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BNB Student: Deborah


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BNB Student: Deborah

  1. 1. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM Magnetic Moms Brand Standards
  2. 2. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM CONTENTS This brand standards document explores the message, visuals, and expression of… 1. Brand Message 2. Design & Visuals 3. Words & Content 4. Live Your Brand
  3. 3. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM MOOD BOARD The mood board was curated to express the “mood” of the brand and to inspire the visual decisions.
  5. 5. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM POSITION CORE IDEA Moms do heroic things. Every day. Moms do things no one else would do. They’re out there overcoming obstacles and getting the job done. For their kids. Because that’s what moms do! I help moms creative amazing relationships with their kids. I’m talking about the kind of relationships where kids eagerly come to moms to talk about whatever is on their minds. Because kids need strong relationships with their moms to take on the world! OUR GOAL Our goal is to empower moms with the knowledge and skills to impact their children’s social and emotional growth. Our goal is to create a community of smart progressive moms all having 30 minute momentous playtimes once a week with their children. HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT Our specific audience is moms of kids in the toddlers to preteen years. We believe it is important to start early and to use a child’s play for personal growth and parent-child attachment and connection. We recognize that play is a child’s most natural form of language and communication. We also believe that parents are the most natural mentors for their children’s growth. We believe that children learn best in moments of connected reflection provided in our unique brand of parent-child playtimes. 01 brand message
  6. 6. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM POSITION WHAT WE DELIVER 1. Playtime Power Online program 2. Worksheets and Scripts 3. Mastermind Facebook community 4. Step by step professional support 5. Playtime Power Intensive Live Event 6. 1 on 1 personal play sessions with kids. 7. Personal coaching for moms. 8. Art as adjunct to counseling for teens and preteens. 9. Counseling for individuals throughout the lifespan. 01 brand message
  7. 7. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM PERSONALITY THE HERO & SAGE ARCHETYPE I want to create a world where moms joyfully share stories of the wonderful things they’ve experienced and discovered playing with their kids in special playtimes. My greatest motivation is to pass on the knowledge and experience I’ve gained through my parenting journey and see lives changed as a result. When they encounter my brand, my audience feels: empowered, determined, educated and engrossed. I am: knowledgeable, motivational, direct, progressive, and smart. I am: brave, protective, strong, direct, curious, innovative, authentic and independent. Channel your inner Katniss (Hunger Games) when you communicate with your audience. Add in some Spock (Star Trek) moments and remember Spock has his witty moments too! So let your natural wit shine through. 01 brand message
  8. 8. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM POINT OF VIEW MOTHERHOOD IS AN AUDACIOUS CALLING Moms are called to empower kids to take on the world with courage and skill. To do this, moms must observe and understand all they can about what their kids are experiencing and who they are becoming. DISCIPLINE IS OVER-RATED Discipline falls short. It takes more. Moms who exhaust time and energy on discipline miss a limited opportunity. A child’s best personal growth happens not in moments of correction but in moments of connected reflection. Children routinely experience this in my playroom. Child centered play therapists have been creating these moments with kids for the past 60 years behind closed doors. Research has proven that when moms used the trade secrets I use in my playroom, it’s a game changer for mom and for kid. My brand of 30 minute 1x a week momentous play times gives mom what she needs to create this dynamic growth relationship for her and her child. FREEDOM AND SELF-EXPLORATION It’s possible to raise kids who don’t need to recover from childhood but instead are well prepared for life. Kids need to explore who they are in the world. They need to take risks. They need both freedom and limits to experiment safely. And they need moments of connected reflection. Kids need moms with the skills to facilitate growth in play. Both kids and moms need shared experiences to build lifelong collaborative relationships. 01 brand message
  9. 9. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM “Most moms are already good moms. What they need is some radically new skills to bridge the communication gap that exists because moms have LEVEL 80 abilities while kids don’t.” manifesto —Deborah Woods, NCC
