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Customize your Wordpress site


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This Powerpoint presentation provides information on how to:

- Activate a plugin that blocks spam
- Rearrange the order of your menu items
- Create a child theme to add css style commands to your website

Published in: Design
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Customize your Wordpress site

  1. 1.  (example of comment spam)  Install the Akismet plugin  Click on the plugins tab in your dashboard
  2. 2.  1. Go to Appearance  Menu ◦ Create a new menu (give it a name) ◦ Drag items to menu (can be pages or categories) ◦ Drag menu items to rearrange their order  2. Go to Pages ◦ Add an “order” number to each page
  3. 3.  Assign each one a subsequent number  Update  Refresh your site  Your nav items should now be in the order you assigned them
  4. 4.  Log into Fetch  Go to webapps  portfoliowp  wpcontent  themes  Create a new folder called “themename-child”
  5. 5.  Create a style.css file in Komodo Edit ◦ You know you need to name it style.css because that’s what the theme’s original css stylesheet is named (as displayed in Appearance  Editor)  Copy the comment code from the top of the style.css file in your Wordpress dashboard, and paste it into your new style.css file
  6. 6.  Add a comment line called “Template” and call it whatever your theme folder is named in Fetch (in this case, twentyfourteen)
  7. 7.  Add a line of code below the comment: @import url (“../twentyfourteen/style.css”); ◦ Be sure to replace “twentyfourteen/style.css” with your theme name and css file name. ◦ This tells the browser to use all the styles from the original theme plus any new styles we add to this new style.css file
  8. 8.  Put your new style.css file into the child theme folder you created in Fetch  Back in your Wordpress dashboard, go to Appearance  Themes ◦ You should see your new child theme  Activate your new child theme
  9. 9.  Add a style to your new style.css file ◦ Update the file in Fetch ◦ Refresh your website to make sure your style commands work  You will now add all of your new styles to this file to customize your website