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Share point 2013 the way to go...


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Take this opportunity to learn more about SP 2013 and find out about the plans other organizations have for SP 2013. Some of the common concerns now include:
Should I wait for SP 2013 or move on with SP 2010?
How do I justify for SP 2013's investment?
With great improvements in features and usability, the SP product team now says that the web/intranet team can focus more on engaging with users needs rather than vendors' implementation. So what role do we play in SP 2013, and what role do vendors play?
What does it mean for migration from earlier versions of SharePoint?

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Share point 2013 the way to go...

  1. 1. SharePointSharePoint 2013 the way to go… By K.Mohamed Faizal , Lead Consultant, Chief Architect Office NCS (P) Ltd, Singapore / @kmdfaizal
  2. 2. Today Intranet needs
  3. 3. Intranet – The Evolution Source : Optimus BT (Intranet trend best practices)
  4. 4. Intranet needs
  5. 5. Intranet 2012/2013 - Vision Source : Optimus BT (Intranet trend best practices)
  6. 6. Top 6 Features of Intranet Collaboration Content 2 3 IntranetCommunication Task Oriented 1 4 Search Social 6 5
  7. 7. Search and “Find-ability” Search features of the best intranets include:• Search-as-you-type (like Google), which predicts what users are looking for• Wildcard searches (*, &, AND, OR)• Suggested criteria for similar searches when no matches are found• Search results sorted by view count• Smart search that recognizes common misspellings,• Smart search that recognizes content tags• Capability to index multiple sources (a federated search) • Tag content, allowing content to be better found by others • Search on a topic by • Who created or contributed to the content, • matching people by skills rather than names & departments only
  8. 8. SocialSocial features, the best intranets include:• Tagging of content, • Microblogging• Content sharing, • Activity feeds• Commenting/voting and • @Mention• Creating stronger user profiles • Like• Search archives of • Follow documents messages/profiles/tags • Photos and videos• Real time feeds• Activity Stream • Real-time chat• Knowledge mining • Groups / discussion forums • Events • Blogging • App store
  9. 9. CollaborationCollaboration features, the best intranets include:• Tapping the collective knowledge of the workforce• Improve team building and morale• Improve communication• Develop cross-disciplinary skills• Gain cross-disciplinary insight• Get more perspectives• Get team and stakeholder buy in• Improve innovation• Exercise flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal• Assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, and value the individual contributions made by each team member• Custom apps for very specific needs• Social collaboration on your intranet• Collaboration is important because it is a leadership skill. Any good leader knows that it has to let go of some control wherein passing it down to someone else and working together• Work faster and more cost effectively
  10. 10. Community / Recognition and RewardsCommunity features, the best intranets include: • Gamification to engage • Intrinsic Motivation Forums • Increase user engagement • Influence behavior • Reduce time, costs Blog, Wiki Doc feedback • Improve quality of service • Drive user adoption, learning, loyalty • Short Feedback loop Community • Leaderboard, Rewards, Recognition and Badges
  11. 11. CommunicationCommunity features, the best intranets include: • Use dynamic content to make sure homepages are update automatically on a regular basis and keep users coming back. • What’s happening in the business? • What’s the leadership team focusing on? • What are my colleagues working on? • Global communication • CEO’s message, column or even blog, the main corporate news bulletins and more. • Local communication • ‘Local’ communication is targeted to local or specific areas of a business. • Regional office or department, • Departments such as Sales, IT or HR, and also often by employees themselves via a ‘submit news’ feature or similar. • Employee-to-employee communication
  12. 12. SharePoint
  13. 13. Outline Organize Discover Share Design &Build Manage
  14. 14. Collaboration Passing Along
  15. 15. Sharing Issue• Granting access to a site can be a bit convoluted • Users don’t understand what permission level to grant to other users • Users generally dont know who all has permissions on a site • Users can’t see the invitations that have been sent out to external users. • Users don’t understand what rights they are giving people when they add them to a SharePoint group • You can only request access if you have no access at all • No obvious ways to ask for additional access • You can’t share with others if you don’t have Grant Permissions right, which only Owners have • Users have no way of seeing the status of their requests • Sharing is typically done for the whole site, when usually the only thing people want to share is a web, list or library • Site owners don’t have a place to see all pending requests and to manage the
  16. 16. Social Share
  17. 17. Social net @ Work Post updates to let your colleagues know what you’re working on Follow people, documents sitesAsk questions ?, Like and Reply and tags
  18. 18. Communication Share content
  19. 19. Share Content with Social Power  Communities  Community sites with self-service administration and moderation  Modern community features such as achievements and reputationDiscussions Modern discussion boardsBlogs Client application integration Categories, comments, and moderation
  20. 20. Content Collaboration
  21. 21. Streamline common tasks
  22. 22. Create Sites in few clicks
  23. 23. Securely work together
  24. 24. Task Oriented Organize Project and Task
  25. 25. Manager your to-do list
  26. 26. Keep track on Projects Integrated task with timelineManage Project with Shardcalendar and Timelines Task : Gantt chart view
  27. 27. Search Discover Information
  28. 28. Discover relevant results and Grow your next work
  29. 29. Discover relevant results and Grow your next work
  30. 30. Design and Build
  31. 31. Theme Gallery• This is what the new theme gallery looks like, along with a sample of an HTML 5 based theme:
  32. 32. CommunicationBusiness Intelligence Excel BI Instant analysis through In Memory BI Engine Power View Add-in Excel Services Improved data exploration Field List and Field Well Support Calculated Measures and Members Enhanced Timeline Controls
  33. 33. CommunicationBusiness IntelligencePerformancePoint Services • Filter enhancements and Filter search • Dashboard migration • Support for Analysis Services Effective User• Visio Services • Refresh data from external sources – BCS and Azure SQL • Supports comments on Visio Drawings • Maximum Cache Size service parameter • Health Analyzer Rules to report on Maximum Cache Size
  34. 34. MobileClassic and Contemporary views formobile browsersAutomatic Mobile BrowserRedirectionTarget different designs based onuser agent stringOffice Mobile Web Apps Excel PowerPoint WordPush notifications
  35. 35. SharePoint
  36. 36. SharePoint By K.Mohamed Faizal ,Lead Consultant, Chief Architect Office NCS (P) Ltd, Singapore / @kmdfaizal