  10. 10. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM MY IDEAL CLIENTS NEW SOLUTIONS TO OLD PROBLEMS My ideal client is a mom raising her children who believes the old ways of doing things as a mom aren’t enough to raise kids who are equipped to meet the challenges of the future. Kids need new solutions and it’s up to us moms to empower them to create those new solutions for themselves. RAISING KIDS THAT FLOURISH My ideal clients are not moms who laugh about how they hit their kids or believe that hitting, spanking, or other forms of punishment are what’s needed raise children who behave themselves. My ideal client is a mom who desires to raise a kid who doesn’t have to recover from the mistakes she’s made as a mom PASSIONATELY COMMITTED Moms are challenged to preserve the best of the past and to release what doesn’t serve to make to a better future. Their heroic journey is about finding ways to triumph through the challenges and raise kids they’re proud to claim in public. I would describe my ideal client as passionately committed to her family, brave even when she’s afraid, and determined to fight for what’s best for herself and children. My ideal clients are ready to try something new even if it requires change. 01 brand message
  11. 11. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM UNFAIR ADVANTAGE You focus your energies on working with moms and kids. You have a rich depth of experience as a professional counselor and child therapist. You’ve worked with hundreds of kids and spent more than 10,000 hours playing with kids in your unique brand of play therapy. Your passion and commitment to creating great parent- child relationships is real. Your enthusiasm is contagious. You raised a son who has overcome ADHD, social anxiety and learning disabilities. You have been a mom seeking therapy for your son and have known the pain of mother- blaming. Because of that, you bring a deep empathy and respect for moms into your work. You live what you teach. You’re not just doing it to do it. You have overcome incredible challenges and you are a true hero. Your message comes from your life story. It’s deeply personal. Share that with your audience! When you combine all this with your impeccable credentials and professional training, you stand out from the crowd. 01 brand message
  13. 13. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM LOGO 02 visual identity This logo gives a hero look! Magnetic Moms MM HELPING KIDS TAKE ON THE WORLD
  14. 14. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM PRIMARY COLORS visual identity Green for calming, harmony, healing and growth. Green inspires possibilities. The majority of people choose blue or green as their favorite colors. The darker cool green is the primary color and the lighter, warmer green is the accent color. 02
  15. 15. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM SECONDARY COLORS visual identity Black is for text. White is for the backgrounds. The Egyptian Blue can be used for accents, and call to action buttons. 02
  16. 16. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM COLOR CHART visual identity This is my branding color palette chart. #393A3F 02 Red: 57 Green: 58 Blue: 63 #8C8C8C Red: 140 Green: 140 Blue: 140 Sample HEX R: G: B: C: M: Y: K: Pan Dominant Action Light Dark Accent #1 Accent #2 ONE Dominant color (Primary color associated with your brand) ONE Primary Action Color (for calls to action, links and buttons) ONE Light Color (for fonts and backgrounds) ONE Dark Color (for fonts and backgrounds) TWO to THREE Accent Colors (to use in your images and on your website to interrupt your basic color scheme when you want to accentuate or highlight something special)
  17. 17. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM PATTERNS BRAND GUIDELINES visual identity Bold messy black on white circles and triangles convey a message of modern connection. 02
  18. 18. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM TYPOGRAPHY HEADLINES: FUTURA ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() visual identity Body: Futura Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() Accent: Freeland ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() Futura for it’s bold lines and Futura Light for consistency . As an accent I chose Freeland for it’s boldness. Headline: # Body: #000000 Quote: # 02
  19. 19. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM FONTS IN ACTION HEADLINE LEVEL 1 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. 1.Example 2.Example 3.Example 4.Example “This is a quote from a very impressive person.” -Important person HEADLINE LEVEL 2 This is a description paragraph. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. This is a link that links to another page. It explains the purpose of the page and describes the title to the left. •Example •Example •Example visual identity Short paragraph that explains this page Colors: Headline: # Body: # Quote: # 02
  20. 20. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM ICONS Oljknmp visual identity Icons can be used in web design to call attention to specific information. The lime green accent color provides a pleasing eye grabbing choice. 02
  21. 21. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM IMAGE STYLE
  22. 22. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM IMAGE DO’S visual identity This is a great. Mom is following her little one’s play. This dad is engaged in interactive play and not taking over! Imaginative family and happy family play! Imaginative space hero play with mom in right role, smiling warmly and not taking over. 02 These are types of images to be used.
