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Corporate Trainer Brand Book


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Interested in building your own brand? Discover what is possible for your business:

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Corporate Trainer Brand Book

  1. 1. B R A N D B O O K
  2. 2. CONTENTS This brand standards document explores the message, visuals, and expression of your brand. • Brand Message • Design & Visuals • Words & Content • Live Your Brand BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY
  3. 3. MOOD BOA RD The moodboard was curated to express the “mood” of the brand and to inspire the visual decisions. The colors are strong, bold, and refined. Bold, organic text and patterns make the brand feel more accessible and welcoming.
  4. 4. Brand Message
  5. 5. POSITION CORE IDEA Anyone can turn their dream life into an everyday reality. Success, freedom and wealth are all within reach. All they need to do is invest in the right training to grow and build their skill set. YOUR GOAL To help individuals live their dream life by providing educational resources, serving as a source of inspiration, and empowering them to realize they have the ability to realize true success. HOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT You embody the values and lessons that you share with your community. You are constantly stretching your own boundaries, making personal discoveries, growing your network and expanding your skill set. Your passion for sharing your knowledge with new or struggling entrepreneurs displays your generous spirit and natural leadership ability. Your confidence inspires trust and positions you as an authority, while your availability fosters personal connection and affinity. THE END RESULT Through trainings, courses, and events, you make yourself available to your audience as an educator, support system, mentor and inspirational figure. Those on the receiving end of your trainings are instilled with the confidence and skills to follow their vision and take immediate action. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Message 1
  6. 6. PERSONALITY ROYAL & CREATOR PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE Your mission is to lead your community of corporate professionals toward lasting success and a new, elevated lifestyle. When they encounter your brand, your audience FEELS: inspired, motivated, hopeful, courageous, encouraged, energized, able. You are: • Authoritative • Knowledgeable • Capable • Energetic • Articulate • Motivating • Empowering • Driven • Innovative BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Message + 1
  7. 7. POINT OF VIEW YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. You are the leader of your life and the creator of your reality. To alter your lifestyle you must take responsibility for your role and take action. Now. YOUR DREAM BOARD CAN BECOME YOUR DREAM LIFE. For driven and empowered entrepreneurs, dreams are more than far-reaching fantasies. They are goals within reach, ready to be made reality. YOU MUST FIRST INVEST IN YOURSELF TO REALIZE TRUE SUCCESS. When some people only offer ideas and motivation, my mantra has always been to push up my sleeves and get to work. I dig deep with my clients and offer them tools to do the same. Everything we do together is practical and applicable to their daily life. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Message 1
  8. 8. You can have the life you have always dreamed of. I am here to help you create it. MANIFESTO
  9. 9. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE YOUR ‘UNFAIR ADVANTAGES’ ARE: • Ability to reach and inspire a group of people through speaking engagements and events • Balance between an authoritative, confident presence and friendly, warm accessibility • Influential training style and penchant for idea creation • Willingness to share your knowledge and skills with fellow entrepreneurs BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Message 1
  10. 10. Design& Visuals
  11. 11. LOGO ALT 1 Visual Identity This alternate logo combines the continuous flow of the circles, with a diamond shape to symbolize the quality of your work and training. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY 2
  12. 12. COLORS Visual Identity Your brand colors are show your strength, quality, and leadership in the market. The gold adds a nice yellow- hue contrast to the blues and grays. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY 22
  13. 13. TYPOGRAPHY HEADLINES: MONTSERRAT BOLD ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 Visual Identity Body: Montserrat Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 The fonts used in your brand are bold and clean. As a contrast, the bold and organic Adventime is used very sparingly as a design accent to add back in some personality into your brand. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Accent:Adventime Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 2
  14. 14. FONTS IN ACTION HEADLINE LEVEL 1 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. 1. Example 2. Example 3. Example 4. Example “This is a quote from a very impressive person.” -Important Person HEADLINE LEVEL 2 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. • Example • Example • Example Visual Identity Main font color: #000000 Links: #58A9BF The text in your brand is clean, easy to read, and accessible to all. This is an important message to send to the corporations you will be working with. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY 2
  15. 15. ImageStyle
