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Ben Blackmore's presentation from the Digital Marketing for the Pharmaceutical Industry Workshop on 17th Oct 2012

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Bmorecreative Digital Mystery_Oct2012

  1. 1. Ben BlackmoreDigital Marketing Master Class for the Pharmaceutical Industry 17th October 2012
  2. 2. A team of creative like minded individuals brought together byBen Blackmore (former Design Director at Life HC)We have been producing digital solutions for more than 15 years in thePharma industry, so have delivered effective ‘digital’ through the .comcrash and before the social media explosionFor many years we would receive a brief or enquiry almost always withthe same sign off: "...we are not too sure, but can you have a think and try to be more creative?"The agency was created to answer that question with a simple response"Yes, we can!"
  3. 3. digital •  Website design and programming advertising •  Content managed website (CMS) design •  E-commerce websites | PCI •  Mixed media advertising campaigns compliance•  Logo design and corporate •  Online and in press •  Online stores and shopping baskets identities •  Digital marketing •  Apps for iPad, iPhone and•  Concept and branding •  Social media marketing (SMM) smartphones•  Creative design and artwork •  Mobile phone marketing •  Database creation and management services •  Copywriting •  HTML newsletters | QR codes•  Advertising: Online and in press •  Market research and analysis •  CD-ROM design and programming•  Brochures | Book design •  Strategic marketing •  Flash banner ads and presentations•  Leaflet and flyer design •  Communication planning and •  Powerpoint and Keynote execution presentations•  Newsletters for print and HTML email •  Press release management •  Web2.0, W3C and browser •  Public relations compliance•  Business and folder packs •  Direct marketing •  Search engine optimisation (SEO)•  Exhibition and conference design •  Event management and organisation •  Digital strategies and workshops•  2D and 3D illustrations •  Media planning and buying •  HD video and stings for websites•  Packaging and product design •  Internal marketing campaigns•  Photography •  Online ad words and pay-per-click•  Print management services campaigns
  4. 4. Why does the Pharmaceutical industry appear to be in a ‘digital’flap about ‘digital solutions’?
  5. 5. ‘Digital solutions’ have become an essential part of day-to-day work and Life, no matter what you do, (Pharma,Consumer, HCP or Patient) a digital device will influence youalmost every second, of every day.
  6. 6. …hasbecome theonlinepowerhouseof informationand DATA
  7. 7. Top 10 mobile marketing stats •  There are 7 billion people on Earth. 5.9 billion own a cell phone. 4.6 billion own a toothbrush. •  It is estimated by 2013 mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage, meaning every website should be optimised for display on mobile devices. •  Continuing from above on average mobile users wait just 5 seconds for a site to load on their mobile phone, with the vast expectation that sites will load in less than 3 seconds therefore if your site isn’t efficiently optimised people won’t stick around. •  On average mobile users spend near 3 hours a day on social networking sites accessed via their mobile devices, that’s more time than is spent eating per day (1.4hrs), so if you want your brand to be seen make sure it has an active presence on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook which are usually embedded into most mobile devices general setup. •  61% of mobile owners use their device daily to play games, and this figure is steadily rising. Boehringer Ingelheim’s Syrum game is just one example of how Pharma can embrace the rise of gamification. Source: marketing-stats/
  8. 8. Top 10 mobile marketing stats •  Apps are being downloaded left, right and centre, with Apple reporting downloads of 46m daily, and some 10.9billion downloads in the last 3 years. •  200 million youtube videos are accessed via a mobile device daily, does your company have a youtube channel? •  On average it takes 90 minutes for someone to respond to an email received via a desktop system but just 90 seconds to reply to a text. With many mobile users now receiving emails direct to their mobile phones, all emails sent should be optimised for mobile view. •  8/10 mobile searches lead to action, whether that be a purchase, download or recommendation. •  Mobile web subscription already outnumbers fixed broadband subscription by 2:1. Source: marketing-stats/
  9. 9. cloudWe recommend a cloud hosting solution: - 100% Service level agreement - Scale and measureable to Global requirements - Reduced Cost: b more creative have our own cloud server Cloud technology is paid incrementally, saving organizations money. - Increased Storage, Highly Automated, Flexible solution which we can setup for your use if - More mobility required.
  10. 10. domainWe recommend you register and use a single lead domain.Geotagging (also written as GeoTagging) is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various mediasuch as a geotagged photograph or video, websites, SMS messages, QR Codes or RSS feeds and is a form of geospatialmetadata. This data usually consists of latitude and longitude coordinates, though they can also include altitude, bearing,distance, accuracy data, and place names.
  11. 11. CmsHow do you effectively manage a global digital solution across multiple markets with differentlanguages and local nuances to overcome?- We recommend you build your own bespoke Content Management Solution.Process: - Plan and design the Global website and select 1 country (UK) as lead content CMS version. - Educate the signatories, Zinc approve the sitemap, architecture and develop the content. - Complete phase 01 beta testing. - Translate the relevant modules and content for each country. - Train the IT department and internal digital team. - Upload test site to ‘staging area’ to view CMS version. - Final testing for approval and sign off. - Launch site.The CMS can be built to use a standard rich or simple text formatso internal documents like Microsoft Word can be used to circulatecontent for sign off and approval.CMS area will have a staging area for all newcountry specific sections to view and approvecontent before it can go LIVE.
  12. 12. How do you reach your target market?
  13. 13. Make sure your agency understandsthe correct rules and regulations forcompliance across all of yourdigital solutions
  14. 14. Idispep.comIdis web app solutionOptimised for use on iPad and mobile devices   Offers free online CPD training modules   Launched Sept 2011 – more than 1 thousand active users   New content added monthly
  15. 15.   Growing – new users daily  Partners with CPDEasy  Mixed media (in press and online) promotions  SEM (SEO) campaigns  Facebook page
  16. 16. Added value services –congresses Idis EAHP previs, image & info graphic +conference review
  17. 17. Storyboard and animaticsHumatrope®Patient education campaign (iPad and DVD) •  Customers requested a DVD as a patient ‘preferred’ platform. •  Sales have seen a significant increase since the educational video was launched.
  18. 18. elaprase®UK and IRE sales aid
  19. 19. elaprase®Adult patient education campaign
  20. 20. How lung cancer works - BespokePatient education campaign (iPad) Bi educational video
  21. 21. Putting it into practice•  Make sure its mobile compatible!•  Optimise websites for use across multiple devises –  Design for touchscreen –  Use resolution dependent layouts•  Understand how mobile behaviour is different to web•  Never settle
  22. 22. Fully integrated mixed mediacampaign for NAPP / Qdem
  23. 23. Please click on this link: enter this password: BmoreXd1To watch the case study video for the NAPP/QDEM fully integrated mixed media, print anddigital campaign.
  24. 24. 0044 1256 0044 1256