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  1. 1. SPECIAL Bogota, February 24th 2012 Edition #1THE WOMAN.... According to GABO Urban Tribes Enter to:If it has not still gone the scalpel by yourskin, classes of urban and http://kamilatorrers.if you don’t have you implant of silicona in characteristic tribes ofsome part of your body, the fats don’t generate you trauma, if you each onehave never suffered ofanorexy, if your stature doesn’t affect yourpersonal development,if when you go to the beach you prefer tohave a good time in the sea and notto be on a towel during hours, if youbelieve that thefidelity yes it is possible and you practiceit, if you know how youhe/she prepares a rice, if you can prepare acomplete lunch,if your priority is not to be blond to as ofplace, if not youyou get up a.m. at 4:00 o’clock to be ableto reach to make you the oneblower, if you can go out with sack of calm My Wallsudadera to the That it feels proud of having it as partner.... _ A man will be an imperfect creature, Bogota DC Colombia Year 2012 Number 1 free publicationremain silent one Sunday without a drop of That he knows how to play it as a virtuous with many tricks, he will make traps,make-up in the face... musician he plays its it will be important…, we go that he lover instrument... will give you problems… But it will beYOU ARE IN ROAD OF stronger and quicker than you and he willEXTINCTION.... WELCOME! That it fights to their side sharing all their like to hunt and to kill things. He/she will lists, from have a simple aspect, but I eat you these to wash plates and to assist tripones, until complaining, I will create him in such aTHE SWEET FLAVOR OF AN returning him those way that satisfies your necessities. NeitherEXQUISITE WOMAN massages and cares that she lavished him it will be very clever and it will highlight before... in infantile things as to stick and to giveAn exquisite woman is not that that more kicks to a ball. He/she will always needmen have to The truth, partners men, it is that the your advice to act sanely.their feet, if not that that has one alone that women in thather ago of being ‘Very male’ they take us great Does _ Sound well _ Eva he/she said whilereally happy. journey... he/she lifted the brow irónicamente._ Which the trick is?A beautiful woman is not the youngest, How silly we have been - and we are -neither the thinest, neither when we value the one _Tendrías a condition. As it will bethe one that has the smoothest complexion I only give for the vistosidad of their arrogant and narcisista, you will makeor the hair more packing... him believe that I made him first. He/sheattractive, it is that that with only a frank remembers, it is our secreto…de woman toand open Silly and a thousand times fool the man and a good advice can be happy the that eats mierda in thelife. remain silent, having an exquisitímo dish at home.A valuable woman is not that that hasholding, neither - Gabriel García Marquez -more academic positions, it is that thatsacrifices their dream A HISTORY ABOUT EVA AND THE Urban tribes:temporarily to make happy to the other PARADISEones. In the paradise, one day Eva called to God:An exquisite woman is not the most Solitude Vs Identity?burning (although if me _ Has a problem.they ask to me, all the women are very “The subcultures or urban tribes, are ways to give up the own day-to-dayness for a but global, and that one conceives as place of theburning... Those _ Which the problem is Eva?_ I Know true one he/she listens and ownership when they are environments of more control.”that we are outside of focus we are the that you have created me that you have (“Devenires urbanos”, Gonzalo Rubiano, Profesor de Esteticas Urbanas Uniminuto)men) but the one that given me this beautiful garden, wonderfulhe/she vibrates when only making love animals and the snake with which die fromwith the man that loves. laugh, but I am not completely happy… Editorial: objectivesAn interesting woman is not that that is _ How that is Eva? Special: the woman’s of the publicationsflatteredwhen being admired by their beauty and _ is alone and I am also fed up with eating day; Why that takes to carry out in theelegance, he/she is that woman apples. place this day?, poems newspaper publish thefirm of character that can say NR. _ Eva, in such a case, I have a solution. I and writings one that goes directed,And a MAN........ An EXQUISITE MAN is will create a man for you. discussion topicsthat that valuesto a woman this way...... _ What a man is? 8
