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Renaissance inventions pp


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Renaissance inventions pp

  1. 1. Inventions of the Renaissance .
  2. 2. Clocks Galileo discovered the pendulum Made the hands of the clock move better Led to better accuracy of the clock Pocket watch was invented by German Peter Henlein in 1505 Each person had one in pocket and timeliness became more important aspect of culture
  3. 3. Printing press Monks had to handwrite books Johan Gutenberg of Germany invented a printing press Books could be printed with less effort and cheaper now First in print is the Gutenberg Bible
  4. 4. Eyeglasses First lenses were to treat nearsightedness Demand for glasses increased with the invention of the printing press
  5. 5. Microscope and Telescope Lenses were used for more than just eyeglasses. Galileo used lenses to make an astronomical telescope to look at the stars and planets in 1606. Isaac Newton made the first reflecting telescope in 1668.
  6. 6. The Musket First usable rifle for soldiers to carry into battle Developed in Spain in the 1500s It fired a metal ball that could kill or seriously hurt someone
  7. 7. The Flushable Toilet First known as the water closet Invented by Sir John Harington in 1589 When the valve was pulled, water was released
  8. 8. Thermometer Invented by Galileo in 1593 Used to measure temperature In 1714, Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer, which we use today
  9. 9. Submarine First underwater ship was invented by Leonardo da Vinci In 1634, Cornelius van Drebbel improved the submarine Drebbel’s submarine could stay underwater for a few hours
  10. 10. The Match Made it easy to create fire Invented by Robert Boyle in 1680 Rubbing together of phosphorus and sulfur First matches were very dangerous
  11. 11. Sources of images Match  Telescope  Courtesy of Photomish Dan  Courtesy of ny156uk @  Thermometer  Pendulum  Courtesy of RC Bodden  Courtesy of Carol  tems/flickr-4901403685 Guillaume  http://www.fotopedia.c om/items/carolsanzeux -344R0Id0ev0
  12. 12. Sources of Images Gutenberg Bible  Musket  Photo courtesy of Library of Congress   Microscope   Photo courtesty of Olympus Cameras  Submarine  q=first+microscope&hl=en&sa=X&biw  Courtesy of Adrian Tincher =1366&bih=664&tbs=sur:fmc&tbm=is ch&imgrefurl=http://www.olympus-  k/photo/7165 13year/index.html&tbnid=eC5SOLdTO jumfM&docid=A6d7usK3YlTZ_M&ve d=0CEsQhRYoAg&ei=Xhh1T73uGcm YgwfystD-Dg&dur=479