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Multimedia Presentation Emergent Technologies


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Multimedia Presentation Emergent Technologies

  1. 1. Karen Connell Nov. 2011
  2. 2. Obsolete TechnologyOverhead ProjectorOverhead CalculatorReplacement Bulbs and BatteriesLinear LearningCumbersome Accessories
  3. 3. Emergent TechnologySMART BoardTI SMARTVIEWALL InclusiveDynamic LearningLesson Integration
  4. 4. OverheadProjector Tetrad
  5. 5. TISMARTVIEW Tetrad
  6. 6. Decision Maker - Eileen Fiorentino High School Math, Special Education Teacher and Team Leader. Tappan Zee High School, Orangeburg New York.End User –Terry StarinkHigh School Math TeacherTappan Zee HighSchool, Orangeburg, New York
  7. 7. Decision Maker InterviewClick on link to acces YouTube video.
  8. 8. End User InterviewClick on link toaccess YouTube video.
  9. 9. Evolutionary Rhyme of Technologies ReasonSix Forces Science Disruptive Fiction Technologies Increasing Red Returns Queens
  10. 10. Explanation Is useful SMART Six Refutes Supports BOARD SMARTVIEW Forces Overhead an Obsolete Technology Is Not Useful Overhead Original EmergenceEmergence of the Smart Analysis of View on Smart Board the Six Forces
  11. 11. Graphing Calculator Six ForcesOverhead Technology’sOriginal Emergence Evolutionary • Graph Paper, Pencil, Ruler, Hand Written • Overhead Tansparencies of Graphs Technologies Rhymes of • Scientific Calculator, Computer Graphical Software History • Use of Projectors on a White screen Science • Handheld gadgets to complete tasks at your fingertips Fiction • Transforming Data into stored graphical images
  12. 12. Graphing Calculator Six ForcesOverhead Technology’sOriginal Emergence Disruptive • Disrupts the plastic sheets and Sharpie markers Technologies Increasing • Texas Instruments (TI) did not have any major competition for its product, however it competed against educational Returns sofware on the pc’s. Red • Texas Instruments (TI) capitalized the market with few competitors. However, Texas Instruments created the Queens technology to keep up with educational software on the PC
  13. 13. Six ForcesGraphing CalculatorOverhead Obsolete Technology Evolutionary • SMART Board, in 1991 introduces a better way to project graphs Technologies Rhymes of • Markers get dried out, not easily read or easily transferable, tedious, no transfer History of knowledge Science • Projectors allow for better visibility, ease Fiction of use, no plugs or accessories
  14. 14. Six ForcesGraphing CalculatorOverhead Obsolete Technology Disruptive • Disrupted by the SMART board and the use of SMART VIEW software Technologies Increasing • SMART technologies compete with Texas Instruments to create Returns easily accessible and editable graphs • SMART technologies with the advent of its SMART board Red Queens competes with Texas Instruments and moves into the forefront. • Schhols that purchased a SMART board do not need the portable graphing calculator overhead tools.
  15. 15. Six ForcesSMART Board SMARTVIEWGraphing Calculator Evolutionary • Developed from need to project graphs and integrate graphs into lesson design. Technologies • Need to do away with cumbersome plugs and accessories. Rhymes of • The SMART Board is a tool used to implement multimedia into lesson design and to invite students to be actively History engaged in their learning. • The computer and its capabilities create dynamic learning. Science • Easy access, push a few buttons, retrieve and store Fiction data, easy to follow.
  16. 16. Six ForcesSMART BOARD SMARTVIEWGraphing Calculator Disruptive • SMART Board and Promethium Boards invite educators to create dynamic learning experiences for their students.Technologies • This disrupts the hand held linear approach to learning. Increasing • SmartView software works with Texas Instruments to create a software to compete with the Personal computers Returns and the Promethium interactive whiteboard. • Competition between SMART board SMARTView and the Red Queens • Overhead graphing calculator clearly puts the Smart Board in the forefront..
  17. 17. Speculation of the Future Handheld SMART Interactive Globally CalculatorsConnected Replacement in next 5 yearsMakes the FUTURE in Education Exciting
  18. 18. ReferencesFierentino, E. (2011). Math Teacher, Tappan ZeeHigh SchoolStarink, T. (2011). Math Teacher, Tappan Zee HighSchool.Thornburg, D. (2009). Six Forces that drive emergingtechnologies. (Vodcast). Emerging and Futuretechnologies. DVD produced by LaureateEducation, Inc. Baltimore.Thornburg, D. D. (2008). Emerging technologies andMcLuhan’s Laws of Media. Lake Barrington, IL:Thornburg Center for Space Exploration.