  2. 2. History SPECIAL Bogota, February 24th 2012 Edition #1 Bogota, February 24th 2012 Edition #1 The first national Women’s Day was observed on 28 February 1909 in the United States following a declaration EDITORIAL by the Socialist Party of America. In August 1910, an International Women’s Conference was organized to precede the The proposal consists on creating a paginates web in which the users rot to general meeting of the Socialist Second newspaper directed the students of find the information of the project, the International in Copenhagen. Inspired in the school CEIC citadel, this it will interviews that are carried out, the virtual part by the American socialists, German consist on emphasizing in the English newspaper and some activities of interest, Socialist Luise Zietz proposed the language, by means of the handling they will also have groups of interest in establishment of an annual ‘International of topics of interest for the students. the social nets as Twitter and Facebook. Woman’s Day’ (singular) and was The school counts with approximately Through it paginates it web they were seconded by Clara Zetkin, although no date 3.450 children students, the objective carried out surveys, to know that you fear was specified at that conference.Delegates is to treat topics of interest, facilitating that they interest the students, to treat them (100 women from 17 countries) agreed the access to public’s variety, that is to in the newspaper. This project had the with the idea as a strategy to promote equal say that the newspaper is not alone read support of an educational one of English rights, including suffrage, for women. by the youths of the superior grades, of the school that knows the capacity of The following year, on 18 March, 1911, but for educational and personal of the students to learn the English language, IWD was marked for the first time, by the community that he/she sits down besides the topics that could be of its over a million people in Austria, Denmark, attraction for the topics tried in the interest. Germany and Switzerland. In the Austro- newspaper. The topic of the tribes or At the moment topics as the tribes or urban Hungarian Empire alone, there were urban subcultures, at the moment it subcultures are very present in the society, 300 demonstrations.In Vienna, women is evident in the society; of course and every time but young they are linked to paraded on the Ringstrasse and carried that a school would be a good sample these groups, without knowing the bottom banners honouring the martyrs of the Paris inside this society to approach this topic that contains each one, exactly their Commune.Women demanded that women an official holiday with women in China given a half-day off. topic; to be something stranger for characteristics, ideals, etc... be given the right to vote and to hold In the West, International Women’s Day was first observed as a popular event after 1977 many of people that surround to these in the schools we find the presence of public office. They also protested against when the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 groups, the idea it is to explain that these groups, which are discrimination employment sex discrimination. Americans as the UN Day for women’s rights and world peace. they are the tribes or urban subcultures main characters in some occasions; this as continued to celebrate National Women’s (source wikipedia) which with their ideals, expression point of reference of the school bullying. Kamila Angelica Torres Roncancio Day on the last Sunday in February. forms, antecedents and development On the other hand you practice them in the society; also starting from these artistic that has each one of these groups Female members of the Australian practices as the rejection is generated to be expressed, what some would call Builders Labourers Federation march GENERAL DIRECTOR: Kamila on International Women’s Day 1975 in Angélica Torres Sydney SUBDIRERTOR INFORMATION: In 1913 Russian women observed their Kamila Angélica Torres first International Women’s Day on COORDINATION GENERAL AND the last Sunday in February (by Julian ISSUE: Kamila Angélica Torres calendar then used in Russia). In 1917 TEAM COORDINATOR: Hugo demonstrations marking International Santander. EDITORIAL: Kamila Women’s Day in Saint Petersburg on the Angélica Torres http://www. last Sunday in February (which fell on 8 March on the Gregorian calendar) initiated panda-animal-in-danger-of- the February Revolution. extincion.html), (http://www. Following the October Revolution, the Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai persuaded / problema.html), (http://www. Lenin to make it an official holiday in the toward the members of these groups, vandalism, others would call art. Soviet Union, and it was established, but like in the schools, in some occasions, in some editions they talked each other be accustomed to-organicos. was a working day until 1965. On May 8, these they can be victims of the school at the moment about topics of cultural html) 1965 by the decree of the USSR Presidium bullying. These topics are treated in the interest, they will be sections “special”; bohemio/howdeeee/9/componen. of the Supreme Soviet International English language, that is to say the use also sections as “history”, in which you/ htm.AGRADECIMIENTOS: Hugo Women’s Day was declared a non-working of the second language is