)URP $XJXVW                $XJXVW
                           Day 1 – Thursday, August 6
                           Welcome to Edinbu...
Day 4 – Sunday, August 9
7KH 'HWDLOV                                                                                          Southlake Travel
Single Supplement: $ 86'
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Scotland Trip 2009


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Profile - 2009 Culinary tour of Scotland with Darren McGrady, The Royal Chef.

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Scotland Trip 2009

  1. 1. &XOLQDU ([FXUVLRQ )URP $XJXVW $XJXVW (QMR D &XOLQDU 7RXU RI (GLQEXUJK DQG DQ LQVLGHU·V WRXU RI WKH URDO SDODFHV ZLWK 'DUUHQ 0F*UDG ² IRUPHU &KHI WR + 0 4XHHQ (OL]DEHWK ,, DQG 'LDQD 3ULQFHVV RI :DOHV You are invited on a tour with The Royal Chef, Darren McGrady as he personally guides you through the Palace RI +ROURRGKRXVH WKH RI¿FLDO 6FRWWLVK UHVLGHQFH RI KHU Majesty the Queen and Glamis Castle, birthplace of the Queen Mother. Highlights of the trip include the Military Tattoo, a culinary presentation by The Royal Chef, and an exclusive tour and dinner on Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia. RX ZLOO JHW D ¿UVWKDQG XQLTXH LQVLJKW LQWR WKH GD WR GD life of Britain’s royal family through the eyes of Darren and KLV ¿IWHHQ HDUV URDO VHUYLFH Southlake Travel :KHUH 'UHDPV %HFRPH 5HDOLW
  2. 2. 7KH 7ULS Day 1 – Thursday, August 6 :KHUH :H 9LVLW Welcome to Edinburgh! You are met upon arrival at Edinburgh International Airport and transferred to our centrally located hotel, The Apex City Hotel. Explore this wonderful city of Edinburgh; a city of elegant streets, cobbled alleys and incomparable sunsets. Gather tonight for a glass of wine to renew friendships and meet new friends. Hotel: Apex City Hotel Meals: Welcome reception Day 2 – Friday, August 7 3O 3DODFH RI + O I +ROURRGKRXVH GK This morning we get together for coffee with The Royal Chef at the hotel, hearing tales from the Royal Chef as he traveled from the position of Junior Chef at Buckingham Palace to the position of Personal Chef for Princess Diana. Our day today starts with a tour of the Palace of Holyroodhouse WKH RI¿FLDO UHVLGHQFH LQ 6FRWODQG IRU KHU PDMHVW WKH 4XHHQ DQG ZKHUH 'DUUHQ WUDYHOHG WR HYHU VXPPHU IRU HOHYHQ HDUV WR FRRN IRU WKH 4XHHQ DQG KHU JXHVWV 7KLV SDODFH LV ULFK LQ KLVWRU DQG WRGD WKH 6WDWH $SDUWPHQWV DUH XVHG UHJXODUO E 7KH 4XHHQ IRU 6WDWH FHUHPRQLHV DQG RI¿FLDO HQWHUWDLQLQJ /XQFK ZLOO EH DW WKH %UDVVHULH DW 7KH 6FRWVPDQ +RWHO $IWHU OXQFK ZH VHDUFK IRU DQWLTXHV LQ WKH *HRUJLDQ $QWLTXHV 0DUNHW WKH ODUJHVW FROOHFWLRQ RI DQWLTXHV LQ 6FRWODQG +0 %ULWDQQLD 'LQQHU WRQLJKW LV DW WKH IDEXORXV $PEHU 5HVWXDUDQW LQ WKH 6FRWFK :KLVN +HULWDJH HQWUH Hotel: Apex City Hotel Meals: BLD Day 3 – Saturday, August 8 6DWXUGD LV PDUNHW GD LQ (GLQEXUJK DQG D JUHDW UHDVRQ WR VWUROO WKURXJK WKH EXVWOLQJ Edinburgh Farmers Market with The Royal Chef as he points out and we sample LQGLJHQRXV 6FRWWLVK IRRGV 7KH PDUNHW KDV HYROYHG VLQFH LW ¿UVW RSHQHG DV D VPDOO PRQWKO HYHQW LQ LQWR D VKRZFDVH IRU 6FRWWLVK DJULFXOWXUH Lunch today will be at Olarosa’s, which features the most stunning views across both the Firth of Forth and