips of fossil finding, excavating and reviving. Duringthis gameplay, we hear an announcer.VO: It’s up to you to excavate, revive and command your team of Vivosaursinto battle at Fossil Stadium.Tag/Logo: New Fossil Fighters: Champions. Only on Nintendo DS.BRAVEHEART JR.18
  19. 19. D I G I TA L22
  20. 20. HPTO “BREAKTHROUGH”In this home-page takeover, the page wouldappear to load as it normally would. But aftera beat, a Vivosaur would bust through, tearinga hole right in the page, breathing fire andleaving damage in its wake.23
  21. 21. HPTO “BREAKTHROUGH”After it’s done destroying everything, wewould see quick clips of game-play footage.It would then give you the opportunity to clickthrough to the website, before reverting tothe original page.300x250Collapsed state24
  22. 22. HPTO “CONTROLLING A VIVOSAUR”The page would appear to load normally.But you would notice that when youmove your cursor, the Vivosaur in thebanner ad would follow it. After abeat it, would storm out of the banner,chasing your cursor and shootingfireballs, leaving smoking burn holes inthe page.25
  23. 23. 300x250Collapsed stateHPTO “CONTROLLING A VIVOSAUR”After the Vivosaur has done its damage,we would see quick clips of game-play footage. It would then give you theopportunity to click through to the website,before reverting to the original page.26
  24. 24. TANDEM BANNERS “BATTLE”As soon as you get to a page, Vivosaursfrom two opposing banners would beginto battle. Eventually, they would spill outonto the page, burning and smashingholes in the page during their fight.After they are done destroying everything,it would give you the opportunity to clickthrough to the website, before revertingto the original page.End Frames27
  25. 25. I N - S C H O O L29
  26. 26. GLOW-IN-THE-DARK POSTER/BOOK COVERWhen the lights are on, it’s a posterof your favorite Vivosaur. But whenyou turn off the lights, you can seethe fossils that make up the Vivosaur.The back would have educationalexercises, teaching kids facts abouttheir favorite dinosaurs. You wouldalso be able to use the poster as acover for school books.We could also tie in the exercises onthe back with National Fossil Day onOctober 12, letting the kids know theycan learn even more.Back30
  27. 27. A G E N C Y R E C O M M E N DTV Digital In-School+ +Braveheart Jr. Controlling a Vivosaur - HPT Glow-in-the-dark Poster32
  28. 28. T H A N K YO U .33