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Marketing Agency for Law Firms Brand Book


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Brand strategy, logo design, visual brand identity, etc.

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Marketing Agency for Law Firms Brand Book

  1. 1. brand standards
  2. 2. CONTENTS This brand standards document explores the message, visuals, and expression of your brand. I. Brand Message II. Design & Visuals III. Words & Content IV. Live Your Brand Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel
  3. 3. MOODBOARD The moodboard was curated to express the “mood” of the brand and to inspire the visual decisions. Many of the visuals are inspired by the law industry with its historic courthouses, libraries of law books, and classic color schemes. We also pulled in some Celtic/Irish influences to honor your heritage.
  4. 4. B R A N D M E S S A G E
  5. 5. POSITION CORE IDEA Conroy Creative Counsel is an online marketing agency for the legal industry that specializes in website design. YOUR GOAL Along with the renaming the business, we want to move your brand messaging away from price (which anyone can compete on) to brand strengths that are unique to you. HOW YO U ARE D IF FERENT Beyond great looking websites, you offer knowledge and expertise that is hard to find elsewhere. Law firms are secure knowing that you have a proven process that you follow and that your terms are transparent and fair. TH E E ND R ES ULT After working with you, law firms and lawyers can finally be proud of the way they look online. The prestige and the reputation of their firm is improved because their online presence is up to par with their experience and knowledge. Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand message I
  6. 6. PERSONALITY SAGE & ROYAL PERSO NALIT Y ARCH ETY PE Your goal is to enhance the success of the clients you work with through your proven online marketing process. You have the “Midas touch” when it comes to law firms’ brands. When they encounter your brand, your audience FEELS: secure, impressed, knowledgeable, trusting, confident. You are: Smart, direct Driven Logical, practical Organized, detailed Level-headed, balanced Results-oriented Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand message I +
  7. 7. POINT OF VIEW IN TELL IGENCE AND CREATIVIT Y ARE BOTH IM PORTANT You can’t out-SEO a bad site and a pretty site doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work. You need to have both: form and function. You need to have the looks to attract the people and you need to have the function to drive marketing goals and to attract online traffic. The websites that we build are beauty WITH brains. PLAN TO SUCC EED We don’t leave the success of your projects up to creative chance. We’ve developed a system that you’ve proven over many, many clients that gets results. When you have a plan, work gets done. And it gets done right. ST RAI GHTFORWARD P ROC ES S We don’t appreciate double-speak, hidden fees, or surprises either - so we’ve purposefully published our pricing and our process so that you know exactly what you are signing up for. Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand message I
  8. 8. S M A R T C R E A T I V I T Y F O R T H E L A W I N D U S T R Y manifesto
  9. 9. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE YOUR ‘UNFAIR ADVANTAGES ’ ARE: You’re a long-standing published writer on recognizable industry blogs (leverage this more!) Your MBA credentials and no-nonsense style are a perfect fit for working with lawyers You have a history of successful client work and testimonials that you can leverage You have a proven system to execute great sites & online marketing. Now, you need to tell your potential clients about it! Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand message I
  10. 10. D E S I G N + V I S U A L S
  11. 11. LOGO visual identity These logo options were designed to fit your new brand message and name. Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel II
  12. 12. PRIMARY COLORS visual identity Your primary brand colors are “law library chic.” They feel authoritative, strong, and capable. The warmth in the brown speaks to your intelligence and smarts. The blues are sturdy and professional. All of the colors are timeless, which will appeal to an industry that is slowly acclimating to new technology and ways of doing business. #186275 20% 40% 60% 80% #9AB5B3 #A74827 20% 60% 20% 60% Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel II
  13. 13. SECONDARY COLORS visual identity The bright gold offers a sophisticated pop of color to draw attention to buttons and other “action items.” The taupe and white are neutrals to balance out the rest of the palette for background colors and text colors (on dark backgrounds.) #DBB555 #E4D9BE #FFFFFF Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel II
  14. 14. PATTERNS visual identity The patterns are inspired by your Irish heritage, but still keep a very refined and sophisticated style. These can be used in your print materials or very sparingly as accents in online design. Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel II
  15. 15. TYPOGRAPHY HEADLINES: RALEWAY LIGHT ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO PQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() visual identity Body: Chaparral Pro Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() The fonts used in your designs mix a very modern style with a more traditional authoritative feel. They are clean and polished. Raleway Light feels creative and modern. Chaparral Pro feels more traditional. The mix of the two is a metaphor for what you do every day: bring modern technology and results to an established industry. Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel Accent: Chapparal Pro Light Italic abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz II
