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How-to Get More App Reviews From Users


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Competition in today's app market is fierce. As an app developer or publisher you will need to know how-to make your app standout in the crowd. One way to do this is by gaining as may app reviews from users as possible. Also it takes more than just receiving app reviews to create a successful app in the marketplace. You will need to receive good app reviews if you want to be successful and create a popular app.

The majority of app users install their apps based on reviews as opposed to advertising. So, what this means is that good app reviews are kind of like word of mouth marketing. App users will be more likely to tell their friends about a great app instead of a bad app. Therefore making a useful app that users will like is very important when trying to increase downloads and grow ranking in the marketplace.

Here are some examples of how app reviews from users can impact the performance in the market.

1. Internet search now displays the star ratings for apps in search results. Therefore an app that is searched online showing a high rating will most likely lead to more downloads. Gaining more exposure in search engine results.

2. Negative app reviews from users usually result in a significant drop when it comes to installs and downloads. Where as positive app reviews tend to increase the number of installs and downloads.

3. Just by getting more positive apps reviews can help to increase the overall app store ranking and ratings. A solution to increase the discoverability and creditability for your app.

4. App reviews whether good or bad provide valuable insight on how app users view if they like or dislike an app. This information can be used to improve the app to attract more users and increase app installs.

5. As an app gain more positive reviews the brand awareness increases in the marketplace. Capturing fans and followers who will likely install other apps promoted by the same source in the marketplace.

Now sometimes getting users to review your app can be more of a challenge than making a popular app. This is a greater problem even more so when the app launches and there are no reviews to judge by. Many app developers submit there apps to review sites and blogs. However, there is no guarantee that any of these apps will ever be reviewed. Another way around that is to pay for app reviews which can also be very costly.

Which why using can be the perfect solution to app success. A cost effective community based site where app developers swap app reviews for Google Play, iOS and Amazon apps. To learn more please visit

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