implemented, they were topics through the history Santander day in the USSR “in commemoration of worked in the school, to count the topics (according to the topic of the edition), CORECCION STYLE: Hugo the outstanding merits of Soviet women mentioned previously, this way it is “Belong” it will be the section in which a Santander.FOTOS: google imagines. in communistic construction, in the generated in the students an interest testimony will be included of who makes GERENTE: Kamila Angélica Torres. defense of their Fatherland during the for the practice of the language. The part of the treated topic, of a member of the Directora brand Kamila Angélica Great Patriotic War, in their heroism and school is looking for to implement the community or who is bound to the topic; in Torres selflessness at the front and in the rear, English language, in all the subjects, the section “Leader” it was spoken of you BOSS FILE: Kamila Torres and also marking the great contribution that is to say that the students, use lead them of the community and of their PRESIDENT: Kamila Angélica of women to strengthening friendship English in its day-to-dayness that in paper inside her. Torres between peoples, and the struggle for each subject the English language is The intention of the newspaper is to be We Site: http://kamilatorrers. peace. But still, women’s day must be used with the assiduity that Spanish is able to capture the attention of the readers / celebrated as are other holidays.” used; the educational of English demand that you/they will be the students and From its official adoption in Russia their students to speak in all moment members of the community CEIC in this following the Soviet Revolution in 1917 in English, and until carrying out their case. the holiday was predominantly celebrated conversations using this language. they in communist and socialist countries. It were carried out surveys to inclination was celebrated by the communists in China and the blog, with the possibility that the from 1922, and by Spanish communists students and readers of the newspaper from 1936.[5] After the founding of the can suggest that they would like to read People’s Republic of China on October in the same one. 1, 1949 the state council proclaimed on Handling will be made of one it December 23 that March 8 would be made 2 7
  3. 3. LEADER History Bogota, February 24th 2012 Edition #1 Bogota, February 24th 2012 Edition #1 Rastafarismo URBAN TRIBES: The movement rastafari in Colombia has been adopted as a culture that wants to fight against the white oppression, but TYPES AND making respect its customs, ideologies and rites that you/they carry out many of the consecrated rastas to newspaper that they are in the capital of the republic. Many of them are considered political CHARACTERTIC An urban tribe is a group of people that often signal their membership through growing academic interests in queer rastas that fight for the repatriation from behaves according to the ideologies of a a distinctive and symbolic use of style, studies and queer theory. Aspects of the black ones to their native Ethiopia, subculture that they originates and it is which includes fashions, mannerisms, and sexual subcultures can vary along other and the religious rastas that fight because developed in the atmosphere of a city or argot. cultural lines. For instance, in the United the adaptations that it suffers the Bible urban helmet. Subcultures can exist at all levels of States, the term down-low is used to refer are carried out, but without their content According to the Encyclopedic Dictionary organizations, highlighting the fact to African-American men who do not is altered by the targets that are those that of Sociology the concept of Tribe is that there are multiple cultures or value identify themselves with the gay or queer alter it for its own benefit to newspaper. defined in the Following way: combinations usually evident in any one cultures, but who practice gay cruising, This fashion spreads to have diversity «Ethnic unit that is characterized by the organization that can complement but and adopt a specific hip-hop attire of changes, for that that at this time same language many transformations are giving for and cultural, the the globalization, this is evidenced collective conscience in that this movement every day this and the feeling of having but success and importance common ownership, inside the Colombian society. Although as well as for the the RASTAFARISMO this related to residence place newspaper with the religions of the caribe, in common or the today in day, in many parts of the world emigration. For this completely considered as a tradition the tribe they are that can last many centuries. essential the common Rastafari, more than a religion, is an symbols, the stable order of life that has principles and traditions and the norms of coexistence. Most of the powerful collective rastafaris is not identified with any sect sale. or