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Syllabus welcome


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Syllabus welcome

  1. 1. Instructor: Ms. Kim Kurek Pullen Hall 150 301.687.3028 Dunkle 207 301.687.4756
  2. 2. Materials for this Course Personal Academic Notebook (PAN Online) Access to Notebook Pencil Calculator Headphones
  3. 3. Purpose of this CourseTo improve your intermediate algebra skills in order tosuccessfully complete Level 2 math courses: Math 102: College Algebra Math 106: Algebra with Calculus for Business Majors
  4. 4. Course Structure Module 1: Solving Equations and Graphing 1 Module 2: Graphing 2 & Manipulating Expressions 1 Module 3: Manipulating Expressions 2 & Quadratic Equations
  5. 5. Wednesday Lectures-Dunkle 218 Review challenging material Look at common mistakes Highlight new material Answer questions
  6. 6. ASAlgebra Labs-Dunkle 110 Problem of the day In-class time to work on lessons Individualized assistance Mandatory attendance! YOU WILL NEED TO WORK ON LESSONS OUTSIDE OF YOUR LAB TIME IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS COURSE ON TIME!
  7. 7. Computerized Lessons reviews prerequisite concepts provides instruction on lesson concepts provides practice problems before evaluation provides additional scored practice measures skill improvement by quizzing
  8. 8. OverviewPretest Score 90%+ on each concept within a lesson pretest you may count that score for the lesson’s EVALUATE You must also complete the HOMEWORK for that lesson in order to fulfill course requirements You only have one attempt to take the pretest
  9. 9. HOMEWORK You must earn 80% on each concepts HOMEWORK before attempting the EVALUATE within each lesson If you do not score 80% then you must repeat the HOMEWORK until an 80% is earned
  10. 10. EVALUATE You must earn 80% for each lesson’s EVALUATE You may take the lesson EVALUATE multiple times After three attempts you will be required to satisfactorily complete some offline practice problems
  11. 11. MODULE EXAMS If you successfully complete Module 1, you move to Module 2 If you do not successfully complete Module 1 you must see the Instructor for assistance. You may continue to work on Module 1 while also working on Module 2 in order to meet course deadlines You may retake the Module 1 Exam multiple times but may be required to complete additional assignments designated to assist you in the learning process
  12. 12. MODULE EXAMS If you successfully complete Module 2, you move to Module 3 If you do not successfully complete Module 2 you must see the Instructor for assistance. You may continue to work on Module 2 while also working on Module 3 in order to meet course deadlines You must pass all three Modules to successfully complete this course
  13. 13. Completing Each ModuleYour score will be determined by the following 5% Participation/Attendance 5% ONLINE HOMEWORK 5% ONLINE EVALUATES 85% Paper/Pencil Module Exam 100% MODULE SCORE You must earn a MODULE SCORE of 80% in order to successfully complete the module.
  14. 14. AttendanceAttendance will be recorded at every lecture/lab. Poorattendance will be detrimental to your module score. During lab, students viewing websites other than will be marked absent If you are late arriving to class you will be marked “late”. Three “late”’s will be equal to one absence. If you must miss a lab session you may obtain permission from the instructor/student instructor to attend an alternate lab session in its place.
  15. 15. Pre-Module Exams Near the end of each Module you will be given a Pre- Module Exam. Each Pre-Module Exam will only be given once. If you score an 85% or better on the Pre-Module Exam it will count as your Module Score and you may move on to the next module. If you score below 85% on the Pre-Module Exam you will have an opportunity to review that exam in preparation for your module exam.
  16. 16. Grading Criteria To earn a grade of… …You must meet all of the following: P Successfully completed each Module (Pass) Did not successfully complete one or more Modules NC Had no more than 3 unexcused absences for the semester (across lecture and lab) (No Credit: Successfully completed all online lessons seeking help when needed Not passing) Have earned less than 60 credits overall as a student Did not successfully complete one or more Modules F Had 4 or more unexcused absences for the semester (across lecture and lab) (Fail) Did not successfully complete all online lessons or take advantage of free tutoring opportunities
  17. 17. Testing out of the Course All students will be given a Course Diagnostic Preteston the third day of classes. This test covers materialincluded on all three modular exams. In order to passout of the course you must earn an 80% or better. Theitems on this test are scored right or wrong (no partialcredit) and the test is only given once.
  18. 18. Computer/Clicker Responsibility Each student is responsible for his/her workstation and log-on passwords Report any damaged or missing equipment to Ms. Kurek or the student instructor You may be assigned a specific clicker for lectures to use during the semester. Clickers may not be removed fromthe classroom for any reason!!
  19. 19. Academic Dishonesty ANY INSTANCE OF ACADEMIC DISHONESTY WILL RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE FOR THIS COURSE AND MAY RESULT IN ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINARY ACTION. Refer to The Pathfinder’s statement on academic dishonesty online at
  20. 20. Keeping on Track Record your HOMEWORK scores on your syllabus Record your EVALUATE scores on your syllabus Work hard to meet all course deadlines STUDY FOR ALL EXAMS!!
  21. 21. Beyond the Classroom Access the online aspect of this course from anywhere Ask questions Be determined to do well In order to learn math you must DO math If additional help is needed see Ms. Kurek or the student instructors. WE ARE HERE TO ENABLE YOU TO BE SUCCESFULL NOT ONLY IN DVMT 100 BUT IN FUTURE MATH COURSES!!