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IM UvT Iscram


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Published in: Technology, Business
  • having a nice time in the city of Tilburg (ISCRAM summer school)
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  • enjoyed the disaster game even though it left me exhausted.actually you must be happy because learning took place that night.keep well.
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IM UvT Iscram

  1. 1. Information ManagementImpact Measurement & Requirements Kenny Meesters | 17-8-2012
  2. 2. Kenny MeestersEducation:• Business Engineering• Information Management/Strategic ManagementCurrently:• Information Manager for Cordaid Haiti• Graduation thesis with UN OCHAAlso• FIRST LEGO League• Scouting / Programmer k_meesters kmeesters k.j.m.g.meesters
  3. 3. The formation of the COI
  4. 4. Impact Evaluation
  5. 5. What do we know? to know? What do need? we want Humantiarian aid Business Practice Theory
  6. 6. What do we need?In general… (1) Define Humantiarian aid Business Practice Indicators Situations Theory (2) Measure (3) Analyze Status quo Comparison New situation Conclusion
  7. 7. In general…Applications Humantiarian aid Business Practice assessment 2. Impact 3. Program evaluation Theory 1. Impact evaluation Project A Project B
  8. 8. ApplicationsUse for V&TC• Impact evaluation •Determine how well• Impact assessment specific initiatives perform Humantiarian aid Business •Adjust Practice and fine tune specific decisions/projects• Program evaluation •Determine ‘best’ response •Manage provided solutions •Secure resources Theory •Advocate V&TC
  9. 9. Use for V&TCNext steps• Design of the framework – Variables to include Humantiarian aid Business – Creating a model Practice – Calibrating, empirical data• Consider the framework in regards to: Theory – Volunteer management – Evaluators – Decision makers needs
  10. 10. UN (OCHA) Overall impact of the response to a crisis Impact of the decision making process on crisisThe impact of information products on the decision making process The effect of data processing on information products V&TC The impact of data collection on data processing Soft- en hardware impact on the system performance
  11. 11. Measuring impact“The goal is to provide the correct information, to theright people at the right time. “ Right time Right information Right people Products Products Products match reach are up needs right to date users
  12. 12. Haiti Earthquake 2010
  13. 13. Changing Haiti: 16/6 Project
  14. 14. Cordaid Shelter Program•
  15. 15. The start• Assessment forms for 11.456 family’s• After program start information is added in Excel.• But more information is added over time• Split over 2 areas Training Contracts Targets ReportsDeliveries Construction Assessments Programs bosses Partners Payments Villa Rosa Tissous
  16. 16. Difficulties• Find all information of one beneficiary If a name changes Training Contracts Targets ReportsDeliveries Construction Assessments Programs bosses Partners Payments
  17. 17. A central databaseDeliveries Payments Beneficiaries Construction TrainingContracts Programs DatabaseArea / Zone Reports Progress Bosses Partners
  18. 18. Embedding Build Change Cordaid Shelter Cordaid Finance Community 1. Selected beneficiaries to be verified List E AREA MANAGER 2b. Verify 2. Verify benef info RFC A requested change CDF RFC A 2c. Sign off on change Strategic AREA MANAGER RFC A 2d. Update system DATA ENTRY 3a.. Add to 3. Design service program and delivered RFC B update progess DATA ENTRY Design surface + application form 4a. Check COMMITTEE 5. Update 4b. Application, database with Design Service, Application, contract, design service Tactical status, NIF/CIN Contract CDF CDF Application, contract, design service 6. Sign off on contract AREA MANAGER Application, contract, design service 7. Add budget, verify info PAC 8. Create payment RFC C PAC List F 8a. Create payments 9a. Dispatched 9. Update List G payments and payments List H dispatchOperational CDF List G 9b. Beneficiary PAC Receive payment 10. Update CDF List I 11. Work payments status finished List I to delivered PAC/ D.E. 12. Sign off on handover RFC D document AREA MANAGER RFC D 12a. Update progress steps Update status 12b. Work done finished DATA ENTRY
  19. 19. Major pitfalls Assumptions Stay “connected” Communication User needs
  20. 20. 2 different worlds
  21. 21. Overwhelming?
  22. 22. Increasing Impact
  23. 23. Requirements Engineering
  24. 24. Increasing the impact of information (systems)1. Identify your (potential) information ‘users’ .2. Understand their stakes and interests3. Translate to what users want to know and when.4. Combine with your expertise and possibilities5. Design products, process and systems accordingly
  25. 25. Efficient, Effective Reach NGOs, Impact Make a difference operation Impact Efficient, Development, Effective Operation NGO “Push” V&TC Agent Innovative Research Products Tools • Translate needs to requirements Overview Coordination, Volunteer Clear objectives Option • Inform on solutions • Implementation • Tacit knowledge transfer • Intermediary in ‘market’
  26. 26. Di ou mèsi!