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Life & Entrepreneur Coach Brand Book


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Life & Entrepreneur Coach Brand Book

  1. 1. BRAND BOOK
  2. 2. CONTENTS This brand standards document explores the message, visuals, and expression of your brand. Brand Message Design & Visuals Words & Content Live Your Brand BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE
  3. 3. MO OD BOA RD The moodboard was curated to express the “mood” of the brand and to inspire the visual decisions. The colours are strong yet comfortable. The textures are a little messy and organic. This contrast is an important part of your brand message. You take care of people, and you do it with tough love.
  4. 4. Brand Message
  5. 5. POSITION CORE IDEA To help recovering people pleasers rediscover their enthusiasm, confidence, and vision for their work. YOUR GOAL To launch your brand and business to your ideal client, and build your consultancy business through consistent leads. HOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT With your wide variety of work and life experiences, you’re able to help you clients from a variety of perspectives. You offer tons of tough love, practical solutions, and resources they can use right now. You give people clear starting points and steps to get where they want to go. THE END RESULT Through 1-on-1 work with you, your clients will rediscover their reason for getting out of bed each morning. They will return to work with a renewed enthusiasm and vision for their impact. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Message 1
  6. 6. PERSONALITY CAREGIVER & HERO PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE Your brand’s mission is to create a safe and structured place for recovering people pleasers to reclaim their confidence in their work. The interesting mix of Caregiver & Hero means that you give lots of love, but tough love. You create a safe place and you also set lots of boundaries around your work. You are not a business charity. You have a sense of purpose and value. When they encounter your brand, your audience FEELS: renewed, cared for, motivated to do better, hopeful, accountable, “regrouped,” capable. You are: Honest Loyal Punctual Thoughtful Direct Practical Reasonable Tough BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Message + 1
  7. 7. POINT OF VIEW MANY PEOPLE LOSE THEIR SENSE OF PURPOSE. IT’S UP TO US TO KEEP RENEWING IT. Whether you are a recent retiree or a solopreneur who’s been “at it” for a while, it is natural to lose course and direction over time. When you start to feel aimless or unmotivated, it’s time to revisit your reasons why you love the work that you do. TOUGH LOVE IS FIERCE LOVE While coddling and over-accommodating works for some people, recovering people pleasers need a structured place to reclaim their own boundaries and confidence in life. I offer the tough love necessary to make this happen. PRACTICAL AND RESOURCEFUL ARE MY MIDDLE NAMES When some people only offer ideas and motivation, my mantra has always been to push up my sleeves and get to work. I dig deep with my clients and offer them tools to do the same. Everything we do together is practical and applicable to their daily life. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Message 1
  8. 8. I give recovering people pleasers a structured & safe space to reclaim their enthusiasm, vision, and zest for life. UNIFYING IDEA
  9. 9. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE YOUR ‘UNFAIR ADVANTAGES’ ARE: You’re a survivor. You’re scrappy. When work gets tough, you get tougher. You find ways around the “impossible.” You get work done. Instill these same ideas into your clients. Your own journey from pleasing others to drawing your own lines in the sand will inspire others that they can do it too. You tell it like it is. Your ability to cut straight to the truth will command respect from your clients. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Message 1
  10. 10. Design & Visuals
  11. 11. LOGO Visual Identity Your main logo is a mix of the messy Yorkshire script and the quirky *yet strong* Pier Sans fonts. The secondary mark can be used as a watermark on images, your business card, and other applications. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE 2
  12. 12. COLOURS Visual Identity Your brand colours walk a line between being bold and unapologetic but yet natural and comfortable. The same balance that is in your personality is personified by these colours. The burnt orange is energetic and demands attention. The blues are strong and sturdy. (Representing your Hero Archetype) The browns and taupe balance the palette with a homey comforting feeling. (Alluding to your Caregiver Archetype.) #E07E5C 20% 40% 60% 80% #192A3A #3D6571 BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE #9D6A59 #F1DBC4 2
  13. 13. PATTERNS Visual Identity The patterns and textures used for your brand are organic and natural. When possible, a recurring visual theme of concentric circles or pointing towards the middle will be used to communicate the re-discovery process you help your clients through. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE 2
