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Brand Evolution - Concept 1


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Published in: Design
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Brand Evolution - Concept 1

  1. 1. Representing the earth and stabil- ity. the square also signifies a new beginning or direction to help guide seekers out of confusion or darkness. The circle is a universal symbol for oneness, unity, wholeness, comple- tion and sacred space. The dot represents the point that each individul is at in his or her cycle of life.
  2. 2. The arch represents a passageway to something more or a period of transition. The Anchor is a symbol for both hope and steadfastness. When raised it can represent an adventure or next “port” in someones life.
  4. 4. Grounded in reality, truth, and science Transformation and hope, change and discovery Elements of mystery, the unseen Conncetion, safe place
  5. 5. SUZANNAH S s c u l ly S
  6. 6. S S Your ability to spark conversation and discovery are the center of your brand platform What’s interesting is the unseen and unexplained
  7. 7. Core Idea Science and spirituality do not have to be distinct. You empower individuals to discover their personal motivations and priorities by facilitating a mindset shift that combines both rational thinking and faith. Your Goal To help leaders overcome barriers, find their purpose, and create a plan of action to meet their goals before they reach a crippling breaking point. How You Are Different You bring a sense of optimism and grounded realism to elusive concepts like spirituality. Your experience and natural demeanor provide you with a sense of grounded authority and influence. You help your audience break down mental barriers and dissolve limiting beliefs by facilitating open, explorative conversations. You ask stimulating questions and support potential solutions with pragmatic evidence for “skeptical seekers” to process and accept. What You Deliver Through public speaking and thought leadership, you provide individuals with the opportunity to explore facets of their reality and thinking that seemed closed off or unavailable previously. As a result, your audience gains a sense of purpose and understanding, and begin to see the world from a new, optimistic perspective.