  16. 16. IMAGE DO’S Visual Identity BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Images of people in circles… extending the visual theme from your logo into your images. Diverse students engaging in training. Images of you, as the leader of your community. Detail images that look like they could be in your classroom. When choosing images for your brand, pick ones like these. 2
  17. 17. IMAGE DON’TS BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Cliche corporate metaphors / clip art Nature images won’t have a big place in your brand. Focus on growth, achievement, success. Stock images of people doing things that would not happen in real life. Work at home entrepreneurs are not your ideal client - stick to the corporate feel. When choosing images, avoid ones like these. Visual Identity 32
  18. 18. GRAPHICS BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY These are examples of your colors, fonts, and patterns coming together sample social media designs. Throughout the brand, hand drawn elements will be used as accents. Visual Identity 2
  19. 19. GRAPHICS BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY These are examples of your colors, fonts, and patterns coming together in sample website elements. Visual Identity 2
  20. 20. ICONS BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY The icons have a mix of feeling “hand drawn” and “corporate” at the same time. By enclosing them in a circle, we are extending the visual theme into more elements of your brand. Our goal is to create repetition so your brand is easily recognizable and memorable. Visual Identity 2
  21. 21. Words& Content
  22. 22. TONE OF VOICE BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Your brand communication takes on various mediums, from written word to in-person delivery to large groups. Regardless of the format, all of your messaging should position you as an authority figure in the realms of entrepreneurial and corporate training. Let your content and training results communicate your knowledge and expertise, while your achievements and awards provide support from the sidelines. Just as you would in a speech, use anecdotes and personality to foster engagement and trust. Root your communication in powerful language and an action-oriented approach to energize and motivate your audience. You’ll sound: • Authoritative • Inventive • Inspiring • Confident • Driven Not: • Inaccessible • Dismissive • Inexperienced • Cold Brand Communication 3
  23. 23. WORD BANK • THE Authority in Training • The new standard of training is here. • Make it real • Authority, expert • Capable • Dream board • Training • Educate, Inspire, Empower • Take action • Create • Skill development • Training the trainer • Live, learn & succeed • Community • Continuous learning • Connection BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Communication 3
  24. 24. TAGLINE REMARKABLE LEARNING EXPERIENCES OTHER OPTIONS: • Inspire. Educate. Empower. • Live, learn, & succeed. • Realize your biggest dreams. Become your best self. • Create your dream life. Starting now. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Communication Your tagline is a “catch phrase” that describes your work to others at a glance. It can also be used as your main headline on your website. 3
  25. 25. STORIES THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Continue sharing your messages through every medium you can. Your expertise shines through when you put yourself in front of an audience, live or virtual. Keep seeking out those opportunities to grow your community. CLIENT STORIES The purpose behind your trainings is to transform the lives of those you work with. Give them the chance to share their stories and put their results at center stage. APPLICABLE TAKEAWAYS Your community flocks to you because you motivate and inspire them to take the next step. Share practical examples and ideas for your reader or listener to walk away with and execute. EDUCATE AND ENGAGE Your content should be accessible and informative. Empower your audience by explaining how concepts can be applied and encourage active engagement with the material for better retention. Tailor your material to the specific audience through examples and anecdotes. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Communication 3
  26. 26. LiveYour Brand
  27. 27. ACTION STEPS CREATE YOUR WEBSITE Use the new brand fonts, logo, colors, etc to update all of your brand touch points. Focus the messaging on your ideal corporate client. SCHEDULE A PERSONAL BRAND PHOTOSHOOT I’d love to see updated headshot of you… looking authoritative, expert-like, and in your brand colors. IDENTIFY NETWORKING/ SPEAKING OPPS Learn about events where your ideal clients attend and learn. Pitching yourself as a speaker at these events would be a great way to establish your authority in the international market. BUILD CONTACTS Start building your email list, LinkedIn connections, and other platforms with a focus on your ideal corporate client. BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Communication 4
  28. 28. BRANDEMIES IDEA ENEMIES • Only certain types of people can succeed • Negativity or doubt • Taking the easy route • “It’s impossible” • Focus on the past rather than the future NOT TO DO LIST • Avoid presenting your lifestyle as too lofty or unattainable • You are the example, don’t stop pursuing more knowledge or expertise • Don’t isolate your students or ignore questions • Don’t disregard your experience or accomplishments • Leave your audience without an actionable next step WE ARE NOT • A magician (your students have to put in the work) • Exclusive to established entrepreneurs BRAND GUIDELINES THE TRAINING AUTHORITY Brand Communication 4
  29. 29. Questions?