  23. 23. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM IMAGE DON’TS visual identity While I love the imaginative play here the photo is too filtered. Lifting child or having child on back thing feels like mom’s a jungle gym not the mentor to a hero. Avoid baby pictures too. Black and white photo of sad mom, not playing, no happy kids! Don’t use pictures showing pain. Let’s save messy play for high level programs, not intro level marketing! 02 These are examples of the types of images not to use.
  24. 24. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM GRAPHIC SAMPLES visual identity Graphic sample here. Graphic sample here. Graphic sample here. Graphic sample here. 02 These samples show how the brand images, fonts, patterns, and colors can all come together.
  25. 25. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM WORDS & CONTENT
  26. 26. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM TONE OF VOICE 03 brand communication Content and communication from Deborah Woods, NCC and Magnetic Moms should be, authentic and progressive, not the same old solutions to the same old problems. Communications should reflect solid practical expertise and experience to give amazing value and results. The tone of voice should feel warm and confident without sounding cold and clinical. Examples should include real life personal experiences as a mom and a therapist, not theories. Stories should include inspirational and achievable possibilities. Include clear and concise, easy to implement with success, action plans. You’ll sound: Empowering Confident Relatable Positive Strong Capable Practical – No Clinical Jargon Honest not Perfect Supportive not Patronizing Direct Deborah Woods, NCC and Magnetic Moms brand needs to sound like an experienced champion who has been there, done that and won. Here’s how it should sound…
  27. 27. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM TONE OF VOICE EXAMPLES 03 brand communication WE WOULD SAY Hey Brave Mama, WE WOULDN’T SAY Dear Ma’am: WE WOULD SAY With big bold brave love, WE WOULDN’T SAY Respectfully, Keep brand values and personality in mind when writing content for my brand. This includes emails, marketing materials, website, and every other customer touchpoint.
  28. 28. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM BRAND NAME 03 brand communication MAGNETIC MOMS The brand name speaks to moms as my tribe. Magnetic conveys that these moms have something special that sets them apart from the crowd.
  29. 29. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM WORD BANK • Hero’s journey • Epic adventures • Hunt the good. • Don’t go it alone. • Simple but not easy • Nothing great ever came easy. • It takes strength to be compassionate. • Courage is contagious. • Hope takes on a life of its own. • Struggle is a chance to be brave. • Strength comes from struggle. • Firm boundaries protect LOVE. • Courage is found in unlikely places. • Walk your path with courage. • Conflict makes the story interesting. • Luke Skywalker had his Obi-Wan Kenobi. Bilbo had Gandalf. And your little hero needs you. • Understand the hero’s journey your child is called to. • Prepare her even before she’s called to her journey. • AKA Warrior. Champion. Victor. • Make the world a better place. • Heroic purpose • Generous knowledge 03 brand communication These are the words, phrases, and ideas that should be built into copy, course content, and communications to express the Deborah Woods, NCC and Magnetic Moms brand. Keep adding to this list! Include words and language my clients actually use.
  30. 30. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM WORD BANK: QUARANTINE • Intake • Psychological assessments • Filial therapy • Avoid long lists of diagnoses • Clinicians • Practice includes but is not limited to anxiety, depression, etc. • Mindfulness • Acute care • Crisis intervention 03 brand communication These are the words, phrases, and ideas that should NOT be used in communications to express the Deborah Woods, NCC and Magnetic Moms brand. Keep adding to this list!