  14. 14. TYPOGRAPHY HEADLINES: PIER SANS ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 Visual Identity Body: Lora Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 The fonts used in your brand are bold and full of personality. Pier Sans is a quirky and bold headline sans serif font, which feels strong but not aggressive. Your accent, Yorkshire Brush Script, is a bit messy and organic, like your style. The Lora serif font pulls everything together with a more established and trustworthy feel. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Accent: Yorkshire Brush Script Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 2
  15. 15. FONTS IN ACTION HEADLINE LEVEL 1 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. 1. Example 2. Example 3. Example 4. Example “This is a quote from a very impressive person.” -Important Person HEADLINE LEVEL 2 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. Example Example Example Visual Identity Main font color: #192a3a Links: #e07e5c Bullets are marked with a hand drawn arrow, which complements the other organic elements in your brand. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE 2
  16. 16. Image Style
  17. 17. IMAGE DO’S Visual Identity BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Nature images that are a metaphor for your work (walking a path, seeing the light through the trees, a new dawn.) Natural and organic textures, especially aged wood Everyday moments that show your own enthusiasm for work and life Nature images that feel like “home” to you. They add a sense of comfort to your brand. When choosing images for your brand, pick ones like these. 24
  18. 18. IMAGE DON’TS BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE People images that are clearly not your ideal client (too young, too old, etc.) Places that are definitely not NL or Canada Nature images that are overwhelmingly green or another off- brand color instead of blue & brown. Black and white photos (stick with colors) When choosing images, avoid ones like these. Visual Identity 2
  19. 19. GRAPHICS BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Throughout the brand, hand drawn elements will be used as accents. Your first name will be used to “sign” your blog posts. Visual Identity 2 .
  20. 20. Words & Content
  21. 21. TONE OF VOICE BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Your brand communication should use your “tough but loving” style that you speak with. Don’t be afraid to swear, or to call people out on their “stuff.” Just make sure that you aren’t shaming people or making them feel bad about themselves… give them a way out. Use self-depreciating humor to add lightness into your brand. You’ll sound: Frank Opinionated Strong Well-traveled Not: Judgmental Cold Harsh Brand Communication 3
  22. 22. WORD BANK Recovering people pleaser Rediscover your vision Set boundaries Renewed enthusiasm Practical steps Line in the sand Shit show Focus Confidence Regroup Joy List / Shit List The person you used to be Safe space BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Communication 3
  23. 23. TAGLINE REDISCOVER YOUR REASON OTHER OPTIONS: Set your boundaries. Live your life. Renew your enthusiasm Renew. Regroup. Revive. Focus on your passion again. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Communication Your tagline is a “catch phrase” that describes your work to others at a glance. It can also be used as your main headline on your website. 3
  24. 24. STORIES SURVIVOR LIKE YOU Tell your own stories of your people-pleasing days and what you learned from each situation. Make sure that your clients know that you are “in the trenches” with them, not some guru figure. CLIENT STORIES Share testimonials and case studies from your most successful clients. Let them tell the world how amazing you are. :) PRACTICAL IDEAS Give clients and potential clients a taste of what working with you is like by sharing some of your best exercises and steps to reclaiming purpose and vision in your life. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Communication 3
  25. 25. Live Your Brand
  26. 26. ACTION STEPS CREATE YOUR WEBSITE Use the new brand fonts, logo, colors, etc to update all of your brand touch points. SCHEDULE A PERSONAL BRAND PHOTOSHOOT I’d love to see updated headshot of you… looking authoritative, expert-like, and in your brand colors. BETA CLIENTS Identify and offer your services to potential “ideal clients” that you can hone your process with in return for feedback and testimonials. “SHIT LIST” OPT IN QUIZ Instead of saying THEY are a shit show, have them identify how many things in their life are on their “Shit List.” This maintains your brand personality but shifts the blame from them to their life circumstances. Even if we are to blame for our own situations, none of us wants to admit that. :) BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Communication 4
  27. 27. BRANDEMIES IDEA ENEMIES Take whatever work you can get You aren’t meant to like your work… that’s why it’s called work. NOT TO DO LIST Over deliver beyond your own set boundaries Make people feel bad about their progress or lack of direction WE ARE NOT A guru… you are in the trenches with your clients, so make sure they know that. It will add to the authenticity and attractiveness of your brand. A charity – you may offer intro and beta offers, but you have strict guidelines about when and how much clients pay you for your valuable work. BRAND GUIDELINES VickyKNEE Brand Communication 4
  28. 28. Questions?