Edinburgh Castle. Then we’re off to visit Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia now moored permanently in Leith. The Royal Yacht has played host to some of the most famous people in the world, but, above 0LOLWDU 7DWWRR DOO VKH ZDV KRPH WR +HU 0DMHVW WKH 4XHHQ DQG WKH 5RDO )DPLO D ÀRDWLQJ SDODFH Once onboard you will discover the heart and soul of this most special of royal residences as you experience an exclusive tour with access to areas unavailable on normal tours, including the royal galley (kitchen). Champagne and canapés will be served on the tour followed by an eight course dinner LQ WKH URDO GLQLQJ URRP ZKHUH WKH URDO FKHI SUHSDUHG D VWDWH EDQTXHW ZKHQ WKH 4XHHQ entertained Presidents Regan and Ford. After dinner, Darren will regale us with his favorite adventures on the high seas and share royal memorabilia. Hotel: Apex City Hotel Meals: BLD Southlake Travel :KHUH 'UHDPV %HFRPH 5HDOLW *ODPLV DVWOH
  3. 3. Day 4 – Sunday, August 9 :KHUH :H 6WD This morning you have a chance to sleep in a little and enjoy a free morning of leisure. Grab a Pub lunch on your own, or with Darren at Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar before we venture forth to Glamis Castle, built in 1034 and the home of the Queen Mother’s birthplace in $QJXV 6FRWODQG 7KLV H[SDQVLYH FDVWOH ZLWK LWV VWXQQLQJ DUFKLWHFWXUH RIIHUV ULFK KLVWRU DV well as beautiful grounds and gardens on a 14,000 acre estate. This evening is open for your personal discovery of Edinburgh… we might recommend The Edinburgh Theatre Festival or take in one of the many of the festivals in the city. Hotel: Apex City Hotel Meals: B Day 5 – Monday, August 10 7KLV PRUQLQJ ZH¶OO H[SORUH WKH XQLTXH Belhaven Smoke House, located in Dunbar. The EHDXWLIXO WRZQ RI 'XQEDU LV RQ WKH 1RUWK 6HD FRDVW RI (DVW /RWKLDQ DERXW PLOHV HDVW RI (GLQEXUJK :H¶OO VDPSOH PDQ RI WKH VPRNHG PHDWV DQG ¿VKHV WKDW DUH WUDGLWLRQDO 6FRWWLVK FXLVLQH 1R WULS WR 6FRWODQG ZRXOG EH FRPSOHWH ZLWKRXW VWRSSLQJ IRU $IWHUQRRQ 7HD WRGD ZH stop at the beautiful Balmoral Hotel D OX[XU ¿YHVWDU SURSHUW LQ WKH YHU KHDUW RI Edinburgh. $IWHU D TXLFN VXSSHU RI )LVK DQG KLSV ZH KHDG RII WR WKH Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle. This colorful military musical spectacular celebrates its 60th season this year, including highlights such as the Massed Pipes Drums, the Massed Bands of the Royal Air Force, along with the highland dancing, and the haunting notes of the Lone Piper, DQG LQ WKHLU ¿UVW 7DWWRR DSSHDUDQFH WKH HQWUDO %DQG RI WKH 6ZLVV $UP %ULQJ RXU $SH[ LW +RWHO cameras for this one! Hotel: Apex City Hotel Meals: BD, Afternoon Tea Day 6 – Tuesday, August 11 We’re off this morning to Cooking School by Martin Wishart, a renowned cooking school just outside of town. Chef Darren McGrady will delight us with a 3 course meal he prepares with local produce and VSHFLDOWLHV 7KLV LQWHUDFWLYH FODVV ZLOO VKRZ XV ³EHVW SUDFWLFHV´ WHFKQLTXHV IRU WKH FKHI LQ DOO RI XV ZKLOH VDPSOLQJ KLV ZRQGHUIXO 6FRWWLVK UHFLSHV DQG ¿QH ZLQHV After lunch, we take a delightful ride through the countryside to Ballathie House Hotel in nearby Perth where at 17 years old Darren learnt to cook. We’ll stay the night at this elegant country house hotel that offers guests beautiful accommodations in an estate setting. g. 2XU ¿QDOH GLQQHU ZLOO EH FHOHEUDWHG LQ WKHLU ¿QH GLQLQJ URRP D WUXO 6FRWWLVK VHQVDWLRQ %DOODWKLH +RXVH Hotel: Ballathie House Hotel Meals: BLD Day 7 – Wednesday, August 12 Southlake Travel 'HSDUW IRU (GLQEXUJK ,QWHUQDWLRQDO DLUSRUW IRU RXU ÀLJKW KRPH :KHUH 'UHDPV %HFRPH 5HDOLW
