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Student Visa Introduction

How to apply for your visa
To apply for a student visa you must submit your application through an office of the Visa Facilitation Service. VFS will check your documents, receive your visa fee and send off your visa application for a decision by an Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) from the nearest visa issuing centre of the British High Commission. The British High Commission aims to make decisions on visa applications within 2 working days, although this may take slightly longer during the very busy periods. If an interview is required then the application process will take longer and students are therefore strongly advised to apply for their visa at least 1 month before their course commences. There are 11 VFS offices throughout India and the address of the VFS offices in South India, Hyderabad is as given. These offices do not have a public telephone enquiry number. There is however one central public call centre number which is 044-5585033 Email:vfsuk.south@visa-services.com.The VFS at Hyderabad is located at the below address:
8-2-542/A, Sunil Chambers, above Trinetra Super Market, Road No.7, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad -500034.
How much funds do I need to show?
• Should cover the tuition fee & Living expenses for the entire course duration
• It is 15,00,000/- for most of the post graduate programmes
What are the acceptable sources of fund for British embassy?
• Liquids funds available with eligible sponsors are considered as an acceptable source of fund.
What are the valid sources of liquid fund?
When your application is being assessed by an ECO they must be satisfied that you have sufficient liquid funds to cover the entire cost of your studies. Liquid funds can come in many forms but the main sources of liquid funds accepted by the British High Commission are:
• Bank Savings in a recognized bank
• Fixed Deposits
• Study loan from a recognized bank (contact your local bank with the Unconditional offer letter)
• post office savings if any
• Scholarship from the British Council/University or other official body
• Voluntary Retirement Scheme account funds if any
• Bank Loan( mortgage loan, demand loan , personal loan)
• Bonds and any other kind of funds saved with the bank.GPF
• Shares
• Sponsorship
• Recognized chit fund savings
(Your source of liquid fund can be any one of the above or it can be a combination of the above, the origin of Liquid funds available should be supported by documentation.)
Who can sponsor me?
• A sponsor is anyone giving you funds in order to meeting the cost of studying and living. Sponsors are normally parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters.
• The British high commission will accept financial support from relatives of Indian students when considering applications for students entry clearance visas.
• in order for the entry clearance officers to approve this sponsorship they must be satisfied that:
Guidelines for sponsors
The British High Commission will accept financial support from relatives of Indian students when considering applications for student entry clearance visas. In order for the Entry Clearance Officers to approve this sponsorship they must be satisfied that:
• The sponsor is genuine in their intentions to give financial support to the student.
• The sponsor is able to give financial support to the student without causing unnecessary financial hardship to themselves or their immediate dependants (e.g. children).
• There is a logical reason for this sponsorship.
1. The Sponsor is Genuine
The Entry Clearance Officer must be satisfied that the Sponsor is definitely going to give financial support. To be satisfied of this the Sponsor must write a formal letter addressed to the British High

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Gos Guide 2009 10

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