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Web Designer Brand Concept


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Web Designer Brand Concept

  2. 2. 1 2 4 1 2 3 4 Suggested colors: bold feminine Type treatments are a contrast between heart & strength Pops of bright color for headings IDEAS 3 B&W photos with a red gradient This brand design is one of contrasts… heart and strength, femininity and masculinity, design and space. 5 4 Lots o’ white space
  3. 3. STRATEGY BRIEF GOAL: To give small businesses the website experience that they deserve. MANIFESTO Bullshit free zone. TOOL: Web design, development, support METAPHORS: Watching out for the underdog, Competition-based metaphors. STYLE: Strong, yet full of heart. Bold, yet approachable. MARKET: Websites for local businesses (KC, eventually FL)
  4. 4. LOVE IT? NEXT STEP: Let me know your thoughts. Your gut reaction, likes, any pieces that feel off the mark. I’ll be developing the rest of your brand from this foundation.