Holiday Letter 2011


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Holiday Letter 2011

  1. 1. Season’s Greetings Holiday 2011 Merry Christmas to You ~ Our Beloved Family and Friends We, at the Smith, Monet-Smith, Haswell household have had a wonderful year, as God continues to bless us. We have a new granddaughter, Kathryn Rose, born this fall to Amanda and Juan. It is wonderful to have a beautiful baby girl as a new addition to the family. Robin’s husband, John was appointed to a judgeship in January. We are very proud of him. Robin is busy working 3 jobs in Windsor. Staci is enjoying her job as a dialysis tech in the dialysis unit in Grand Junction. Jesse and Emily are attending Colorado Mesa University, Kai is working on his master’s degree at CSU, Joe and Nate are working in Ft. Collins. Riley, Mikael and Noah are still gracing our home with their wonderful teenage energy. They are kept busy by participating in football, basketball, marching band, karate, and piano lessons. Jeffrey continues to work hard in his TLC Tree Service and my Life Force business continues to bless us. Jeffrey and Kathy in Breckenridge (left) Jeffrey and new baby Kathryn Rose (below).
  2. 2. John, Kathy, Robin, Riley, Noah and Lily Kathy and GrandkidsAmanda, Kathy, Kathryn Rose & Jesus At John’s Judgeship Appointment
  3. 3. Noah in the Band (left) Jeffrey, Riley, Noah & Mikael (right) Kathy & Lily (above) Robin & Kathy (above)Kathy & Sister Jan Lowder (below) Grandson Zack (below)
  4. 4. Family in Mexico (Feb. ’11) (left) Kathy on the Beach (right)Our Family’s Patio Riley at Basketball
  5. 5. Giving Thanks ~ Thanksgiving Day 2011Daughter Staci, Friend, & Zack Riley & Noah at Waterworld
  6. 6. ● ● ● Mikael, Noah, Jesus, Nolan, Riley & Lily at Breckenridge ● ● ● Noah (left) Riley (right) with Kathryn RoseMay God Bless You During the Coming Year. We send you all our love, Kathy, Jeffrey, Mikael, Riley & Noah