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Partner with to engage our affluent audience and enhance your brand.

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  1. 1. Spring and Summer Sponsorship Proposal March – August 2014 Six Months Sponsorship Rewards Early Bird Offer Ends February 27th “Luxury Content Marketing” by Ultisky, Inc
  2. 2. Sponsorship Advantages ● “Luxury Content Marketing” is the fastest growing marketing sector... ● Significant Opportunities For Distinct Marketing and Competitive Advantages ● Sponsorship Presents Best Qualitative Medium Over Advertising !! ● Target Niche Luxury Market No Waste ● Generate Positive Consumer Influence
  3. 3. Luxury Marketplace Credibility ● Influential Luxury Brand Ambassador ● International and U.S.A Popularity ● High Net Worth Consumer Engagement ● Promotions for Luxury Goods, Products, and Services ● Superior Luxury Marketing and Product Management ● Exclusivity Luxury Targeting and Influence
  4. 4. Sponsorship Benefits ● Enhance Image To Shape Consumer Brand Perception ● Drive Sales and Leads Through Product Promotions and Showcase Features ● Promote Product Reviews and Attributes ● Presents Creative Marketing Advantages Over Top Industry Competitors ● Sponsorship Recognition Media Exposure
  5. 5. Sponsorship Objectives ● Increase Sales and Drive Leads - Marketing Promotional Tools For Product Education and Brand Awareness ● Enhance Image and Shape Consumer Attitudes - Improve How Target Audiences Perceive Brand Concept ● Engage Luxury Audience - Directly Target Exclusive Ultra Wealthy Consumers ● Distinctive Marketing and Advantages
  6. 6. Sponsorship Measurement ● Monthly Analysis For Sponsorship Brand Awareness Exposure Covering SIX Months ● Monitor Sponsorship Recognition Media Coverage ● Review and Evaluate Sponsorship Qualitative Brand Awareness Exposure ● Evaluate Consumer Perception For Sponsorship Brand Awareness
  7. 7. Sponsorship Value ● Measurable Increase For Profitability Through Sponsorship Recognition ● Increase Sales and Leads Through Sponsorship Exposure ● Improve Brand Awareness Among Affluent Niche Luxury Audiences For Higher Sales Conversion Rates and Leads
  8. 8. Marketing Reach ● High net worth exclusive luxury consumer engagement not for the masses ● Exclusive e-mail database 100,000+ Affluent Consumers ● Over 4000 Daily Visitors ● Over 20,000 Daily Page Views ● Over 120,000 Monthly Visitors ● Over 500,000 Monthly Page Views ● Over 1.5 Million Annual Visitors ● Over 7.2 Million Annual Page Views
  9. 9. Terms and Conditions ● Sponsorship Rates GOLD $10,000, DIAMOND $15,000, PLATINUM $25,000 th ****Hurry Lock In Rates By February 27 **** ● Sponsorship Levels (Gold Level, Diamond Level, Platinum Level) ● March – August 2014 Sponsorship Rewards “Luxury Content Marketing” Six Months!!! ● Payments: Electronic Funds Deposit (No Credit Cards Accepted)
  10. 10. Sponsorship Availability March – August 2014 “Luxury Content Marketing” sponsorship levels. Distinct marketing and competitive advantages for brand awareness exposure and promotions. ● ● Platinum Level – Exclusive Package Diamond Level – Privilege Package Gold Level – Engagement Package ●
  11. 11. Sponsorship Packages Six Months ● Platinum Level Total Cost: $25,000 Exclusive “One” Sponsor ● Sponsorship recognition in all press coverage releases 2 per month March – August 2014. Platinum Level sponsor logo promotions on “Front Page”. Platinum Level exclusive e-mail promotions features to 100,000+ Affluent consumers. Platinum Level sponsor logo recognition in all “luxury content marketing” features above content. Promotional highlight sponsor logo, 500 hundred words description for products and services. ● ● ● ●
  12. 12. Sponsorship Packages Six Months ● Diamond Level Total Cost: $15,000 Privilege “One” Sponsor ● Diamond recognition as sponsor March – August 2014. Diamond Level sponsor logo promotions on TOP “Side Bar” luxury content marketing pages. Diamond Level exclusive e-mail promotions feature to 100,000+ Affluent consumers. Diamond Level sponsor logo recognition in all “luxury content marketing” features at the bottom of content. Promotional highlight sponsor logo, 300 hundred words description for products and services. ● ● ● ●
  13. 13. Sponsorship Packages Six Months ● Gold Level Total Cost: $10,000 Engagement Sponsors (Limit 4) ● Gold recognition as sponsor March – August 2014. Gold Level sponsor logo promotions on luxury content marketing features bottom “Side Bar”. Gold Level exclusive e-mail promotions feature to 100,000+ Affluent consumers. Promotional highlight sponsor logo, 200 hundred words description for products and services. ● ● ●
  14. 14. Why ? ● is an award winning online portal and mobile website. Trusted as an influential resource by affluent consumers and luxury industry professionals to learn about luxury goods, products, and services. Unlike many other luxury media platforms our focus is not on driving traffic seeking the masses, we concentrate on engagement with high net worth consumers who can actually afford to buy luxury goods. Our expertise is in serving an niche audience of ultra wealthy consumers through exclusivity, engagement, and network communications.
  15. 15. How To Create A Luxury Brand Persona Factor Today
  16. 16. Attracting Luxury Shoppers To Spend Big
  17. 17. The Luxury Experience Putting Customer Service Against Technology
  18. 18. Contact All sponsorship packages and levels are limited and will be assigned strictly on a first come, first served basis. Ann Lane (404) 696- 4833