Titleist ProV 1 company overview


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This paper is an overview of the golf company Titleist. In this class we had to start a campaign that marketed a new product for the company. In this paper I gave an overview of the Titleist company, along with the communication situation and three measurable campaign objectives that can be achieved through an interactive campaign.

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Titleist ProV 1 company overview

  1. 1. Kyle MirvisCommunication 430 January, 17, 2012 Professor Tao
  2. 2. Abstract This paper will discuss the following elements of my company. 1.) An overview of thebrand that will get you familiar with our company and what we actually do 2.) Explain thecommunication situation, which is are the conditions that make the campaign desirable and 3.)Give three mesureable campaign objectives that can be achieved through an interactivecampaign. OverviewUnder Par Golf Co. is a San Diego based golf fundamental company. We pride ourselves onhaving personal relationships and being a small local business wanting to share the gift of golf.We are a company that has teamed up with Titleist and their new upcoming product the TitleistProV 1. Golf is an amazing skill that leads to the world of golfing that is social, physically &emotionally challenging, Here at Under Par Co., we offer fair priced lessons for those who wantto learn the fundamentals of golf as well as club and ball fittings by Titleist that provide a littleinsight into some products by Titleist that can help you as a golfer achieve the score you wanton the golf course. This company welcomes beginning golfers that are just starting out, orgolfers that already have achieved the goal of acquiring a handicap. This company hassomething for everyone, and with the top golf brand by our side, it can’t get any better. Communication Situation
  3. 3. Since this company is just starting out, there is not much knowledge of the company byany beginning or seasoned golfers. The company is trying to create an image as well as a buzzthroughout the golf community, as well as non golfers who are thinking about picking up a golfclub. There are many different ways that we will be able to do this. We want to have a websiteset up that will give the consumer the ability to learn about our brand as well as purchaselessons that will give an insight into the fundamentals of hitting a golf ball as well as insight intosome of the products made by the number one brand in golf. Another way we will be able tocommunicate with our customers or our interested beginners is with a twitter page as well as ablog that will be linked with our website. The twitter page will allow us to encourage followersthat are interested in the company as well as inform them with any new specials or informationthat we would like them to know. The blog will have a combination of real life testemonialsfrom pro golfers through beginners, as well as questions and answers from the users of the site. Campaign Objectives There are going to be three major measurable objectives that our company is trying toaccomplish. The first objective is going to be to create a website for customers or individualswho are interested in the game of golf. Our objective is to establish at least fifty people to joinour website as well as seventy five to one hundred people to join our email fan club within thefirst two months of launching the company.
  4. 4. Our second objective after getting a consumer base will be to start marketing and sellingthe lessons that our company has to offer. UnderPar has teamed up with Titleist and their newproduct the ProV 1 to provide fair priced lessons for beginners as well as ball and club fittingsfor the seasoned golfers that are members of our site. We want to book at least five to tenlessons within the first month, and at least ten to twenty for the second and third month. The third objective that we are trying to accomplish would be to turn this company intoa city wide camp for beginning golfers as well as golfers who have already been playing thegame. The seasoned golfers will be able to sign up for the camp and be able to play intournaments within the city that were in, to test their skills as well as their competitive edge.For the golfers who are just starting out, they will be able to get lessons from different golf proswithin the cities as well as Titleist employees to learn about the game of golf as well productthat will help improve your game. Conclusion This company is a work in progress, so all of these objectives are going to take time. Weare just a company that wants to spread the wonderful game of golf to individuals who wouldlike to try out the game for the first time as well as help seasoned golfers bring their game tothe next level. With all of the internet capabilities we have, hopefully the company will succeedin the task at hand. It is not going to be easy, but with a little time and effort I feel it can beaccomplished.