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Help for heroes animation pitch


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Published in: Education
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Help for heroes animation pitch

  1. 1. Help for Heroes animation pitch Tom Madkins, Charlie Wheelhouse & Kieran McWilliam
  2. 2. What is Help for Heroes?  Help for Heroes provides better facilities for British servicemen and women who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty. Help for Heroes  Help for Heroes also support families of the soldiers.  By the end of their first year, the foundation had raised a total of £674,000!  Help for Heroes is now Britain’s largest organisation for helping servicemen and women.
  3. 3. Concept  Our final idea is a serving soldier who unfortunately gets blinded in battle from an exploding bomb. which forces him to retire from duty. The blinded soldier is unable to find a job due to his disability and struggles with life back at home. With the support from Help for Heroes, the soldier is provided with a guide dog and weekly benefits from the council all thanks to the help of Help for Heroes.
  4. 4. Set design  Throughout our animation, we will have several different sets for each scene;  Scene 1 – Character fixing army vehicle  Scene 2 – Leaving work and get in car  Scene 3 – driving home and has a crash  Scene 4 – rushed into hospital  Scene 5 – told she has brain damage and force to quit job  Scene 6 – sitting in park and help for heroes tell her they are here to help  Scene 7 – training in the gym  Scene 8 – running in a competitive race  Scene 9 – wins the race
  5. 5. Storyboards
  6. 6. Character & Sketches
  7. 7. Mise-en-scene  Setting 1: vehicle garage  Setting 2: car crash  Setting 3: in hospital  Setting 4: on the phone in a telephone box  Setting 5: training  Setting 6: talking to coach  Setting 7: competing  Setting 8: getting medal  Props: Gun, car, crowbar, screwdriver, spanner, hammer, nail, seatbelt, medal, surgery table, phone, whistle, pen, clip board, first aid bag, heartbeat machine.  Lighting: natural light/high key lighting.  Costume: mechanic, paramedics, doctors, suits, outdoor sportswear, athletes outfit, full tracksuit.
  8. 8. Animation Techniques  We first thought of the idea to do this animation with Lego, which we thought would appeal to children and make them want to help the army as much as possible. We then thought out how we would see the Lego and it came across a bit comical and didn’t send out a lot of emotion and sympathy. That’s when white board animation came into thought. By drawing this animation we can get more emotion and sympathy across then Lego.  So for our animation he have decided to use white board animation. We feel this choice of animation is our strongest option as we have a good artist (tom) in our group. The way we will complete our animation is of course drawing our scenes and taking a picture from a birds-eye view after each sketch within the scene.
  9. 9. Target Audience  Our target audience for our animation will be anyone who is willing to donate any money, big or small amounts to Help for Heroes. We feel our animation will encourage everyone of any age as our animation will send out a sympathetic feel towards to audience.