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Diversity In The Workplace


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An article/topic presentation on diversity in the workplace

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Diversity In The Workplace

  1. 1. Diversity in the WorkplaceKris Nolt, Adam Peace, Mike Perhosky, Andrew Schommer Learn to Embrace the Tension of Diversity, Marshall Goldsmith
  2. 2. Article Background• Harvard Business Review• Learn to Embrace the Tension of Diversity• Dr. Marshall Goldsmith • UCLA PH.D • The (London) Times and Forbes recognized as one of most influential business thinkers in the world •AMA one of 50 great thinkers and leaders who have influenced the field of management • Institute of Management Studies Lifetime Achievement Award • Advisor to over 120 major CEOs • Teaches executive education at Dartmouth’s Tuck School • Milling Selling Author
  3. 3. Learning to Embrace Diversity •Differences can help build great organizations •Double-edge sword •Identifying, recrui ting and training diversity
  4. 4. Diversity Tension• Stress and strain that accompanies mixtures of similarities and differences• Do not minimize the tension• Understand others without judging• Leaders must spread throughout the organization
  5. 5. Diversity Summary• Today’s workforce/marketplace is a mosaic of skills, lifestyles, religion s, ethnic groups, genders, and ages• The workforce and marketplace is changing and we must change with it if we are to succeed.• Dimensions of Diversity
  6. 6. Competitive Advantage of Diversity • Diverse groups bring different talents and perspectives to a sport organization which results in a creative advantage • Changes in the domestic consumer market: Demand products to meet needs, tastes and lifestyles. Need better and more effective marketing strategies. • Reduces costs of absenteeism and turnover through increased job satisfaction through higher employee morale
  7. 7. Trends in the Workforce oRace and Ethnicity: More people of color in the workforce. oAge: More older people in the workforce oGender: More women working oSexual Orientation: Gays and Lesbians become more visible oAge: People with differing physical and mental abilities
  8. 8. Hostile Work Environment•Hostile Work Environment:Targeting, trivializing ordemeaning individuals•Race, religion, nationalorigin, politicalaffiliation, age, disability, sexual orientation, physicalappearance, pregnancy•Exclusion of one group byanother – trying to make thework atmosphere moredifficult because they wouldrather not have them around.
  9. 9. Three Diversity Paradigms GOLDEN RULE: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Comes from the bible. Value all differences: Conscious of what makes us different. Understand how specific minority groups have been disadvantaged and the causes of this discrimination. OLD PARADIGM: success from standardization, diversity is a cost, rules shaped by senior executives, emphasis on masculine values, change to suit the organization’s culture. NEW PARADIGM: Success from individual contribution, diversity is a competitive advantage, rules to satisfy customers and employees, feminine values are important, modify culture to meet employee needs.
  10. 10. How the Article Applies Diversity• Relieves tension between differing groups• Part of the New Diversity paradigm and Golden Rule• Embracing tension helps destroy a hostile workenvironment• Effectively dealing with differences leads toincreased productivity
  11. 11. Wrap Up• Diversity Tension• CompetitiveAdvantage• Workforce Trends• Hostile WorkEnvironment• Work Trends•Diversity Paradigms