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Transformational Coach Brand Book


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Transformational Coach Brand Book

  1. 1. BRAND BOOK Standards and Guidelines BRAND BOOK Standards & Guidelines
  2. 2. CONTENTS This brand standards document explores the message, visuals, and expression of your brand. 1. Brand Message 2. Design & Visuals 3. Words & Content 4. Live Your Brand BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE
  4. 4. POSITION Core Idea People don’t need to be fixed. They need – and deserve – a safe space for self-acceptance, overcoming obstacles and deciding how to move forward. You serve your clients as the creator of that space and facilitator of the transformation process. Your Goal To bring a sense of healing and wholeness to the entire world by helping individuals address their pasts, embrace their true selves, and take control of the future. How You Are Different You do not impulsively consume and produce content, programs or theories. You use logic, experience and deeply ingrained instinct to formulate your own ideas and processes. You see people for their integrity and value, and guide them as they seek to clarify that vision for themselves. While working with your clients, you are able to quickly identify and break down obstacles, clearing the way for the transformation process to begin. In turn, your clients feel embraced and seen, accelerating the process and improving the likelihood of long-term change. What You Deliver Through coaching and retreats, you provide your clients with a reliable, stable, safe outlet to do the (often uncomfortable) work of self-exploration and analysis. As a result, your clients gain a sense of personal fulfillment that inevitably has a positive impact on every extension of their reality. BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE BRAND MESSAGE 01
  5. 5. PERSONALITY PRIMARY PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE: MAGICIAN SECONDARY PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE: SAGE, CAREGIVER Your mission is to guide individuals toward personal transformation, and, in turn, help the world acknowledge the value of intrinsic wholeness, worth, and love. When they encounter your brand, your audience FEELS: cared for, enlightened, seen, respected, understood, safe. You are: • Engaged • Analytical • Smart • Passionate • Knowing • Compassionate • Honest • Dedicated BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE BRAND MESSAGE 01
  6. 6. POINT OF VIEW BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE BRAND MESSAGE People don’t need a hero, they need guidance to shift their perspective and help themselves. To realize actual change, we must acknowledge that our decision-making is influenced by a culmination of our unique experiences. We are not broken individuals in need of fixing, we are capable human beings. When provided with the appropriate space and guidance, we hold the power to self-heal and transform our realities. Focusing on our own intrinsic well-being has a massive positive impact on our external reality and the global community as a whole. When you are in touch with your own values and self-worth, you are more open to the needs and values of others. This alignment leads to better decision-making, increases our resilience to emotional pain, and motivates us to foster stronger connections with other people and the planet. Transformation manifests in different forms for every individual. There is no 7-step program or hidden secret to unlocking self-healing and change. As unique individuals, we each bring a distinct set of experiences, traits, values and obstacles to the table. To start moving toward our desires and away from pain, we must be flexible and open to unexplored paths. 01
  7. 7. UNFAIR ADVANTAGES • Ability to make your clients feel comfortable, understood and accepted • Highly customized approach to change for each client you work with • Insight to tap into and address internal obstacles quickly • Impactful results that your clients feel internally and see manifest as tangible changes in their lives BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE 01 BRAND MESSAGE
  9. 9. LOGO VISUAL IDENTITY Your logo is a clean and simple representation of your brand. It introduces your ideal clients to you. The symbol is infused with meaning. 02 BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE
  10. 10. PRIMARY COLORS VISUAL IDENTITY Your primary brand color is a grounded forrest green. Although technically a cool color, the green feels familiar and warm. The mint color adds a modern and unexpected touch. Copper rounds out the primary colors with a warm, bright hue. Forrest Green #333f3d 20% 40% 60% 80% Yellow Copper #dba262 Mint #d5ead6 20% 60% 20% 60% 01 BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE Use for backgrounds and main color on marketing materials and website. Use as an accent on marketing materials & website. Use for buttons, links, and other areas you want to draw attention to. 02