  31. 31. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM WORD STYLE • • • 636-795-3155 • Deborah Woods, NCC • National Certified Counselor • #PlayTells • #BeFluentInPlay • #DecodePlay • #ReadBetweenTheLines • #LookCarefully • #PlaysHiddenMeanings • #SpeakPlay • • • • • • #PlayMatters 03 brand communication This is the style to be used for consistency. Keep adding to this list!
  32. 32. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM TAGLINE Because kids need mentors to help them hone their skills to take on the challenges that face them in the world every day. The mission is to raise kids who make the world a better place as they live out their own heroic journeys with courage and heart. AND will one day take their place mentoring others. OTHER OPTIONS Helping kids share what’s on their hearts. Happy Confident Kids Empower a new generation. Empower new generations. Epic relationships. Amazing relationships. Remarkable relationships. Remarkable connection. Amazing connection. Strong connections. Strong relationships. Epic connections. Epic connections that last. Epic lifetime connections. Epic lifelong connections. Great kids. Lifelong connections. She’s got skills! Radical. Brilliant. Bold. 03 brand communication The tagline is a “catch phrase” that describes your work to others at a glance. It can also be used as your main headline on your website. Helping kids take on the world.
  33. 33. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM BIOS SUPER SHORT (SOCIAL, BY LINE) I help moms create amazing relationships where kids eagerly come to them to talk about anything. MEDIUM (PROFILE, BLURB) These two sentences explain the headline above. Keep it short, simple, and succinct. LONG (ABOUT PAGE) These two sentences explain the headline above. Keep it short, simple, and succinct. 03 brand communication
  34. 34. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM STORIES LOW TO HIGH Strategic story developed for webinar. WHY STORY I am dedicated to helping kids live happy childhoods because I didn’t. Turning Point Story from TPS Intensive. HUMAN ELEMENTS My raising Ryan stories. “You’re not even a good counselor.” CLIENT STORY The story of how Jane came to trust her parents after play therapy following abuse at an in home daycare. BRAND VALUE STORY Abused boy declared in a play session, “Mrs. Deborah, I can handle anything.” TEACHING STORY 4th grade David directs Man from U.N.C.L.E. play to make peace with the class bullies. 03 brand communication Stories sell. Use them in your client consultations, marketing, and conversation. By brainstorming stories that fit each category, you’ll have a collection that you can tell over and over again to support and build your brand.
  35. 35. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM CONTENT PLAY Play is a seriously useful tool that comes in a child’s starter pack of skills at birth. Kids who play, level up their abilities more quickly than kids who don’t. MOTHERING Moms who use the power of play to bridge the communication gap are the most effective mentors! COMMUNICATION Moms and kids have a natural communication gap because kids are born with LEVEL ONE skills and abilities while moms have leveled up to LEVEL 80. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Moms who tune into their children’s play using CommuniPlaytion help kids build Emotional Intelligence. 03 brand communication
  37. 37. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM ACTION STEPS FREE REPORT #1 Prepare my Callan style free report from my Signature Talk. UPDATE WEBSITE #2 Decide on new website. SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS #3 Look into using Canva for Work, paid upgrade. EMAIL LIST #4 Develop email list and autoresponder. GET SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS #5 Schedule more speaking engagements like the MOPS groups. 04 live your brand
  38. 38. Brand Standards MAGNETICMOMS.COM BRANDEMIES IDEA ENEMIES • Inauthenticity of professional distance. • Appearing too clinical. • The idea of a quick and easy magic pill. • Stoic impatience with those who seem not willing to work for results. • The traditional clinical mental health behavioral medicine medical model. NOT TO DO LIST •Don’t promise easy bliss. •Don’t get stoic, arrogant or judgmental. •Don’t use professional jargon. WE ARE NOT •A quick fix for kids or moms •A mystical transformation •A traditional caregiver nurturer brand •A magic pill •Insurance providers •Medical model diagnostic focused 04 live your brand