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  1. 1. Top Ten ListBest Google Tips for Educators
  2. 2. 10. The Archive FeatureThis feature within Gmail allows emails to be archived. This removes the selected email from the inbox, but still allows access to it.   This is an excellent feature for educators. There are numerous emails received on a daily basis, and many need to be kept as a reference or to be accessed at a later date, but storing them in the inbox can becomeoverwhelming, and many times the important emails mayaccidentally be deleted. This feature is a great way to save important emails without overloading your inbox!
  3. 3. 9. The School Year Calendar Template This feature allows quick access to the school year calendar.   Here is yet another feature to help save the valuabletime of an educator. This feature allows quick access to the school year calendar - instead of having to search through the district website, find the paper version, or try to remember where the calendar is stored on thecomputer, this feature keeps it right at your fingertips.
  4. 4. 8. Google Notebook This feature allows the user to take notes.   The Google Notebook is a great tool for educators touse to keep track of all of their important notes. With the many meetings that educators are expected toattend, there can often be an overload of information. The Google Notebook can be used to take notes andkeep them all stored together, in a convenient location.
  5. 5. 7. Multiple Calendars This feature allows the user to create multiple calendars.   This is a great feature to help keep everything organized - but still separated. Educators can use thisto create a school calendar, a personal calendar, and any other type of calendar that may be needed. This is agreat way to stay organized but to keep home and work separated!
  6. 6. 6. Chrome PassThis creates a list of all the passwords that are stored in Google Chrome.  With all of the different websites that educators use in the classroom comes all the different passwords toaccess those sites. Chrome Pass keeps a running list ofall of the passwords that are stored in Google Chrome - which means no more scrambling around trying to find the password to the site that you need for the days lesson.
  7. 7. 5. Collaborate on Group Projects This allows individuals to collaborate on projects in Google Docs.   This is an excellent tool for educators - especiallyeducators who collaborate on creating documents. This could be used to collaborate on lesson plans, the creation of the beginning of the year handbook, the presentation for the principal and many more ideas! Instead of staying after school to collaborate, thisfeature allows you to go home and edit the document on your own time! Then others can instantly see your changes.
  8. 8. 4. Create graphs with spreadsheets This allows users to create graphs using data entered in spreadsheets.  This tool can be used in a few different ways. It can beused in the classroom during a unit on teaching graphing and it can also be used to present data from your classroom or school. Instead of having to create your own graph, this feature allows you to enter in the data and then the graphs are created for you.
  9. 9. 3. Consolidate email accountsThis feature allows you to combine all of your email accounts into gmail.  Instead of spending extra time checking the numerous email accounts that you may have, this feature allowsyou to consolidate all of your email accounts into Gmail, so now you only have to check one email account!
  10. 10. 2. Google Fusion TablesThis features allows users to upload data, visualize the data using charts, share the data with others and even merge data from multiple tables.  This is a great tool that can be used during data chats. The data can be uploaded and shared with theparticipants in the data chat. The ability to merge data is also useful - you could share your specific class dataand then merge it with the data of the other classes in your grade level to share grade level data as a whole. This will save time and help make data chats run more smoothly.
  11. 11. 1. Never Forget to Attach a File This features notifies you if you have typed something about anattachment in the body of the email, but have not actually attached anything.   This feature will definitely help eliminate the time spent re-sending an email because you forgot the attachment. It will also help save on theembarrassment of having the recipients of the email remind you that you didnt attach anything!