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Pr creative


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Pr creative

  1. 1. Krystal Michaelson Intern Position Welcome to my creative submission I am looking forward learning from your company. I’ve accessed your websites and have a great appreciation for your work. I hope my skills as well as my photography background can help your company. I look forward To hearing from you.
  2. 2. Come in Take a Lookthings that Describe me
  3. 3. LoyaltyYour job is your Second Family
  4. 4. Washington Raised I Have a passion to promote peoples dreams…
  5. 5. Not Afraid to Stand upto a challengeI look forward to challenged and I never quit
  6. 6. Not Afraid to beDifferentCan’t be afraid to think outside the box…
  7. 7. Up to new ChallengesChallenges are how we grow and learn, lifeisn’t stagnant
  8. 8. Photography is aPassion You have to have fun in life…
  9. 9. A city with OpportunityI’m looking forward to what you can offer
  10. 10. A leap in the rightdirectionTake a leap towards me and you won’t bedisappointed