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  • Slide Objectives:Explain the differences between traditional self-hosting and the three options of Windows Azure hosting.Notes:In a traditional environment you must manage the full stack. With Windows Azure you can choose a variety of options depending on your needs.
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how Windows Azure websites are simple, easy, and open.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain the three scale choices on Windows Azure Web Sites.Notes:Both free and shared are the same architecture. The only difference is that free has quotas where as with shared you can use and pay for as much resources as you choose. With reserved you isolate your application to your own virtual machines that you can use and pay for whatever resources you choose.
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how you can start with a small site hosted for free.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how you can scale your site to multiple shared instances.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how you can move to reserved instances for additional scale.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how you can scale up reserved instances to multiple instances as needed.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how you can host multiple sites that you own on a your reserved instances.Notes:
  • DemoLength: 10 minutesCreate Wordpress Blog in Web GalleryDownload Publish FileOpen in WebMatrixEdit ThemeSave/DeployShow site with changesRun locally Add theme -> Can we find an enterprise theme, team status or something similarDeploy to cloudShow running in cloud
  • Slide Objectives:Explain that Windows Azure Web Sites supports Classic ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js out of the box and that you can also host any custom FastCGI handler.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how developers have a choice in publishing methods to Windows Azure Web Sites and that regardless of which method they choose publishing is fast and easy. You can even publish from a non-Windows machine using FTP or Git.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how Windows Azure Web Sites is part of a large ecosystem of partners that allow developers to build rich and connected applications.Notes:
  • Windows Azure Website

    1. 1. Building web site quickly withWindows Azure Web SitesBy K.Mohamed Faizal ,Lead Consultant, Chief Architect OfficeNCS (P) Ltd, / @kmdfaizal
    2. 2. #GlobalWindowsAzureToday…Windows Azure Website overviewDemoASP / FTP DeploymentASP.NET website with DatabaseASP.NET with entity frameworkTFS DeploymentDropbox DeploymentWordPress with WebMatrixDiagnostics & MonitoringScalingQ&A
    3. 3. #GlobalWindowsAzure3:30pm, RichardQi, TechnicalEvangelist2:15PM, Wely Lau(MicrosoftMVP, WindowsAzure)
    4. 4. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    5. 5. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    6. 6. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    7. 7. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    8. 8. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    9. 9. #GlobalWindowsAzurescaleMulti-tenant. Daily quotasMulti-tenant. No quotasDedicated VMs. No quotas
    10. 10. #GlobalWindowsAzurereserved
    11. 11. #GlobalWindowsAzurereserved
    12. 12. #GlobalWindowsAzureSHARED INSTANCES
    13. 13. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    14. 14. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    15. 15. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    16. 16. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    17. 17. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    18. 18. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    19. 19. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    20. 20. #GlobalWindowsAzureSupported Web Frameworks
    21. 21. #GlobalWindowsAzureSupported Publishing Methods
    22. 22. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    23. 23. #GlobalWindowsAzureWindows Azure Web Sites
    24. 24. #GlobalWindowsAzureStart SimpleGet started with 10 free web sitesCreate new sites in secondsEasily manage and scale your sitesAutomatic load balancing and shared storageacross instancesScale out or up to reserved instances for improvedperformance and scale
    25. 25. #GlobalWindowsAzureCode SmartUse ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, or Node.jsSQL Azure or MySQL databasesStart with open source appsDevelop with VS and WebMatrixSupports any Web development tool on any platform(Windows, OSX, Linux)
    26. 26. #GlobalWindowsAzureGo LiveRapid deployment for quick iterationIntegrated source control with Team FoundationServer (TFS) and GitBuilt-in monitoring of perf and usage dataQuick access to request logs, failed requestsdiagnostics and diagnostics
    27. 27. #GlobalWindowsAzureAzure Pricing and Offer (for Preview)Shared Instances Reserved InstancesPrice FREE for 12 months Azure S,M,L instances at 33% discountNumber of Sites Up to 10 Up to 100Maximum Scale 3 instances 3 instancesStorage 1GB (shared by all sites) 10GB (shared by all sites)Storage TransactionsUnlimited (abstracted by storagesubsystem)Unlimited (abstracted by storage subsystem)SQL Database Standard SQL DatabaseStandard SQL DatabaseMySQL Includes one 20MB databaseIncludes one 20MB databaseTBD beyond 20MBBandwidthIngress – UnlimitedEgress – 165MB/day (5GB/month)Ingress – UnlimitedEgress – Azure bandwidth rates (above 5GB/month)Custom Domains Not Available SupportedSLA None NoneSupport FAQ, Forum Email, Phone, FAQ, and Forum
    28. 28. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    29. 29. #GlobalWindowsAzureApplication Scenarios
    30. 30. #GlobalWindowsAzure
    31. 31. We are here tohelp.Thank you,Questions?