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Podcast Host, Speaker Brand Book


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Podcast Host, Speaker Brand Book

  2. 2. CONTENTS This brand standards document explores the message, visuals, and expression of your brand. - Brand Message - Design & Visuals - Words & Content - Live Your Brand BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY
  3. 3. MOO DB OAR D The moodboard was curated to express the “mood” of the brand and to inspire the visual decisions. The magic and spirituality of nature is a primary visual cue in your brand. It is contrasted (and in some cases, literally combined like the two inner circles) with sacred geometry to signify the science that is integrated in your work.
  4. 4. B R A N D M E S S A G E
  5. 5. POSITION CORE IDEA To inspire individuals to see new possibilities and pathways in their lives and career. YOU R GOAL To help leaders overcome barriers, fulfill their purpose, and create a plan of action to meet their goals before they reach a crippling breaking point. H OW YO U ARE DIFFERENT You bring a sense of optimism and grounded realism to elusive concepts like spirituality and metaphysics. Your experience and natural demeanor provide you with authority and influence. You help your audience break down mental barriers and dissolve limiting beliefs by facilitating open, explorative conversations. You ask stimulating questions and support potential solutions with pragmatic evidence for “skeptical seekers” to process and accept. T HE END RES ULT Through public speaking and thought leadership, you provide individuals with the opportunity to explore facets of their reality and thinking that seemed closed off or unavailable previously. As a result, your audience gains a sense of purpose and understanding, and begin to see the world from a new, hopeful and optimistic perspective. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Message ONE
  6. 6. PERSONALITY EXP LO RER & MAGI CI AN P ERSO NALIT Y ARCHE TYP E Your mission is to lead your audience down paths of self-discovery and transformation, and equip them with the understanding to eventually walk forward on their own. When they encounter your brand, your audience FEELS: optimistic, enlightened, trusting, inspired, grounded, awakened, hopeful. You are: - Authoritative - Influential - Articulate - Honest - Down-to-Earth - Wise - Generous - Inquisitive BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Message + ONE
  7. 7. POINT OF VIEW WE ALL HAVE A GREATER PURPOSE TO SERVE AS INDIVIDUALS, AS WOMEN, AND AS LEADERS. Though at times we may lose sight of our purpose, we each have control over the impact we make. When we realign our mindset and lifestyle with our goals, and clarify our vision, we have greater influence over our lives and those around us. THE WORLD AND LIFE I TSELF OFF ER LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR AWE AND WONDER. When we open our eyes and minds to the tangible manifestations of wonder happening all around us, we create space for reflection and change. Physical, mental and emotional exploration are all essential to the human experience. WE CA N, AND SHOULD, U SE SPIRI TUALITY AND SCIENCE SIMULTANEOUSLY TO TRANSFORM OUR REALI TIES. Hope and reality are not mutually exclusive. Transformation occurs when we embrace concepts that once seemed inaccessible or elusive and approach them from a new, integrated point-of-view. Personal growth can only occur when we break down the barriers that prevent us from inviting it in. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Message ONE
  8. 8. When we take a modern, integrated approach to science and spirituality, the world opens up and rewards us with transformation, success and influence. UNIFYING IDEA
  9. 9. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE YOU R ‘U NFAIR ADVANTAGES’ ARE: - Your intrinsic ability to facilitate conversation, ask pragmatic questions and re-work convoluted concepts - Your calm, trustworthy demeanor that creates a safe space to dig into personal motivations and explore spiritual topics - The credibility and authority that you gained working with notable corporate clients - The distinct space you occupy at the intersection of science and spirituality - Your ability to help your clients simultaneously put down roots and grow upwards to fulfill loftier goals and ambitions BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Message ONE
  10. 10. D E S I G N + V I S U A L S
  11. 11. LOGO Visual Identity These logo options were designed to fit your brand message and personality. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY TWO
  12. 12. COLORS Visual Identity Your brand colors are “sacred feminine” with strong grey to ground the peach and gold. #E9B7A0 20% 40% 60% 80% #C5C5C5 #474750 BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY TWO GOLD FOIL #FFFFFF
  13. 13. PATTERNS Visual Identity The patterns are subtle and geometric. They can be used in backgrounds and as design accents to complement the organic nature photos. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY TWO