denomination, although there are three Some critics and primary groups inside the movement: analysts say that the the Nyahbinghi, Boboshanti - also calls phenomenon of the Stupid dread - and the Twelve Tribes of urban tribes is not Israel. They are distinguished for their nothing else that the particularity in the way in that you/they search of the youthsreach the understanding of the absolute for that identitytruth (Jah), and they coincide in the so missed. Wheneconomic-philosophical idea that the a youth joins to acapitalist system degrades the humanity’s society that possessesfundamental values and its expansible the same tendencies As with other subcultures, sexualdevastation damages the ecosystem and the and thoughts that him, this will be during this activity. urban lifestyle, which subcultures adopted certain styles ofenvironment seriously. identified as much with the group as with offers an alternative to traditional family fashion and gestures to distinguish themThey fight for the repatriation from the her symbols. It is necessary to highlight structures. from the ones to their native Ethiopia, and that some tribes are more intolerant to a Homosexuals expressed themselvesothers fight because the adaptations that group of opposed tendencies than other, through the gay culture, consideredit suffers the Bible are carried out, but that which could take to the violence. the largest sexual subculture of thewithout their content is altered by the The identity of each one of these tribes 20th century. With the ever increasingtargets (men of bad; not for their skin will vary according to its ideology acceptance of homosexuality in the earlycolor) who alter it for their benefit to and according to the same person, for 21st century, including its expressionsnewspaper. example, while the skinheads is of violent in fashion, music, and design, the gayOn the other hand the rastas is not racist, tendencies, the hippies don’t compete culture can no longer be considered athey are identified with a without western against any group, because they are pacifist subculture in many parts of the world,so much number of philosophies as and there is not group some that is they although some aspects of gay cultureAfrican, many go beyond the thought entirely opposed. like leathermen, bears, and feeders arebasic rastafari, since rastafari is not against considered subcultures within the gaythe evolution and the free thought, the movement itself. The butch and femmeyearnings rastafari are of mental, spiritual identities or roles among some lesbiansand earthly freedom. Identifying subcultures also engender their own subculture with[editar]Críticas The study of subcultures often consists stereotypical attire, for instance drag of the study of symbolism attached kings.A late 1980s development, the to clothing, music and other visible queer movement can be considered a affectations by members of subcultures, subculture broadly encompassing those and also the ways in which these same that reject normativity in sexual behavior, symbols are interpreted by members and who celebrate visibility and activism. of the dominant culture. According to The wider movement coincided with Dick Hebdige, members of a subculture 3 6
  4. 4. BELONG Bogota, February 24th 2012 Edition #1 Bogota, February 24th 2012 Edition #1 BELONG EMO PUNK The cities of Medellín, Bogotá, Manizales is the most representative in the movement Colombian punk. The national scene was developed mainly in the big cities, BogotáTo begin the EMO it is a musical gender Medellín, (Cali) and Pereira; where todaythat began in the 80s in United States. It you even leave the biggest number ofwas not commercial, for what didn’t arrive bands, although in the last years citiesin Colombia in those years. Music’s type like Bucaramanga (The Blennorrhagia,is influenced in the punk and the hardcore NxTxPxR and Sinestezya), Manizales andbut making emphasis in the melancholic Armenia have given birth to importantand introspective letters, for that reason the bands inside the scene of the Colombianterm EMO of Emotional. punk.In the 90, many bands of the first shift In Medellín it was carried out theseparated and the emo began to change. realization of a movie of court punk,The music you melodious volvío and with Rodrigo D: Non future, directed by Victor Gaviria. It is developed in a Medellín of the years 1980, it shows the life of a young punkinfluences of the indie. But, equally those in an atmosphere of violence and social inequality. In this movie they are clear influences of the movement British punk, with a verybands didn’t arrive and they didn’t become outstanding nihilism (characteristic of the first punk). starting from this movie the movement punk is evidenced in the youths of the citycommercial (it leaves in the way EMO it is of Medellí be against these average consumistas).He/she makes 4 or 5 years they arrived inColombia the influences EMO, but up tonow it is possible to determine adolecentesgroups that are identified with this culturetype. The EMO is now “screamo” (screamemo) that maintains the influences of thehardcore and of the progressive punk,but using the screams like main source of that began in the 80s in United States. Itexpression. was not commercial, for what didn’t arriveDescription: in Colombia in those years. Music’s type - Piercings in the language, slacks or lip.