  16. 16. FONTS IN ACTION HEADLINE LEVEL 1 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. I. Example II. Example III. Example IV. Example “This is a quote from a very impressive person.” -IMPORTANT PERSON HEADLINE LEVEL 2 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. Example Example Example visual identity Main font color: #00000 Links: #9b4e25 Blue accent: #829796 Headline spacing: 10-20% or 80pt Numbers use the Roman Numeral system, which is often used in the law industry. Bullets are marked with a small graphic element which feels slightly Celtic in the context of the rest of your brand. Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel II
  17. 17. I M A G E S T Y L E
  18. 18. IMAGE DO’S visual identity Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel Law-based symbolism: books, scales, courthouses, etc. Mockups of designs and images that have an air of sophistication and prestige Images of you, the expert. People that could be your target market working, reading, and looking successful When choosing images for your brand, pick ones like these. II
  19. 19. IMAGE DON’TS Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel Images with color schemes that are way outside of our brand’s palette Vector or clip art images. Keep it high-end with photorealistic or actual photography Mockups or graphics that are overtly feminine Cheesy or low quality stock photos When choosing images, avoid ones like these. visual identity II
  20. 20. ICONS Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel The icons give us a modern visual style to communicate with on the website. The weight of the icons is similar to Raleway Light. The design style is refined and high-end, which is what our ideal clients want for themselves. Color: #9B4E25 visual identity II
  21. 21. W O R D S + C O N T E N T
  22. 22. TONE OF VOICE Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel Content and communication from your brand should be straight-forward, direct, and smart. You’ll back up your claims with evidence from past clients or industry benchmarks. Whenever possible, you’ll avoid online marketing jargon to keep your meaning clear. YOU’ LL SO UND Intelligent Thoughtful Direct Experienced NOT Casual Wishy-washy Too “decorative” Jargon-filled brand communication III
  23. 23. BRAND NAME Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel CO NROY CRE ATIVE CO U NSEL The name… Conroy Consults wasn’t working for your brand anymore. It was reminiscent of your MBA days before you had become a leader in the law industry. The new name, Conroy Creative Counsel speaks directly to your intended audience: lawyers. It keeps your name in it, which speaks to the personal care you give each of your clients. It then marries the two aspects of your work: Creativity + Knowledge. brand communication III
  24. 24. WORD BANK You’re the best lawyer for the job. You’re not like every other lawyer. Be seen as the leader you are. Transparent & fixed pricing Value-based investment No surprises Reputation Modernize your firm Measurable results Look great online Organized Smart and creative Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand communication III
  25. 25. TAGLINE smart online marketing for law firms OT HER OPTIONS Your legal reputation builder We know law firms. And websites. You’re not like other law firms. Does your website look like you are? Upgrade your Law Firm Online Smart creativity for law firms Experts in Law Industry websites Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand communication Your tagline is a “catch phrase” that describes your work to others at a glance. It can also be used as your main headline on your website. III
  26. 26. STORIES LOW TO HIGH ORIGIN STO RY Your low to high origin story is how you came out of your MBA and realized how much you could help law firms online. Share a quick anecdote of a “wrong turn” (starting working in a different industry, or doing what everyone else was doing by focusing on SEO, or whatever the case was in the beginning…) and what your turning point was. End the story by sharing the high point you are on now (# of clients you work with a year, total number of sites launched, etc.) T HOUGHT LEADE RS HIP Your brand is built on the marriage of style with substance. Keep sharing your knowledge in every capacity that you can, specific to the law industry. Writing, speaking, etc — you are the expert. Keep being the expert. C LIENT R ES ULTS Telling your clients’ stories of transformation is going to be an incredibly important piece of your brand. Show the results of your work in the stories of real clients. Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand communication III
  27. 27. L I V E Y O U R B R A N D
  28. 28. ACTION STEPS UPDATE YOUR WE BSITE & EXISTING DESIGNS Use the new brand fonts, logo, colors, etc to update all of your brand touch points. S CHED UL E A PERS ONAL B RAND PH OTOS HO OT I’d love to see updated headshot of you… looking authoritative, expert-like, and in your brand colors. (This may need to wait until after baby…) MOVE FOC US FROM PRICE TO EXPERIENCE Add a section on your homepage and on the services page that talks about the process that you take each client through. Take a prospect client through a project step-by- step so they are confident in moving forward. CAPTURE CLIE NT RESULTS Beyond testimonials, build in a process of capturing your clients “before” and “after” states. It would be powerful ‘data’ that you could leverage in future marketing because it proves your impact. Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand communication IV
  29. 29. BRANDEMIES IDEA ENEMIES Style or substance without the other Obeying the whims of creative notion (working without a plan) NOT TO DO L IST Lead with price as your distinguishing factor WE ARE NOT An SEO or tech-focused firm The cheapest option Brand Guidelines Conroy Creative Counsel brand communication IV
  30. 30. Q U E S T I O N S ?