  4. 4. 7KH 'HWDLOV Southlake Travel :KHUH 'UHDPV %HFRPH 5HDOLW START: (GLQEXUJK 6FRWODQG FINISH: (GLQEXUJK 6FRWODQG What’s Included: ABOUT US A highly-personalized travel concierge - All accommodations on a shared twin/ - Afternoon Tea at Balmoral Hotel service that arranges memorable trips, double room basis - Walking tour with Royal Chef through cruises, exotic vacations and travel for - Daily breakfast at hotel Edinburgh’s Farmers Market WKRVH ZLWK GLVFULPLQDWLQJ WDVWH 6R whether you’re looking for a private jet - Round-trip transfers from Edinburgh - Walking tour with Royal Chef Airport to hotel WKURXJK $QWLTXH 0DUNHWV to Paris, a villa in Tuscany, tickets to WKH *UDQG 3UL[ LQ 0RQDFR JRO¿QJ DW - Entrance and tour of Palace of - Entrance to Military Tattoo at Holyroodhouse Edinburgh Castle 6W $QGUHZV RU DQ LVODQG HVFDSH WR WKH Caribbean, we can arrange every detail. - Cooking demonstration by - Entrance, tour and dinner on Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia The Royal Chef - Entrance and tour of Glamis Castle - Farewell celebration dinner AVAILABILITY - Three lunches and four dinners This exclusive culinary tour with The Royal Chef will be limited to Spontaneity: We build all of our itineraries as exhaustively as possible; however, 15 – 20 adults; with a minimum of we also leave room for the spontaneity of the group, the creativity of the guide, and the 15. To avoid disappointment (and the XQSUHGLFWDELOLW RI WKH HOHPHQWV 7KXV DOO LWLQHUDULHV DUH VXEMHFW WR PRGHVW PRGL¿FDWLRQ inevitable waitlist), please book early. dependent on local weather, new opportunities, and the desires of the group. Trip Operator: Travelbound, a tour operator specializing in travel arrangements to Europe.. BOOK YOUR TRIP CONTACT: Dates Prices Karen M. Dawson Duration: 6 Nights / 7 Days 1300 Concord Ave Dates: $XJXVW ± $XJXVW 6RXWKODNH 7; kdawson@southlake-travel.com Prices: $ 86' 3HU SHUVRQ EDVHG XSRQ GRXEOH RFFXSDQF
  5. 5. 3KRQH Single Supplement: $ 86' PAYMENTS 3ULFHV DUH EDVHG DW $ 86' WR RQH *%3 )LQDO SULFH ZLOO EH DGMXVWHG RQ 0D DEPOSITS *HWWLQJ 7KHUH $ 1,000 per person non-refundable deposit at time of booking (to guarantee Flights: tickets hotels). Deposit must be UHFHLYHG E )HEUXDU )LQDO 3OHDVH EH DGYLVHG WKDW PRVW LQWHUQDWLRQDO ÀLJKWV DUULYH HDUO LQ WKH PRUQLQJ DQG FKHFNLQ IRU SDPHQW ZLOO EH GXH RQ 0D the hotel is not until 3pm. Travel Services: )RU WKH FRQYHQLHQFH RI RXU WUDYHOHUV ZH ZRXOG EH KDSS WR DVVLVW RX ZLWK ÀLJKWV WR JHW WR DQG IURP WKH WULS ,I RX UHTXLUH DVVLVWDQFH EHRQG WKH ÀLJKWV LH LI RX ZLVK WR H[WHQG your stay or arrive earlier), or if you wish to make private or custom travel arrangements, please call us to discuss your needs. Please note that a service transaction of $50.00 will EH FKDUJHG IRU DUUDQJHPHQWV VXFK DV ÀLJKWV WUDQVIHUV DQG KRWHO URRPV WKDW DUH RXWVLGH WKH planned itinerary. © 2009 Southlake Travel