  14. 14. TYPOGRAPHY HEADLINES: RALEWAY MEDIUM ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO PQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() Visual Identity Body: Raleway Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() The fonts used in your brand are modern, clean, and easy to read. They don’t draw attention to themselves, so the focus stays on your message. The sans serif fonts feel futuristic. Both fonts are easily accessible in design programs. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Accent: Avenir Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz TWO
  15. 15. FONTS IN ACTION HEADLINE LEVEL 1 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. 1. Example 2. Example 3. Example 4. Example “This is a quote from a very impressive person.” -IMPORTANT PERSON HEADLINE LEVEL 2 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. - Example - Example - Example Visual Identity Main font color: #474750 Links: #288185 Headline spacing: 10-20% or 80pt Bullets are marked with a small dash, which complements the lines seen in the geometric shapes. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY TWO
  16. 16. I M A G E S T Y L E
  17. 17. IMAGE DO’S Visual Identity BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Humans in nature (especially people that could be your ideal client or a representation of yourself.) Lakes, mountains Macro/abstract images of nature elements (showing the magic in everyday elements) Images with interesting light coming through the composition When choosing images for your brand, pick ones like these. TWO
  18. 18. IMAGE DON’TS BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Explorer/adventure photos that are too “extreme” Images of space without the context of earth Stock images of people who are looking at the camera/posing. Cities, technology, indoor settings, or other man-made places/things When choosing images, avoid ones like these. Visual Identity TWO
  19. 19. GRAPHICS BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY The juxtaposition of nature images with sacred geometry is a great visual representation of your brand. It speaks to the cohabitation of science and spirituality. Visual Identity TWO
  20. 20. W O R D S + C O N T E N T
  21. 21. TONE OF VOICE BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Your brand communication should bring the same sense of grounded sensibility and explorative wonder that you emit during every conversation and speaking engagement. Your tone should always be warm and inquisitive. By reframing complex concepts and avoiding isolating jargon, you facilitate open conversations and foster new perspectives. You’ll sound: - Grounded - Intelligent - Authoritative - Professional - Inspiring Not: - Nonsensical - Judgmental - Assuming - Cold Brand Communication THREE
  22. 22. WORD BANK - Skeptical seeker - Awakening - Empowerment - Awe and wonder - Facilitate - Greater purpose and meaning - Understanding - Questions - Faith and spirituality - Inspiration - Science - Optimism and hope - Priorities - Pathways - Holding the torch - Lighting the way - Guide - Leading BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Communication THREE
  23. 23. TAGLINE THE POSSIBILITIES IN YOU Other Options: - Guiding leaders to find personal transformation, greater meaning and wider impact. - Facilitating internal awakenings and external transformations. - Illuminating the way for those seeking greater meaning and wider impact. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Communication Your tagline is a “catch phrase” that describes your work to others at a glance. It can also be used as your main headline on your website. THREE
  24. 24. STORIES THO UGH T LEADERS HI P Continue serving as a n auth ori ty f ig ure an d l ea der in t he b ridg ing of sc ience and spi rituality. Sha re your knowledge and ex p er tise whenever possib le, b ut mak e it ac cessib le fo r t he sk ept ical seekers. C LIEN T STORIES Give t he individuals that are im pac ted by yo ur work t he op po rtunity to sh are their results. Let them tell the wo rld about yo ur influence. C REAT E CO N VERSAT IO N Pose q uest ions an d c reat e spa ce for re flect ion. Gi ve the audienc e a c hanc e to di gest new co ncept s a nd p rovid e p rag matic evi dence to b ack up d if fic ult to pics. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Communication THREE
  25. 25. L I V E Y O U R B R A N D
  26. 26. ACTION STEPS UP DAT E YO UR WEB SI TE & EXI ST ING DESIG NS Use the new brand fonts, logo, colors, etc to update all of your brand touch points. SCH EDU LE A PERS O NAL BRAND PH OTOSH OOT I’d love to see updated headshot of you… looking authoritative, expert-like, and in your brand colors. KEEP B UI LDING YO UR BO DY O F WO RK & AUD IENC E Continue to lead through content creation in your areas of interest. BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Communication FOUR
  27. 27. BRANDEMIES IDE A EN EMIES - Fo cus o n the value of t he destinatio n and not t he journey - S piri tuality and scienc e are mutually exclusive - St ereotyp ical self-help gur us - W e are merely cog s in t he w heel (we are not in cont ro l ) NOT TO DO LI ST - Present co nvo lut ed topics wit hout exp lanat ion o r examp les - Dism iss op inio ns or deva lue q uest io ns - Over usin g and desensit izing the jo urney metaph or WE ARE N OT - The “sag e o n th e stag e” , yo ur sp eak ing eng ag ements should promot e interact ion an d en gag ement - A b abysitt er – you m ay lead the way, b ut you d on’t cod dle BRAND GUIDELINES SUZANNAH SCULLY Brand Communication FOUR
  28. 28. Q U E S T I O N S ?