  11. 11. TYPOGRAPHY HEADLINES: ETHOS ALL CAPS ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ !@#$%^&*() VISUAL IDENTITY Body: Ethos Regular (Turn off automatic ligatures) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() The font used in your brand is an interesting mix of unique elements with traditional styling. It speaks to your desire to get to the root of things, and yet yields unconventional results. 01 BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE 02 Captions: Gilroy Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*()
  12. 12. IMAGE STYLE
  13. 13. IMAGE DO’S VISUAL IDENTITY BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE Forests/landscapes/cabin in the woods Pictures of you, either in nature, or in the context of work (speaking, coaching, etc.) Glimpses into your ‘everyday’ life Artistic images of people that could be your target client When choosing images for your brand, pick ones like these. The style of stock photography works well for your brand. 02
  14. 14. IMAGE DON’TS VISUAL IDENTITY BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE Cartoon or vector images - use photographs instead Colors/patterns that are way outside of your color scheme Images of people who are outside of your typical demographic (too old, too young) People doing something in a stock photo that wouldn’t happen in real life When choosing images, avoid ones like these. 02
  15. 15. PATTERN VISUAL IDENTITY The imagery of tree trunk rings will show throughout your brand. Also, a custom pattern based off of your logo mark adds visual interest when needed. 01 BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE 02
  19. 19. WORDS & CONTENT
  20. 20. TONE OF VOICE BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE BRAND COMMUNICATION All of your brand communication should reflect the enduring values that you bring to every client interaction. Your tone should always be inviting and unjudging, and conversations should leave room for the other person to speak up and be heard. By asking thoughtful questions and creating engaging outreach methods, you will reinforce the idea of your brand being about the receiver (the client) versus the sender (you). Examples should include stories from your research and learning, personal experiences and lessons from previous work. You’ll sound: • Wise • Reassuring • Inspiring • Warm • Accepting • Reliable Not: • Judgmental • Closed-off • Elitist • Indecisive 03
  21. 21. WORD BANK • Do the work • Transformation • Safe space • Self-worth • Clarity • Distorted • Cared for • Not about me • Make a difference • Intrinsic well-being • Wholeness • Take control • Discomfort is not suffering • Truth • Visionary • Guidance BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE BRAND COMMUNICATION 03
  22. 22. TAGLINE Soul work to improve your human experience. OTHER OPTIONS • Restoring wholeness, acceptance and truth to the world – one individual at a time. • Opening the door to holistic transformation. • Guiding visionaries of all kinds to discover their own intrinsic well-being. BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE BRAND COMMUNICATION Your tagline is a “catch phrase” that describes your work to others at a glance. It can also be used as your main headline on your website. 03
  23. 23. STORIES CLIENT STORIES Sharing past client experiences, namely the indescribable “magic” they encountered working with you, will be an essential selling point for your messaging. YOUR “WHY” Your dedication to improving the global community and your industry as a whole plays a large role in your “why”. Share this passion with your audience to demonstrate your commitment to bettering each individual. HUMAN INTEREST Sprinkling in personal anecdotes (such as the one about your son asking, "Dad, what were you doing to make a difference?") brings your brand personality down to earth. Your audience will start to relate to you and see you as a presence in their lives before you even meet. BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE BRAND COMMUNICATION Stories sell. Use them in your client consultations, marketing, and conversations. By brainstorming stories that fit each of these categories, you’ll have a collection that you can tell over and over again that support and build your brand. 03
  25. 25. ACTION STEPS GET YOUR BRAND PHOTOS TAKEN I’d love to see your photos taken outside, so the natural color scheme melds with your brand. In addition to “normal” shots of you in the environment, I’d love to see images of you that are slightly ‘different.’ One example I’m imagining is one with a plain background, you looking straight at the camera, close up, with only half of your face showing. An image like that could work powerfully as a website header. You could also have the photographer do some more ‘abstract’ images like your hands reading a book, a portion of your face when you are talking, etc. The mystery and unconventional framing would help communicate your brand message. BRING YOUR WEBSITE TO LIFE Work with your designer to incorporate the colors, brands, voice, & ethos into a website. Aside from your content, I’m imagining the content to be very minimalist - not a lot of explaining what you do. Let your testimonials to do most of the talking. PUBLISH YOUR LONG FORM CONTENT Start building an online audience around your writing in preparation for your book release. (We’re all looking forward to reading your wisdom!) BRAND GUIDELINES JEFF RIDDLE LIVE YOUR BRAND 04
  26. 26. QUESTIONS?