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Client Rewards Program


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Client Rewards Program

  1. 1. for Connect us with 3 friends and associates who sign up for Paychex payroll services and collect up to 3 free months of payroll processing for your own business.* Our Commitment Referrals will be provided the highest level of consultation and treated in a way that honors the trust you have placed in Paychex. The Ideal Paychex Referral Any business with a payroll need, including: • New Businesses • Restaurants • Medical • Construction/Contractors • Not-For-Profits • Architects • Legal • Seasonal Employers • Household Employers Easy Ways to Submit 3 for Free 1. Give referrals to your Paychex sales representative. 2. Phone them in to 1-877-749-4765. 3. Submit them online at 4. Fax them to 1-877-850-3035. “One of the highest honors I can receive is when one of my clients recommends me to others.” Katie DeFilipps 602-266-3660 x23524 * Referrals must be submitted from November 15, 2010 through May 31, 2011. See the reverse for terms and conditions.
  2. 2. PAYCHEX CLIENT REFERRAL FORMYour Name and Company Information:Company NameContact Name Client NumberPhone E-mailPaychex Sales RepresentativeBusinesses You are Referring to Paychex:1. Company Name Contact Name Company Address Zip Code Phone E-mail2. Company Name Contact Name Company Address Zip Code Phone E-mail3. Company Name Contact Name Company Address Zip Code Phone E-mailTerms and Conditions:1. For each 3 referrals that become Paychex clients and complete 3 months of Paychex payroll processing, you will earn a credit of $500 toward your eligible service fees if you are a Paychex Core client, or $1,000 if you are a Paychex Major Market Services client. The maximum credit that may be earned in this program is $500 for a Core client or $1,000 for a Major Market Services client.2. Credits earned in this program will be applied only to your Paychex service fees for payroll processing, tax payment services, employee pay services, and any bundled service package. Credits must be used within 3 months of receipt, and will not be paid or refunded. Credits may not be shared or transferred and may be used only by the referring client.3. To qualify for this program, referrals must not be affiliates of, or under common ownership or control of any existing clients. Referrals must be new Paychex clients not previously referred by another client. You must provide all information required to process the referral.4. This program is subject to termination at any time at the sole discretion of Paychex. Credits earned during the program shall continue to be applied following termination of the program. 158632I 11/10 CT