- I peel black (preferably) or with red or is influenced in the punk and the hardcore - Belts with you cross out or buckles.lived cowlicks, with irregular, fatty court but making emphasis in the melancholic - Shoes Vans or Converse.and cowlick covering one of the eyes. and introspective letters, for that reason the - Color favorite: Black and rosy (this- Closed jacket and with high necks for the term EMO of Emotional. In the 90, many bands of the first shift because each one has their moving part and their strong part) SKINHEADS separated and the emo began to change. - Extreme scrawniness. (Almost anorexy. countries and that so noted ultraviolencia The origin of the movement skinhead in The music you melodious volvío and with The pages of EMO say that to be that it hardly appeared in the rebellious Colombia is very particular, he/she is born influences of the indie. But, equally those vegetarian helps) spirit of these youths. The movement “RU” in chapinero, one of the neighborhoods but bands didn’t arrive and they didn’t become he/she stays approximately for 2 years, traditional of the capital (Bogotá D.C.). commercial (it leaves in the way EMO it is where it is taken I finish several activities With the PUNKS of Bosa (neighborhood to be against these average consumistas). that even today in day they show us their of the capital) that its particular gear enters fruits, the opposition to the bullfighting, they carried a bracelet of yellow color with He/she makes 4 or 5 years they arrived in led for their it celebrates watchword a V contained in an I circulate to what Colombia the influences EMO, but up to “not to the race”, the incursion to the you/they gave him the name of VIRUS now it is possible to determine adolecentes vegetarianism on the part of the youth, that as such you spreads for the city, facts groups that are identified with this culture among other aspects; after these two years, happened toward the year of 1985; two type. The EMO is now “screamo” (scream due to some discrepancies this group years but it takes, there, in the lourdes park, emo) that maintains the influences of the becomes CRIMINAL (I Reject to the amid a musical, ideological mixture, and hardcore and of the progressive punk, Animal Exploitation) and GRAE (Shaved aesthetics, where not yet a defined identity but using the screams like main source of Group Anti Foreigners) since the first ones existed, as such they were those “SKINS” expression. were willing to maintain the roots of the of that time they already conformed a Description: group mother RU ratifying its position of group but big called RU (United Skin - I peel black (preferably) or with red or defending to the animals and accusations heads) that centered its interests mainly lived cowlicks, with irregular, fatty court all those crimes in its against to coast ofwomen. in resisting to the animal exploitation, to and cowlick covering one of the eyes. the own life, while the seconds they headed- T-shirt of strange drawings for the men. the proliferation of the drugs in the youth, - Closed jacket and with high necks for the but in this of the spiritual growth, in the- Nerdo glasses for the women. to sufferings characteristic of a society in women. sanity of the society, and in the exaltation- Piercings in the language, slacks or lip. via of development. Something interesting - T-shirt of strange drawings for the men. of the nation like territory to defend of the- Belts with you cross out or buckles. it was the tendency to the vegetarianism - Nerdo glasses for the women. invaders that hung the imperialism to its- Shoes Vans or Converse. that you/they had some members of this - Piercings in the language, slacks or lip. back.- Color favorite: Black and rosy (this group and the importance or hierarchy - Belts with you cross out or buckles. that granted their families. Its gear duringbecause each one has their moving part and - Shoes Vans or Converse. this lapse was evolving as everything intheir strong part) - Color favorite: Black and rosy (this the humanity, they used boots with steel- Extreme scrawniness. (Almost anorexy. because each one has their moving part and prostitutes and some changed its colloquialThe pages of EMO say that to be their strong part) leather chamarra with you cross out forvegetarian helps) - Extreme scrawniness. (Almost anorexy. primitive aviator jackets and pants but The pages of EMO say that to be tubed denoting a style but aggressive due vegetarian helps) to the multiple influences of the EuropeanTo begin the EMO it is a musical gender 4 5